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A Gun Can Sit For Years and Do Nothing

Only a thinking person can operate a gun...

March 18, 2019

It’s the gun’s fault, it’s gun crime - these are chants of the Socialist left, that somehow an inanimate piece of machinery is responsible for shooting someone. They have totally absolved the responsibility of a human being, who must physically handle, load, chamber a cartridge, and pull a trigger. All of this noise is in the guise of public safety, the entire effort is for one purpose, and that is to disarm the public of the United States.

This has been an ongoing effort going back decades. Any tragedy involving a firearm gets dragged into the spotlight to be a reason to ban firearms, but cases where a law-abiding gun owner stops a crime are totally ignored or belittled. Recent political events have numerous so-called Democrats declaring that they are Socialists and want a socialist state, but under socialism, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights become null and void.

The biggest stumbling block for the left is the 2nd Amendment, which guarantees the right of all Americans to own a firearm (ED. "...with some exceptions"]. A right that gives the American people the right to protect themselves from their own government, it is this Right that the socialists must eliminate to take power.

2nd Amendment: A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

For decades the left has tried to pick apart the 2nd Amendment and when that has failed, they have tried back door approaches hidden in laws and regulations to undermine the amendment and deprive American Citizens of their Constitutional Rights.

The 2nd Amendment was backed up with clarifying language with the 1792/1903 Militia Act when it clarified what the Regulated Militia is and more importantly what is the Unregulated Militia. The Regulated Militia of the State was uniformed, trained, and equipped; the Unregulated Militia is any American Citizen or any person planning to become an American Citizen who has a firearm. The Unregulated Militia is the last line of defense for the United States, the Law also specified the amount of ammunition to have on hand per the type of firearm, be it a musket, shotgun or rifle.

Again there are some who say this is also outdated. Well, surprise, surprise, the 1792 Militia Act has been updated several times by Congress. First in 1903, when the Regulated Militia re-titled as the Organized Militia became State National Guard and Army Reserve Units, the Unregulated, now the Unorganized or Reserve Militia which is every armed citizen was retained. In 1956 and 1958 the Law was updated for the inclusion of women and minorities, and again 1993 for updating archaic language and for bookkeeping position in the U.S. Statue Codes as USC 10. In each case the Unregulated/Unorganized Militia wording was retained, the people are still the last line of armed defense for the country; technically, the people should be maintaining military grade firearms and ammunition. It should be noted that any attempt or legislation to deprive the people of their firearms is a violation of this law.

Congress has proven time and time again that they cannot be relied upon to protect our rights - they answer to the people who supply their campaign money. The Constitution and the Bill of Rights were created for the People of the United States, and it is up to the people to protect our rights.

(The Regulated Militia, Militia Act 1792, Militia Act 1903 can be downloaded from the National Archives, House of Representatives, JSTOR.org, a digitized library storage of academic journals and www.americanconstitution.com).

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alcohol related auto deaths and criminal gun deaths stand at nearly identical numbers every years. we could ban gasoline but prohibition already taught us that banned products just go underground. this is why we don't hear much about banning ammunition any more. better to keep it legal for the revenue. banning weapons would have the same impact and were it not for the control and income, the second amendment would have been gone long ago, with plenty of illegal weapons continuing to be sold. for the moment, entertain the idea of supporting the self-absorbed left's demands to ban guns. if the same number of deaths occur behind the wheel of a car, should it not follow that cars should be banned as well. after all, we are being told that the human deaths should break our hearts to the point that we make the choice to ban guns. where is the human death cries for the loss of life from drunk drivers? isn't the parallel obvious? somebody address reality. is gun death really about life or is it really about control. if you are reading this, the question doesn't even need to be asked. still, I suggest that the argument be posed and supported. pushing back, if you will. a guy chooses to drive drunk and kills someone. a guy chooses to use a gun and kills someone. Where is the difference. we already have the second amendment and public debate has not changed anyone's mind. I say to attack. shove it back in their face in a manner that demands consideration of reality. it is not the gun and it is not the car. people are killed by knives and baseball bats. must our great American past time, professional baseball, meet its demise because baseball bats can kill? the absurdity of banning is obvious. but let's change the playing field and take our turn on offense. the third out has been made and it is time for us to step into the batter's box.
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