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My Romney Wish List

September 10, 2012

Let the campaigns begin! Let the battle be joined! Let’s hope enough dispirited and unhappy Americans will even show up to vote!

The horror of a second term for Barack Obama may just be enough to push the undecided, independent and even some Democrat voters into pulling the lever for Mitt Romney on Election Day.

With that in mind, I have been thinking about Romney’s priorities when he becomes President. His website offers “A plan for more jobs and more take-home pay.” I didn’t bother going over to Obama’s campaign site because he has already demonstrated he has no clue how to “stimulate” more jobs other than those in state and federal government.

I am not one of the vast army of “experts” that make a living telling candidates or office-holders what to do. It seems to me that, if Congress is any example, everything they have been doing during Obama’s first term isn’t working. Instead, in 2010 Americans voted for, if anything, gridlock to protect themselves against the Obama administration.

Surely, a bigger government, as Ronald Reagan famously said, is the problem, not the solution.

Romney will be offered a lot of advice in the weeks ahead about priorities. Here’s mine: 

  1. Downsizing the federal government has got to be a major priority. There are entire departments that can and should be eliminated. The Department of Education comes to mind since the word “education” doesn’t appear once in the U.S. Constitution. Most certainly, if not eliminating, at least vastly reducing the Environmental Protection Agency should be a priority as it has become the enemy of the economy with its insane regulations based on bogus “science.”
  2. The U.S. military must be restored to its former status as an effective defense of the homeland with the capability to deter the inclination toward war in various parts of the world. Its present capabilities more nearly resemble the pre-World War II military with aging aircraft, too few ships, and far too much reliance on the National Guard when it comes to troop strength.
  3. The U.S. has tried “nation building” in the Middle East since 9/11 and all we have gotten for our interventions in Afghanistan and Iraq has been a waste of money and the loss of lives of those who served in our military. Convinced that overthrowing Saddam Hussein would usher in a new era of democracy, the actual result has been the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood as other secular dictators were deposed and replaced with Islamic fanatics unfriendly to the U.S. The Middle East and Islam is immune to real democracy. Like the former Soviet Union it should be “contained” until change, if possible, comes from within.
  4. As the U.S. develops its vast energy reserves of coal, oil and, especially, natural gas, it will dramatically reduce the power and influence of Middle Eastern oil, a factor that has been in place since World War II. It will also jump-start our economy with jobs and huge savings in the cost of energy here at home.
  5. The role of the Federal Reserve, a private banking cartel, has to be reexamined. At the very least it needs to be audited by Congress to determine what it is doing when it isn’t printing dollars and devaluating them in the process.
  6. In a similar fashion, the U.S. tax code has to be dramatically reformed from the utter mess it is today to something that will encourage investment and saving.
  7. A nation that has lost control over its borders will eventually cease to be a nation. The failure to significantly reduce illegal immigration will drain the nation of the resources it needs to care for natural born and naturalized citizens. The southern border needs a virtual army to reduce the flow of drugs and illegal aliens.
  8. Obamacare has to be repealed. We have Medicare and it has been raided to provide more than $700 billion to fund Obamacare. It also imposes twenty hidden taxes and fines on Americans. It is an all-out assault in current and future senior citizens, many of whom will die prematurely as unelected bureaucrats decide the kind and amount of care they will receive.
  9. Social Security needs reform to ensure it does not go broke sometime in the coming decade.
  10. The nation’s educational system needs to be returned to the State’s, the cities and towns that are paying for a system that serves the interests of teacher’s unions instead of the children in their care. It has been in decline since the 1960s as the power of the unions has increased. Whole generations of Americans are poorly educated and made vulnerable to socialist indoctrination. “No Child Left Behind” should be repealed.

There is one more priority and that is the U.S. withdrawal from the United Nations. Its efforts to control every square inch of the nation and the world through treaties that would render he Constitution useless to Americans must end. It is home to nations that tyrannize their own citizens and act against America’s interests. When we stop financing this horror show, it will collapse.

The rise of the Tea Party movement was a response to the fact that there is a lot of rot at the core of our federal government and of values that have sustained our nation since 1776. It’s not just jobs that are needed, but a renewal of our belief in the sanctity of private property, of self-reliance, the power of entrepreneurship and capitalism, the individual sovereignty of the States, and the renewed understanding that our freedoms come from God, not the federal government,.

I am not so naïve to believe President Romney can accomplish this in his first term, but I do believe he can make significant strides toward achieving these goals. Ronald Reagan made great strides to turn around the recession he inherited and Romney can do the same.

If we have four more years of President Obama, the nation’s economy will collapse and its citizens impoverished.

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