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Anti-Gun Marchers - A Generation-Long Product of Liberalism

April 2, 2018

It would seem that a Christian writer would be bound to say what is said here, but I would argue it only takes someone with their eyes wide open, no more, and no less.
The first things we look for when someone does some desperate act against humanity are the facts and details of their background. Oddly, we never think to look at our own collective behavior and background in order to trace the development of our own decline and or demise. That takes honesty that an angry crowd rarely possesses.
How far back are we willing to go?
Some would think it’s fair to go all the way to Adam. The Adamic nature of man is what we all have in common. Men are by nature sinners. All warfare, hatred, death, and inhumanity to man can be directly connected to the Adamic nature. You won’t hear this in an anti-gun rally, but it is a truth that makes no apology. It is what is at the heart of the matter and it is a matter of the heart, but we will return to this just ahead.
Going back at least one generation.
Prior to the sexual revolution in the seventies and the prayer out of the schools ruling of the sixties, high school was a relatively safe place. The biggest problem in class was talking, chewing gum, and horseplay. Bringing a gun to school or using a gun in school was unheard-of and unimaginable. Who would be willing to admit that since we allowed our children to slide into total liberalism? They have become the wasted generation.
Going back to the days just prior to the Parkland shooting?
Not only does local law enforcement admit they were lax in checking out the shooter, but even the FBI has openly admitted that they let the kid slip through the cracks. We are getting closer by the minute.
Now let’s go back to the very hour in which the Parkland shooting began.
It is in full amazement that we see in every major news outlet that Broward County Sheriff Deputy Scot Peterson stood outside the school and refused to go in when the shooting began. Angry people everywhere, who have as yet to start a march to Washington, are wringing their hands in disbelief. They don’t care that the deputy only had a handgun, but the Sheriff of Broward had control of many fully armed officers. Now they must endure being called Broward’s cowards, but that isn’t much compared to what the Parkland students were forced to endure.
On to the recent march to ban all guns.
Fake news has the marchers up to about two million. A little research reveals that it was more like 800,000. Angst and vitriol were present and the entire event was funded by celebrities like George Clooney and politicians like Michael Bloomberg, all liberal, and all so far left that it is clear that the progressives have sunk to a new low in the use of students to further their cause.
A scrutinizing look at those representing the marchers.
Emma Gonzalez comes in second as the most liberally-minded young person to take up the microphone. She would like the Second Amendment to go away with every word she speaks, but then when the cameras honed in on her a very unusual thing happened. It is then that the military type jacket she is wearing is seen. It is covered with military patches and insignias, but very curiously it does not have the usual American flag on the sleeve. What is in its place? No, we are not kidding – it is the flag of Cuba! This is one confused puppy.
The young newcomer to political grandstanding, with a supersized ego.
The number one enigma on the ticket was, without doubt, David Hogg. Complete with a bizarre Hitlerian-type raised arm and clenched fist salute. Mr. Hogg blamed everyone and said some politicians (as well as the NRA) “had blood on their hands.”
He could not speak a full sentence without using the F-word, so listening to the bleeping and watching the news videos on the networks was like a flute recital for someone who only knew one note.
Is this Parkland’s best? Are they proud of the foul mouth and what do his parents think? If this is the marchers' best, please don’t show us the worst!
Everything Hogg said, and the way he said it, tells more about our liberalized generation than all else we can imagine.
Present tense - Want kids to respect life? – Be a better example!
This is almost too easy. To instill a respect for life we may want to stop the nearly 900 abortions that are done daily to innocent unborn babies courtesy of Planned Parenthood. There were around 652,000 total abortions done in the U.S. in 2014, according to the C.D.C. Nothing says life isn’t worth much than buckets of human blood and flesh being thrown away (or sold) on a daily basis.
Soon after the Parkland shooting comes the inevitable question of why would God let 17 high schoolers die like this? Let’s slow down here. Isn’t the real question – why would people let 60 million of their own kind die since 1973, in a senseless, selfish slaughter that far surpasses all the school shootings across the nation combined? Could it be that our callousness about life - has returned to bite us in the posterior?
Stop using flawed liberal logic; it is an affront to reasonable minds!
When the Austin bomber recently blew himself up, Texas was relieved and the fear soon subsided. But no one thought to lead a march to ban all bombs or raise the age for purchasing bomb materials to 21.
What does it take to convince people that those with evil intentions can find any number of ways to do mortal harm to others – doesn’t it seem that it is the human heart that is dangerous and not the weapons they choose to do harm? Think about it while you’re reading this important verse of the Bible spoken by God to the ancient prophet Jeremiah.
It is in this verse that we come full circle around to the nature and hearts of men.
“The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?”  (Jeremiah 17: 9)

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