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How to Stop Men From Taking Advantage of Women!

November 13, 2017

In recent weeks, the world has been stunned with revelations of sexual misconduct by leading actors and media personalities. Child rapers and moral lepers have been around the entertainment industry since silent films with the likes of Charlie Chaplin who had numerous affairs with underage girls. In those early days, William Powell fathered Jean Harlow’s (1911-1937) baby which was illegally aborted. Later, handsome, debonair actor Errol Flynn (1909-1959) was thrice tried for statutory rape and had numerous public affairs - often with underage girls. 
This scandal is a major one that will only get worse but the scandal of all scandals should erupt any day regarding Hollywood’s pedophile ring. Additionally, there is a crescendo building in academia where professors trade grades for sex. Such professors are lower than a snake’s belly in a deep well. That revelation should happen in the wake of this current scandal.
People of power, especially in the entertainment industry, have been self-deceived into thinking they are invulnerable and answerable to no one and can’t be brought down by anyone. They are wrong as the following proves.
In 1970, Peter Yarrow of the Peter, Paul, and Mary trio served three months for molestation of an underage girl. Later, director Roman Polanski pled guilty of a teenage rape in 1977 and fled the U.S. for Europe. In 2001, comedian Paula Poundstone of NPR’s Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me was arrested and charged with three counts of lewd and lascivious act on underage children. She pled no contest, lost her job, but escaped slammer time. Actor Kevin Clash of the Sesame Street series was accused by three men of sexual abuse; resigned his position, and admitted to being “gay.”
I must not neglect to add actor/director Woody Allen and singer Michael Jackson as infamous, accused child abusers. Allen’s own son, Ronan Farrow considers his father a pedophile who married his ex-wife’s adopted daughter! Pee Wee Herman’s sex crime was wildly reported. John Travolta has had at least seven women accuse him of sexual infractions.
In recent months, sexual assault charges against Bill Cosby, Fox News mogul Roger Ailes, and Fox conservative commentator Bill O’Reilly shocked America. All have been disgraced.
Conservative newsmen Bill O’Reilly, Roger Ailes, and Eric Bolling were joined by the elite in news broadcasting as taking advantage of women: NBC’s Mark Halperin; Rolling Stone’s Matt Taibbi; The New Republic’s Hamilton Fish and Leon Wieseltier; Michael Oreskes, head of NPR newsroom is now the latest member of the elite media in a month to be accused of sexual misconduct. All have been beheaded - metaphorically.  
Hollywood people such as actor Kevin Spacey (homosexual); actor Dustin Hoffman; director Brett Ratner; producer Harvey Weinstein (more than fifty accusers); actor Ben Affleck;  former head of Amazon Studios Roy Price; celebrity chef John Besh; director James Toback (has been accused by over 200 women of harassment or assault); former  VP at Vox Lockhart Steele; creator of Loud House, Chris Savino; magician David Blaine; rapper R. Kelly; Crystal Castles band member Ethan Kath; bassist for Marilyn Manson Twiggy Ramirez (Jeordie White); designer Gianni Versace; E! News correspondent Ken Baker; director Rick Najera; celebrity photographer Terry Richardson; talent agent Tyler Grasham (homosexual); publisher Knight Landesman - all have all been disgraced.
Many other famous persons have been accused such as former President George H.W. Bush; USC medical school dean Rohit Varma; USC VP David Carrera; former Microsoft employee Robert Scoble; etc. The dominoes keep falling.
The screaming feminists will go ballistic but we must, in all fairness, recognize that some of the charges may not be true. After all, women have been known to lie about this as is proved by studies that show at least 40% of rape claims are false. U.S. Air Force has found of a thousand rape charges on military bases, 46% are false. Furthermore, Eugene J. Kanin of Purdue University found that 41% of rape claims are false. Some women, like some men, are not trustworthy! Moreover, some women also sexually assault other women and men - and children!
Moreover, when powerful, prestigious, and prosperous men are accused there is big money to be made. And if a man is guilty, then he should have to make massive restitution for his crimes against vulnerable women - and go to jail. 
So, what’s the answer to men defiling, debauching, and deflowering women? First, for the women, they should project the highest standards and not be willing to go along for fame, favor, friendship, finances, or a future job. The female head of HBO’s documentary division told PBS News that she was molested many years ago by male bosses and didn’t know what to do because there were few women in television news and no parameters had been set. That is pure poppycock.

