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Bailout Circus Highlights Totality of Democrat Corruption

October 6, 2008

By now it should be painfully obvious to all but the most myopic liberal pawns that their Democrat leadership is not concerned with America 's financial status, but is instead milking the situation for every bit of political advantage it might achieve for them. The effort to craft a Congressional "bailout" of the banking industry, so crucial for the economic future of the country (we are told) has decomposed into a series of phony crises, each one primarily intended to give credence to the Democrat presidential candidate or some foundational precept of liberalism. And in the end, the only result to date has been a bunch of partisan accusations and name-calling.

Thus does history repeat itself. On the day of the Oklahoma City bombing, even as courageous rescuers struggled to save buried but still living victims, President Bill Clinton was in front of the cameras, listing off his political enemies as the supposed ideological force behind the horrendous event. In the immediate aftermath of the 1999 Columbine High School massacre, liberal mouthpieces went just as quickly to the nearest microphone, demanding tighter government control over gun shows, more gun-control laws, and a host of other immaterial and ineffective measures which they claimed would somehow make schools safer from marauding juvenile monsters.

A decade later, as the beleaguered residents of New Orleans and the Gulf coast sought to dig out from the wreckage and mayhem of Hurricane Katrina, their liberal "advocates" were filling the airwaves with more accusations and the all-too predictable pointed fingers, insisting that the entire calamity, including the intensity and track of the storm, was the responsibility of President Bush and the Republicans.

So it should surprise no one that the nation's current financial mess is being trumpeted with the same jubilance, presented with the same fraudulence, and in every sense of the word, exploited shamelessly as a boon for the Democrats who, if the truth is told, were the cause of the problem in the first place.

With only a month and a half before the presidential election, and with Barack Obama looking increasingly like the bumbling novice that he is, the Democrat Party was getting extremely nervous about its prospects, come November. To its collective dismay, America 's military has been doing well in its efforts to stabilize Iraq , giving rise to the grim speculation that America might actually win the terror war.

Things looked no better for Democrats on the energy front, as the shock of exorbitant gas and heating prices threatened to awaken the population to the hoax of "global warming." Americans were simply refusing to accept their lot, as proposed by the enviro-leftists, that they should exchange their affluence and abundance for third-world squalor. Instead, they began pounding a message of "Drill here, drill now!" as the only workable comprehensive energy plan.

On every front, it seemed, the Democrats were finding themselves in the opposite corner from the American people. And the tracking polls, both for the presidency and for the congressional races, had begun to reflect this disconnect to an alarming degree. Something had to be done, and quickly.

So suddenly, at the most opportune moment to shift public attention from Sarah Palin's strengths and Barack Obama's weaknesses, a financial crisis of unprecedented proportions erupted and assumed the center of the national stage. Finally, Democrats had a theme with which they could relate to those rubes on "Main Street." And since the topic burst upon the nightly news, the show has not stopped for a second.

Nevertheless, this risky tack would require some fast tap dancing. Their only hope of success has been for key Republicans to collaborate. And while sadly, some have complied, the lack of a liberal/Democrat media-monopoly resulted in too many inconvenient facts in the hands of the peasantry, whereupon a grassroots revolt has ensued. And ever since word has gotten out, the specifics of the games being played with America 's bankbooks are not sitting well among the population at large.

Ignoring dire warnings from the President and key party operatives on both sides of the aisle that disaster would supposedly ensue unless the taxpayers immediately pick up the tab for all of the corporate shenanigans inside Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, the American people rejected the notion of any "bailout" and loudly informed elected officials of their sentiments. Recognizing the depth of public sentiment, the Congress voted the measure down on September 29. Amazingly, on the following morning, the sun still rose over America .

It is beyond absurd that the Republicans ought to be on defensive over a predicament that from the beginning resulted from liberal thinking, and that has remained immune throughout its destructive course as a result of Democrat partisanship and stonewalling. A veritable "Frankenstein" of Bill Clinton's creation, the affirmative action lending practices may ultimately end up mortgaging America 's economic prowess for the foreseeable future. Yet any attempts over the years by John McCain and others to address the problem before it reached critical mass were met with derision and personal attacks from the Democrats.

Admittedly, the current upheaval seems to be benefiting Barack Obama, chiefly because he has had nothing substantive to do with it. Though his record is one of supporting the disastrous fiscal policies that caused the financial implosion, he has not even been in the Senate long enough to vote "present" on the implementation of any of those policies. Thus he continues to escape any official culpability for the current debacle.

Meanwhile, the phony fingers of blame are being aimed at Republicans by the likes of Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D.-NV). According to Reid, it was the responsibility of McCain and the Republicans to "start producing some votes for us." In short, Reid's contention was that McCain should be the person to accept the despicable premises of the Democrat "bailout" and lead the Republicans down this sure path to collectivism and a socialist state. Kool-Aid, anyone?

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