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What Does Obama's Call for Change and Europe Have in Common?

June 30, 2008

Barack Obama's much touted campaign cries for "Change We Can Believe In" and the response of the everyday citizens of Europe to the recent "no" vote from the Irish are raising the same questions on two continents. What are the questions?

Average Americans are not fully aware of the machinations of their own political system so when it comes to European politics they are largely in the dark. Admittedly most Europeans feel they are in the dark now too since the Irish vote to ratify the Lisbon Treaty was shot down on June 12, 2008.

The short version is that the Lisbon Treaty would set the pace for national elections in the EU that would get them a president and vice president, etc. and thus be governed more uniformly. This of course is not the only provision of the treaty but it is the one that eschatologists and some US political pundits would be most interested in. It is out of the first few rulers or presidents over the EU that the bible's Antichrist will emerge.

Oddly the cry following the Irish "no" vote to the treaty has been a call for more passion and boldness and of course change. Across the board Europeans are demanding change and some think the change will positively affect not only the EU but the entire world. Some EU citizens have voiced their opinions which run relatively parallel across the board in news and blogs sites to those found in America.  Typical are the comments found in news sites like the EU Observer.

"Whatever the result of the Irish referendum, the fact remains that a substantial number of EU citizens are unhappy. The root cause is the EU's democratic deficit and the solution could be a European Movement for Democratic Change," argues Peter Sainley Berry (EUO June 13, 2008). "The succession of crises that the world is currently facing should encourage members of the European Parliament to develop new political philosophies to move Europe and the world along a more sustainable path" (EUO May 23, 2008).

In America Sen. Obama's stand for same sex civil unions and his support for Roe V. Wade are running right along side the impassioned promise from Brussels that it will provide strong no sexual orientation discrimination measures for the continent and its satellite members. In fact those measures and abortion rights are now already entry requirements for new members to the EU.

Besides gearing up for the planned blockade of truckers around the city of Brussels to protest high gas prices it seems Europeans don't want any intervention from the government regarding their sexual preferences, habits, proclivities or outright perversions. America may be a few paces ahead of Europe in the common-hood of all that is raunchy but the EU and America are more tag partners than competitors.

With Hollywood leading the way with new all gay TV offerings and programs that flaunt everything salacious like "Sex and the City" not to mention the "Lifetime Achievement Award" to be awarded to Playboy's Hugh Hefner; it would seem America should be checking the world's supply of latex for condoms instead of oil for our cars.

It is impossible not to hear the echoes of Billy Graham's now legendary proclamation that if God doesn't judge America he will have to resurrect Sodom and Gomorrah and apologize. Judgment; now there's a word America has all but forgotten. But that's not all America has forgotten.

Obama's rallying cry for change may be sweeping the young blood of our nation to a heart that is choked off and undergoing a cardiac arrest just as it did in Mao's China or Hitler's youth movements. The now generation can hardly be expected to remember the dangerous conditions that prevailed over five decades ago. They are busy fighting germs, stains, and odors or dealing with the new trendy maladies the drug companies have informed us about like E.D. or America's collective national sexually bent O.C.D. If there is any time left after that we might be found watching American Idol or attending a lively Obama campaign rally.

With plenty of attitude those who only recently broke away from mom will muster the mood, momentum and misinformation that drives the wave of "change" along its inevitable course. Forget that all waves eventually dissipate or crash violently to the shore. Give us buckets for our slaughtered unborn babies and freedom for our sexual deviance in all its forms and forget the invisible forces of gravity and the waxing and waning of the moon that pulls the ocean around like a dog on a leash.

The most highly educated generation in American history fully understands low unseen, undetected and voiceless gravity moves the mighty ocean around like water in a bottle. But they can't discern that they are being led willingly by the hidden Prince of darkness pulling the tide of humanity to a day of reckoning. Forget the warnings of the Bible thumpers, preachers and prophets who would interrupt the dance before the music is gone. Change is the keyword, the rallying cry, the secret catch word that when heard calls the crowds to break from the milling and dull repetitions of the slow and tiresome past.

Much like the waves of the ocean are the tasteless repetitive, derogatory and wholly tiresome jokes and allusions to Sen. John McCain's age on late night comedy shows. Unlike the EU, age discrimination is not much of a problem in the US but it should be. Maybe it's time the cowardly purveyors and philosophers of PC let the O word catch up to the N word. It is time to understand that time is still the most powerful teacher known to man and if hindsight is truly 20/20 then McCain comes out as the visionary, not Sen. Obama.

In thirty five years of teaching the Bible tenants of the second coming of Christ (eschatology) I have heard the question "do you think he could be the Antichrist" asked thousands of times about dozens of people. Now I see the question being asked about Sen. Obama on blogs and websites and in fellowship halls more than any other name to date.

I don't believe that he is the Antichrist because according to scripture the Antichrist comes from and rules over Europe. But since the false prophet who aids the Antichrist comes from a completely different nation I am watching Obama's meteoric rise with that fact in mind.

We who love America and its constitution and original purpose are disgusted beyond measure with what is happening to our nation. We who love God and trust his word are seeing prophecy unrolling right before our eyes. It doesn't make it any easier to swallow but we are always thankful that warnings were part of God's grace to us so we wouldn't be easily deceived or overcome. Christ comforted those who were to see the ugliness of the last days bring the world to its knees with a saying that calls the big cry for change for the sake of change what it really is; a cunningly attractive deception.

For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall show great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.  MT. 24:24

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