Every decent woman knows how to react when her honor is attacked - a sock in the chops, literally. My wife was molested by her fifth grade teacher who ran his hand down the back of her dress. She responded, as a fifth grader, by slapping his face! That was the normal response of a principled young lady. As an adult, she slapped her boss at a major national bank for kissing her on the cheek! The slapee and the office staff could not believe she did that.
While I sure don’t blame women for the molestation, assaults, and rape, their excuses as to not knowing how to respond are bogus. Some women admitted that they were intimidated by the power, position, and prestige of the attacker. Evidently, they cared more about the “power, position, and prestige” than their own principles! Others admitted they wanted a job and were willing to pay the price, which was a romp in the hay. Of course, that is undisguised, unmitigated, and untoward prostitution!

Of course, some women will want my scalp; however, if words still mean what they always have, it is prostitution for a woman to permit a man to have his way for her profit. I am reminded of the Georgetown party where, after a few drinks, a man offered a beautiful young woman a million dollars if she spent the night with him. She thought about it for a few minutes and finally agreed. Then he said, “Will you spend the night with me for a hundred dollars?” She indignantly replied, “Of course not, what do you think I am, a whore?” He replied, “We have already settled that, now we are only haggling over the price.”   

I would be horrified if my daughters or wife even wanted to enter show business, and I would never permit them to be interviewed for anything, especially in show business, without my presence because it is my responsibility to protect, provide, and preserve their integrity. Adam failed to protect Eve in the Garden of Eden resulting in the world mess we experience daily.

I am inviting the slings and arrows of my critics when I add that a woman should also talk and carry herself like a lady not a street walker. By her demeanor, dress, and discourse she should present herself as a high bred lady not as a loose-as-a-goose low-life. Her unspoken, but definite message to men should be “Do not handle - not for sale.” All women, whether Christian or not, should be principled, proper, and pure.

Of course, the greater responsibility rests with the men. Many men seem to think they have a right do whatever they want with women. They are often crude, rude, and lewd and think they have a right to any woman that pleases them. That philosophy is a major force in Islam’s desert Bedouin society but is not acceptable in a civilized society.

I have been called an “extremist” when it comes to my relationships with women but after a long life, I would choose the same direction for my life if I were young again. As a young evangelist with a position with an international youth ministry, I resolved never to be alone with a female that was not a relative. That was long before I knew of the Billy Graham or Jerry Falwell rule. I knew that teenage girls are friendly, flighty, and often flirty, and I had friends who had destroyed their lives. I wanted none of that.

As an evangelist traveling alone for many years, I never even came close to betraying my marriage vows. That is strange since I was young, away from home, and living in motels. I never hugged women, believing I had no right to do so, even good friends. If you don’t hug them, you won’t sleep with them.

Only twice did I have a prostitute try to make me less lonely, but that wasn’t even a temptation - not with the millions of cases of STDs out there. A life of pain, shame, disgrace, loss of position and family were always in my mind - plus disobeying the clear command of Scripture.

A few ladies, usually church musicians or staff, were flirtatious; but again, my decision to never be alone with a woman prevented any escalation. I also saw a college friend, far more talented than I, throw away his training, his calling, his reputation, his future, and his family for the caresses of the “strange woman.” That example was branded on my soul.  

Obviously, from the available information, famous and powerful men have overstepped the boundaries and forced themselves on women - often losing everything. George Gilder wrote in Men and Marriage, “Unless very securely married, virtually any man will sleep with any attractive young woman.” Sounds as if all families need a protective “fence” around their marriages.

Men generally are clods in need of civilizing; and good, godly, and graceful women have accomplished that for millennia. Women can do that by keeping themselves pure in talk, dress, attitude - and when that doesn’t keep a man decent, then a swift, stout, and scornful belt in the mouth will be a good teaching tool.

I was in the third grade and Carol sat in front of me. She arose from her seat to sharpen her number three pencil and returned to her seat. As she sat, I reached up and touched her bare back and immediately, she swung around with her pencil and stabbed me in my left knee. Since that day, I have carried a piece of lead in that knee to remind me that it is dangerous to attack an honorable lady.

The male chauvinist pigs evidently have not learned that. Maybe some time in the slammer or the loss of millions of dollars along with their reputations may teach them a long-delayed lesson. But maybe not, since Hollywood types are slow learners. That’s why they use cue cards. Well, here’s a cue card:
Keep your hands to yourself and your pants zipped!

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