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Darwinism’s Props and Propaganda Approaching the Pathetic

October 14, 2013

Since the Scopes trial took place in Dayton, Tennessee in 1925 the Darwinists are not the only ones who have dug into the evidence, or the lack of it, but thousands of scientists the world over have taken a second look. The evidence is mounting, but not for the theory of evolution.

The only thing that outnumbers the missing links between species is the words used by evolutionists to prop up what is now becoming propaganda rather than cold hard evidence. The evidence is propped up by a basic deformity of the very best definition of science. The gathering of data through repeatable, observable phenomena is all but absent in dubious Darwinian proclamations, which now border the prophetic.

Prophecy usually has to do with the future, but when evolutionists make grand swelling statements about what took place billions of years ago they are making themselves ‘prophets of the past.’ Don’t look now, but by any definition, that is not – science, nor is it prophecy.

Here is a short list of the most amazing and the most recent discoveries that are the antithesis of the evolutionary model. The rest of the list would reach book length; in fact it would make several books.

Anyone for a game of tag?
New evidence shows that plants have a layer of epigenetic information that shows that they interact with their environment by means of ‘methyl tags’which dismisses the idea of mutation and special selection as the means to alleged species change as the only explanation of changes in plants. The evolutionist’s answer to this latest discovery – fraud! Before they cry foul they should take a gander at the rest of the story.

Hydroplate Theory – Real Evidence doesn’t need an Asteroid...
Since every Darwinist explains the geologic ages without any chance of eyewitness corroboration and dismisses the obviously missing millions of links that should exist to prove inter species evolution it follows that, when in the realm of conjecture - any theory is as good as another.

Over the years many theories have been tendered which say that the flood of Genesis could have been what brought extinction to many species and made topographical changes to the earth which we see today such as the Grand Canyon and the oceanic trenches.

Dr. Walt Brown espouses what is known as the ‘hydroplate theory’in his 8th edition book entitled “In the Beginning – Compelling Evidence for Creation and the Flood.” Darwinists hold no corner on how dinosaurs became extinct, but can only guess that an asteroid or some other catastrophic event wiped them out in a single event. Dr. Brown’s theory is not only believable, but every bit of physical evidence in the earth’s topography supports it, without any need to speculate about asteroids.

Lucy is no longer in the sky with diamonds – she is simply an earth bound chimp...
Of the few ‘missing links’ that Darwinist put forward to add credence to their elaborately devised story ‘Lucy’found in 1974 is one example of how far a theory can be stretched to resemble reality. In order to sell the goods, Lucy actually had a makeover, done not by a TV talk show host, but by the Cleveland Museum of Natural History’s own paleoanthropologist Yohannes Haile-Selassie and artist John Gurche.

Not only do these alterations fail to fly, but they can’t even walk like a man and in the bones of the feet is revealed the final proof that Lucy is no more than a common monkey. Those who believe she is their ancient mama may also be skirting very close to that description as well.

The next big hype is Lucy’s sister, Ida, discovered in 1983 but not revealed as the eighth wonder of the world until a deal was struck over a few swigs of vodka in a bar in Hamburg, Germany. Ida was immediately hyped as the primate genus and species Darwinius masillae. The rush to confirm that Ida is the final proof of Darwin’s delusion has met with real scientific analysis which puts Ida in the wishful thinking category and further exemplifies the desperation of evolutionists to find support for their untenable and growingly intolerable theory.

All the transitional links have one thing in common, they are still missing. They exist only in the imaginations of evolutionists and it is inexcusable that in the absence of them all that we still force this nonsense on every student in today’s academic structure from kindergarten to graduate level.

Don’t wait for the book, go check it for yourself...

Several websites post the latest findings on creation science and among them is Creation Science Today. On the landing page of this website is a short list of eye openers which not only can kick start a numbed down brain that has swallowed the Darwin dope, but it is a list that’s likewise helping me to keep my promise not to turn this article into a book length feature article. This is not the day of the Scopes Trial, today, library materials, references, bibliographies, CDs and visual tools are available, that fully answer the delusion of Darwin, with science and honest research.

