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America at the Tipping Point in 2008

October 27, 2008

It is by no means severe to point out that if leftists were wise and rational, they would not be leftists. Vladimir Lenin, the Soviet Union's first dictator and an icon of the left, aptly described its devotees as "useful idiots," owing to their enthusiastic and mindless devotion to causes that invariably would lead to their own destruction. Furthermore, it must be constantly reiterated that such minions only remain "useful" to the leadership as long as they remain, well, idiots.

A century has elapsed since Lenin's demeaning characterization of his most loyal followers. Yet the consistent applicability of that term has done little to enlighten the ongoing ranks of new applicants for the label. And as Election Day approaches, much of America seems perfectly willing to take its place among that ignominious assembly.

Most appalling of all is that from the current day, back to Lenin's reign of terror and even before, evidence abounded which should have been sufficient to warn any stumbling ideologue possessing even the tiniest shred of common sense that fawning subjugation to a corrupt leader is no guarantee of personal well being or safety. Unfortunately, then as well as now, common sense has proven to be a rare commodity.

Campaign rhetoric and media concocted "conventional wisdom" aside, it is important to elevate the current presidential debate out of the morasses of "political correctness" and consider the upcoming 2008 elections against the real backdrop of America's present-day circumstances. To do otherwise is to minimize, perhaps fatally, the inherent strengths and virtues of this nation, thus tearing down the firewall necessarily established in recent years to protect it from the mortal threats it faces.

Pretending all was well during the 1990s did not negate the eventual attacks of confrontational Islamists. Nor would a return to that blissfully ignorant pre-September 11 national mindset accomplish anything but a repeat of its dreadful consequences. And this time around, America would undoubtedly face a far more serious onslaught of that enemy that waits patiently for any sufficient chink in the nation's armor.

In order to shake present day America from the insipid discussions of gas prices, "global warming," and even the alarming financial situation that dominates much of the news cycle, it is imperative to revisit the events of seven years ago on September 11. Recall, if you will, those horrific final moments before the planes flew headlong into buildings full of unwary, innocent people. In the pilots' seats were crazed and hate-consumed Islamists who undertook such actions with inhuman glee, believing that they would shortly be rewarded for the horror, suffering, and death they were causing.

Yet those indescribably awful moments represent only a tiny portion of the larger picture. While America's allies initially rallied to its comfort and aid, many on the world scene, who only occasionally feign to be supportive of this nation and its interests, offered conditional and tepid condolences, which were immediately followed by not-so-subtle finger wagging, ultimately accusing America for having been the root cause of the attacks. Over time, their simmering hostilities towards this nation, and transparent allegiance to the attackers, have surfaced. This is true not only for those overtly venomous entities abroad, but alarmingly within some domestic circles as well.

President George Bush, for all of his moral and political ambiguities, presented the situation in its stark clarity during his speech to Congress and the nation on September 20, 2001 with the statement "Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists." And despite the dulling of sensibilities that ensues with the passage of time, and all of the incessant media spin stupidly claiming the contrary, that defining reality has not changed. Nor will it ever do so.

Those who sought to drive back the fearsome and escalating forces of militant Islam, and who recognize its threat as an ongoing one, are on the same team as the good people of the United States who rallied in the wake of the attack and joined its military to wage war against the fiends that were behind it (along with all of their direct and indirect supporters). To this day they stand with real America and refuse to give ground to the diseased ideologies that fueled the attacks.

All of the rest, who either attempted to remain neutral and passive where no room for passivity or neutrality exists, or who actively worked to undermine the Terror War and thus contribute to America's ultimate defeat, must be counted among the ranks of America's enemies. And this immovable truth remains, to an absolutely equal degree, whether such enemies are foreign or domestic.

After sorting and digesting every criticism of the McCain/Palin ticket, few can deny that its principals have, or ever had, any intention or interest regarding the Terror War other than a total victory for the United States. Just as surely, it would be impossible to assign such motives of purity to Democrat candidate Barack Obama.

In ugly contrast to John McCain, Barack Obama has frequently made disparaging statements about the possibility or even the necessity of America's triumph against the Islamists. Perhaps more significantly, he maintained alliances with the likes of "Reverend" Jeremiah Wright, William Ayers, and Louis Farrakhan, all of whom voice overt hate for America while lauding the eventual success of its enemies. To such people, the suffering of innocent Americans in the process is perversely characterized as "justice," perhaps best exemplified in Wright's assertion of 9-11 as "America's chickens coming home to roost."

Barack Obama is perhaps the farthest left of a leftist political party that has minimized every symbol of U.S. achievement against the Islamists (such as the triumphal Iraqi elections or President Bush's spectacular landing on the Aircraft Carrier Abraham Lincoln), while magnifying to obscene levels every misstep throughout the process (Abu Ghraib and the phony episodes of flushed Korans immediately come to mind).

In these dangerous times, "ignorance" might only be "bliss" very briefly. America cannot bow out of the Terror War, no matter how "eloquently" a President Obama may think he can do so. America cannot befriend its mortal enemies. It will either defeat them or be ever after subject to their attacks, and ultimately, to their twisted ideology.

The cauldron of Islamic militancy seemed dormant until President Jimmy Carter's nihilistic stupidity breathed life into it during the 1970s. Now Iran is the center of Islamic terrorism and insurgency. Soon, the world may be facing the terrible presence of a nuclear Iran.

Democrat vice-presidential candidate Joe Biden predicted a horrendous international "test" for Obama, should he be elected. He has since been effectively muzzled by the Obama camp, since such alarming truths pose great risks to the Democrat ticket. But Biden was right, more than he knows.

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