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Biases Working Against Elections and Freedom

November 4, 2019

America’s 243 years of freedom is the rare exception in the long history of the world. It is rare because of the biases which work against freedom continuing for very long as a result of man’s natural pursuit of the power to dominate others.  Here are a few of the factors that work against good, fair elections in the United States.

The words are things bias.
Words used wrongly and regularly create false images in a voter’s mind which affects their votes. When Leftists call themselves "Progressives," they imply they will create progress when in fact they will do the opposite. And those of us who call the Democratic Party by this name allow voters to falsely believe that Democrats are democratic when actually they are socialistic. [The true name of the party actually is the "Democratic Party," and the use of "Democrat" Party is technically thought to be using the term derogatorily. Editor.]
The liberal youth bias.
The liberal young control most of the information we receive from technology. With their limited life experience young Google employees use the monopoly they have with their detailed understanding of code to change algorithms to communicate their own liberal viewpoint. It is unlikely that anyone - including their supervisors - have little if any awareness of the many detailed decisions they make which negatively alter a proper viewpoint.   
The good looks and money bias.
A person with good looks and money is more likely to win an elected office than a nerd with neither. Yet the former tends to spend more time displaying his or her good looks and wealth while the latter, lacking that advantage and often being discriminated against, likely spends more time on mental pursuits and resultingly becomes creative and tough. Who would better represent the mass of regular Americans? As Dagen McDowell of Fox News said on Fox’s program Outnumbered the other day: “If you have money and good looks you can get away with anything.”
The free stuff bias.
It is natural to want things that are free and which require no effort. So welfare programs by a government promising them can more easily attract voters than requiring personal responsibility. Rome’s “free bread and circuses” destroyed history’s most democratic government. Nothing has changed.
The power over principle bias.
For many in Congress being reelected is more important than voting on principle to enact good laws. So they listen to the lobbyists who fund their campaigns instead of the fragmented factions of voters whom they represent. Inevitably our legislative bodies become populated with more power-seekers than those who stand on principle. This pursuit of power over principle ultimately destroys freedom. First, by making laws to control the minutiae of our existence, and then by creating a socialistic form of government which ultimately results in totalitarianism. As Lord Acton famously said: “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” 
The media bias.
Media’s omnipresent bias subverts our democracy minute by minute, day by day. Their overwhelming dominance in the marketplace with only an island called Fox has damaged America for a long time. Just by their saying something over and over again in obvious coordination with the Democrat Party seems to make it true - particularly to uninformed voters. And to keep them uninformed they control our public schools with teachers’ unions.
The bureaucracy bias.

Instead of making a tough vote which alienates half of his or her constituents, those in Congress find it much easier to transfer lawmaking authority to the departments of the bureaucracy. These bureaucrats then create rules to control you by now having the power of judge and jury. And you did not elect any of them.
The human being bias.

Naturally flawed humans are more likely to do bad things than good things because doing bad things is more fun. Maintaining freedom requires individual personal discipline: sacrificing one’s life for it, becoming civilized, controlling negative urges, raising one’s family, and many others.
The education bias.
While we all respect and value good college professors, over ninety percent are very liberal. The axiom that "those who can, do; and those who cannot do, teach" is the culprit here. Professors by their career choice wish to teach - not do. Consequently, universities are filled with professors who find it easy to criticize doers as they have little experience in the difficulties of doing anything. They typically have gone from the cocoon of college immediately back to campus where getting paid well for teaching poorly - often only three hours a day - they are still allowed tenure where they cannot be fired.
* * *
Given all this, it is remarkable that America has survived so long. I believe the reason is that every fifty years or so Americans have experienced some sort of trauma like war, depression, or something else which made them tougher and resourceful. As of late Americans have not had a major traumatic experience. So to prevent one from becoming necessary, it is absolutely necessary to vote for common-sense conservative Republican candidates so America can survive. 

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