Evolution is contrary to natural laws (without exception) whereas creation is consistent with natural laws—for example, creation is consistent with the laws of thermodynamics and law of biogenesis. There are no known biological processes for evolution to higher levels of organization and complexity—mutations are overwhelminglydegenerative and none are “uphill” (that is, unequivocally beneficial) in the sense of adding new genetic information to the gene pool. Geologic landforms and sedimentary features are completely consistent with a worldwide flood as described in the Book of Genesis. Enormous limestone formations, huge coal and oil formations, and immense underground salt layers are indicative of a worldwide flood—not slow and gradual processes over billions of years. Such features are satisfactorily explained by a worldwide flood and known geophysical and geochemical processes. A worldwide flood as described in Genesis 6–8 is within the boundaries of known geophysics—see phase diagram in chapter 4 and Pangaea Flood Videoat CreationScienceToday.com. There is no credible technique for establishing the age of sedimentary rock—fossil dating used to establish the age of sedimentary rock suffers from circular reasoning and guesswork, all based on the assumption of evolution. The standard geologic column with transitional creatures evolving toward more complex forms, as depicted in most science textbooks, is utterly fictitious and misleading, and does not represent the real world. In reality, it perfectly represents the aftermath of a worldwide flood. There are no transitional fossils or living forms—there is not one single example of evolution! Evolutionists look for “the” missing link—ironically, they are in desperate search for just one! But there should be billions of examples of transitional forms with transitional structures if evolution were true, but there are none. The bottom line, evolution has never been observed within fossils or living populations.

Contrary to popular belief, evidence indicates that early man was intelligent and highly skilled with an advanced social structure. There is also evidence suggesting their belief in the existence of an afterlife. Soft tissues and traces of blood cells have been found in dinosaur fossils supposedly 70 to 250 million years old. (Soft tissues and red blood cells have relatively short life spans.) Carbon-14 has been found in coal and diamonds supposedly hundreds of millions of years old. (C-14 has a relatively short life-span.) Radioisotope dating suffers from multiple un-provable assumptions—the technique is “fatally flawed”—yet scientists contend as fact what they cannot prove.

Abundant daughter isotopes are indicative of accelerated nuclear decay associated with creation (expansion, stretching out, or acceleration of the universe from an extremely hot, dense phase when matter and energy were concentrated) and a worldwide flood with massive restructuring of the earth’s lithosphere, not slow and gradual processes over billions of years. Evidences of accelerated nuclear decay in igneous rocks found worldwide are helium in zircon crystals, radiohalos and fission tracks, and rapid magnetic field reversals and decay. Over a hundred geochronometers indicate a young earth and universe.  

Evolution and Prophecy – There is a Link and it is not Missing...
Darwin’s fantasy explanation for all living things is just in time to accommodate the last day’s generation plunge into a worldview that completely eradicates accountability to a Creator/Redeemer God.

Paul said the creation is one of the chief ways that God is revealed – if, as the evolutionary model purports, it all came about by its own volition (did it think) then we don’t need to answer to God. This convenient idea has arrived in a propitious moment, in a nick of time to bolster the result of evolutionary propaganda. Here’s the sad part – it is working.

Paul starts by saying “For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse.” (Ro 1: 20)

Rejection of the Creators signs and evidence has a deadly effect. Paul concludes his discourse on creation with a summary on what happens when men collectively decide that the creation is not evidence of God’s handiwork. What is sad about it is that, it is the first stage of final judgment. It is called reprobation and it is today, a worldwide phenomenon.

“And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient.”(Ro 1: 28)

Science is good and science fiction is fun, but final judgment is no Jurassic Park, it is the real thing and Charles Darwin will not be there to search for our names in the book of life– we will stand alone quite without a supporting theory of any kind.

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