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Obama Says More – O’Reilly Says Less

February 27, 2012

It is clear that after three years of the Obama administration’s labors for the gay agenda and his recent statement about abortion being a means for “our daughters to have the chance for financial success that our sons enjoy,” that this President has no interest whatsoever in what was or could ever be referred to as an American sense of morality.

Setting the moral climate, the president has urged the gays to fight on and resultantly same sex union battles and hate crimes legislation have been the hallmark of his administration above all other accomplishments imagined or real. With a three year record now following the president, it is apparent that most of his accomplishments are imagined.

As the president leaves the economy to crumble, gas prices to soar and debt to rise, he is ever calling for more social change and getting it. Has no one noticed that while all the experts are clamoring over the economy the nation is being twisted into a moral morass that could not ever have been imagined by the founders?

This week Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder made a statement declaring that he will not defend DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) in the military, saying it violates the equal protection clause of the First Amendment. The moral depravity of such a position aside, we are left to ask; when did marriage become an act meant to protect anyone?

There are a lot of new versions and commentaries of the Bible around these days, but no one, not even Holder, has come across one that has God pulling one of Adam’s ribs to make him a mate called Eddy. When dealing with today’s political leaders the Bible, common sense and traditional wisdom would all fail so there is no way to explain the trend toward the end, except to say it is the long-awaited fulfillment of last days prophecy.

Although prophecy shows us some historical events and coming wars, it mostly describes a social change that leads to anarchy. It is a day when there is no normal as we once knew it, anything goes, or more accurately, everything goes. Sound familiar? Should we be thankful that Obama and Holder were chosen to help us across this prophetic threshold?

Hundreds of lesser known, perhaps even obscure messengers, preachers and prophets around the nation are warning that we have stepped over a line that will result in the fall and the judgment of this nation. On the other hand better known journalists like Mychal Massie, Floyd Brown, Joseph Farah, Sher Zieve, Laurie Roth, Brian Fischer, Jen Shroder and a myriad of others are decrying the moral decline along with voices like Franklin Graham, James Robinson, John Hagee, Gov. Mike Huckabee and yours truly.

These messengers may be the last voices we want to hear today, but they will be the first voices we recall when the nation starts to see its tumultuous future. That is when we will see the dreaded result of ignoring the immutable universal laws of reciprocation. “Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man (Or nation) soweth, that shall he (It) also reap,” (Ga 6: 7) parenthesis mine.

Then along comes Fox’s conservative bastion of freedom, Mr. Bill O’Reilly, who spent a week trying to get across the single point that if Rick Santorum or any candidate puts forth the social issues strongly in their candidacy, as in the gay agenda and abortion, they will be attacked by the media. According to Bill the real issues are the economy and jobs, nothing more.

O’Reilly contends that centering too much on the moral problems will make a candidate seem too much like a right wing extremist. Is there any chance whatsoever of obtaining balance without a candidate standing equally against all Obama policy and morality? When did moderation ever stand a chance against extremism? Most of all when did it become a point of embarrassment, shame or just plain fear of inducing a kerfuffle in the election process to vociferously proclaim a strong moral message as part of a candidate’s platform?

When did freedom get so connected to bucks and not so much to blood? When did jobs begin to replace morality? When did doing what is right, constitutional or decent become a Catholic or a Protestant thing?

When did the natural laws get so corrupted that we cannot see that even wild animals seem to be holding the line better than the sinking reprobate minds of unregenerate men? Is it time for America to shuck off the moral question, and if so, when would be a good time to deal with it, if not now, when? How many more election cycles will need to come and go while we put these questions on the back burner and go on with politics as usual?

In the gospel of Luke is a well known story of a farmer who had a record year of crops so he decided to put up his excess in barns. He then proclaimed that he would take it easy for the next several years. From this passage comes the familiar adage “eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow you die.”

The aforementioned messengers and journalists are in concert in their proclamation that the day of putting things in barns and taking it easy is already passed for America. All that is left is the business of going to sleep in full confidence that tomorrow will be filled with sunshine and good times. But then comes the cog in the wheel. The story ends badly because a man’s intentions do not the best history make; life is not, nor ever will be, the result of planning happy days. This maxim is true for individuals and for nations.

“But God said unto him, Thou fool, this night thy soul shall be required of thee: then whose shall those things be, which thou hast provided?” (Luke 12: 20)

So just who is right, who has hit the nail squarely on the head about the present campaign platforms, or for the nation in general, is it Obama or O’Reilly? The truth is, that neither one is correct.

Man is a moral creature and neither the promotion of immorality nor the silenced voices of the moralists can ever be thought of as right. The result of either one is that our souls will be required of us.

America is in the long night of slumber at this very moment. The choices we make as a nation, this year of 2012 will be the morning we all wake up to in our very near future. Choose wisely America; the wakeup call is about to be sounded.

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