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Palin Attackers Really Aiming At McCain

September 15, 2008

It is high time that the mask comes off the ugly face of liberalism. Whenever it collides with reality, all those lofty sounding ideals from the left are revealed to be nothing more than empty rhetoric intended to manipulate their "useful idiots" who fulfill the role of expendable foot soldiers. If the mountains of evidence over the past half-century are not sufficient to make this case, the atrocious assaults on Alaska Governor Sarah Palin during the past two weeks ought to be.

Honest feminists (few though they may be) are waking up to the grim reality that liberalism was never really an avenue for the advancement of women. Rather, women and "women's issues" were selectively considered, and only as a means by which to advance liberalism. On the day any woman or any of the collective concerns of women presented a potential of derailing the advances of the American left, they were to be discarded, discredited, or if necessary, destroyed.

The attacks on Sarah Palin reveal nothing less. Just as American minorities are lauded and upheld by the liberal establishment only so long as they further its nanny-state, socialist agenda, so can women expect support on the basis of their gender only so long as their situations redound to the ultimate benefit of the left. Otherwise, everything about them including their gender suddenly becomes "fair game" for liberal political hit squads.

It is beyond credibility that Barack Obama could have made his "lipstick on a pig" comment with no expectation that it would be construed as a jab against Sarah Palin. This is the candidate who "interpreted" an entire dissertation of racism from the mere mention of his middle name. His is the party that built an entire campaign strategy on the one-time misuse of the word "Macaca." Obama, and all who refuse to denounce him, show their real regard for all women who refuse to offer themselves up as fodder for the "cause" of liberalism.

Nevertheless, Governor Palin is hardly the real target of the disgraceful assaults so hysterically promoted among the Democrats since her selection by Republican presidential John McCain as his pick for vice-president. Were Palin's enemies to succeed, her hoped-for disgrace and destruction would merely amount to "collateral damage" in this vicious onslaught from the left.

Admittedly, all would be well among liberals if Palin could be scared into a defensive posture, but that hardly seems likely. Nor was it ever their intended goal. Neither did they realistically expect to uncover real and discrediting "dirt" by which to soil her reputation. Yet the blitz of negative news stories commenced with amazing speed the moment she was announced as McCain's running mate, and it has only intensified since.

Rather than being battered and politically damaged by the leftist "offensive," Palin's name-recognition and reputation has since soared among Americans. But the drumbeat of negativity from the press and the Democrat political apparatus continues, as if they fail to recognize that their efforts are only highlighting her unwavering conservatism, to her own political advantage as well as that of the McCain campaign.

So, what could have been the intentions of this ludicrous "strategy," and why has it not been abandoned after proving to be such a complete fiasco? The answer is quite revealing about the current desperate nature and vulnerabilities of the Democrats, as well as their real assessment of John McCain.

The grim truth for Democrats is that at present they have no other options. Having campaigned on a vacuous message of "change" and "hope" for the past seventeen months, they cannot compete with a candidate of substance such as Sarah Palin. Every attempt to assail her on issues of policy only serve to highlight their own complete lack of a worthwhile plan for America. So their only alternative is to continue the personal smears, in hopes that eventually something negative will resonate with real America.

But even this does not explain the immediacy and depravity of their campaign against her. Palin has never shown a propensity to backtrack under pressure. Nor does it take a rocket scientist to predict that the American people would rally to her aid once they perceive that she is being unfairly targeted. The only individual whom the liberal media and Democrat political operatives might have counted upon to change course under such a maelstrom is John McCain himself.

In truth, the Arizona Senator has had a history of attempting to get into the good graces of the left. All too often, he has undermined Republican conservatives in the Senate in order to forswear "partisanship, reach across the aisle, and "build bridges" with the Democrat opposition. So, among all parties involved, it was presumed that McCain held the greatest potential of desiring to mollify his critics by moving leftward from the Palin nomination.

Arguably, on too many occasions, McCain's past actions serve as precedent that reinforces such a notion. And had he proven consistent with their presumption, his campaign would promptly implode. But something amazing has transpired inside the McCain camp over the past several months. In sharp contrast to the insipid prospect of a McCain administration ushering in a new era of "bipartisanship," he has strenuously campaigned against his liberal Democrat opponent, and with every such effort, his credibility and popularity has only increased among the conservative base.

While attempts to destroy Sarah Palin have been exceedingly vicious, their effect on John McCain may prove to be an enormous blessing. In the same manner that Supreme Court Clarence Thomas, as a result of his brutal 1991 confirmation hearings, eventually ascended to the High Court with absolutely no illusions about the hostility of the Democrats and their "high society" Washington media cronies, John McCain is likewise learning a brutal lesson about genuine friends and foes inside the Beltway.

His past, ill founded hopes of rising above the D.C. rancor are undoubtedly being reformed by the outrage of Palin's treatment. Any formerly presumed collegiality from the liberal Washington establishment will be tempered by his eventual recognition that the mud being slung at her is ultimately intended to foster his own political demise. So if John McCain survives this onslaught and wins in November, he will do so with the undeniable proof that he owes nothing to the liberal establishment in Washington, and that Sarah Palin's ideology, enthusiastically embraced and supported by America's conservative grassroots, won the day.

A McCain presidency, tried by fire to a degree he never expected, and so violently divested of any ties to the governing elites of D.C., now holds a greater promise for America than ever before.

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