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The Left Demands that We Follow Science - Except in Transgenderism

February 8, 2021

Approximately 90 full passages and several entire books of the Bible speak of how Christ will return to earth, judge it, and set up his kingdom which precedes eternity on an entirely new planet. All of that is called by most, something we know as eschatology.

But in a world that has long gone its own way without God, only the scripturally-based believers in our world believe in eschatology and most of them don’t know much about the details.

Along comes the highly questionable pseudo-scientific Kyoto report, the sky is falling Al Gore, and a bevy of panicking petunias, who have convinced an unsuspecting world that global warming is the greatest existential threat to humankind since the advent of nuclear weapons.

The scripture absolutely guarantees that this world will last, as it is, intact and bustling, with human sin, error, and ignorance right up to the day Christ returns.

But the deluded will not be dissuaded.

Now, the clouded minds of pedestrian fear and loathing minions have decided, that whatever a man or woman thinks they are, imagined or real, needs to be protected.

Leaving science far behind in their wake, they insist that men can decide to become women and a woman can slip into being a man at the whim and fancy of a dysphoric imagination.

Recently, Peter LaBarbera the President of AFTAH (Americans for Truth about Homosexuality) was temporarily locked out of his Twitter account for making the following statement about Joe Biden’s appointment of Dr. Rachel Levine to head the HHS.

"When society reaches the point where you’re deemed anathema if you simply point out that a man can’t really become a ‘woman,’ and vice versa, then is it safe to say that - unless there’s a popular revolt against this ‘woke’ nonsense–we’re toast?” #TransInsanity #RachelLevine” - Twitter post by @PeterLaBarbera, Jan 19, 2021, deemed “hateful conduct” and ordered removed by the social media platform.


Other than an email I shared with Peter LaBarbera some years ago, I know little about the man. But I would be willing to go out on a limb and say, I doubt he hates trans-people or any other people.

I also would be willing to say, that like me and a lot of Christians, the only thing hated is the lie we are all forced to swallow about transgenderism.

The Party line of the trans-activist is not science and any high school sophomore could tell us why.

In all its glaring simplicity – this is what is true.

Hormone treatments, surgery, cross-dressing, attitude deforming, and social acceptance by peers or society in general cannot change one simple scientific fact.

When tested, the DNA of a man will not change. All trans-people will be the sex they were assigned at their birth by nature, and it will never change.

This is science.

To those who insist that we must yield to nothing less than empirical truth, here is what we say.

Practice what you preach!

Public acceptance of any form of perversion, anti-nature, or twisted mental aberrations will not make this lie become the truth.

The full force of today’s woke wonders will not aid the man who they encourage, just because he believes he is Superman. After jumping off the Empire State Building, he can only discover that science and gravity were right - and the PC crowd was dead wrong.

There is no time to tell a man sailing through the air that he is not Superman. But, in other situations, we could intervene, except in our present fully dystopian woke culture.

When the seven-year-old girl insists that she is the princess of an imaginary kingdom we love it. But, if she still thinks she is a princess halfway through her life, we may want to urge her to seek professional help.

But today, we will not allow homosexual counseling in many states. How far will a "woke" nation go - to remain completely asleep?

We believers choose to believe God, who cannot lie.

Transgenderism will never be acceptable to Him, and yet He only requires that we love the transgenders – He does not demand that we believe their lies.

This is society. They decided to change their sex.

This is science. They will live and die with only the sex assigned at birth according to their DNA.

This is them. “And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie.” (2nd Th 2:11)

This is us. “In hope of eternal life, which God, that cannot lie, promised before the world began.” (Titus 1:2)

We must borrow, and re-phrase, a familiar line from the title of Tina Turner’s hit song.

This is our version of it. What’s Hate Got to Do with It.

The only hate we can honestly discover in this gargantuan error of the "woke," is the hatred for the truth found in their own revered science.

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The Godlessness of transgender is merely the current topic of what began in earnest with the baby boomer generation. The true issue is sexual immorality, with a mock "line upon line, precept upon precept" establishment of all things immoral. And rooted in this sexual immorality is the demand that there be no difference between man and woman. No gender lines are to be drawn. The current breakdown of all things lawful is every bit as rooted in sexual immorality as is transgenderism. So great is the impact of sexual immorality that cultural collapse is inevitable. We are witnessing it with our own eyes. What did women expect was going to happen? Women have earned the current debacle of males beginning to dominate women's sports. And women don't like it. Because it is not equality that women demand, it is the usurpation of God's order that women demand. And most significant is the fact that there is scarcely a measurable difference between ungodly women and women who claim to be Christians. And even worse, males have acquiesced, both inside and outside of the Church. God is not mocked. We work so very hard to both deny and ignore God's order. We are seeing the results. This time it is not going to be a flood. This time it is going to bring in the end of what we know and establish God's millennial reign. Still, less I present myself as perfect, I confess that I find the transgender sports debacle to be a bit humorous. It is going to be interesting to see what women will demand next. And equally humorous is the wimpy response of men and how they will support the further usurpation of God's order, while still pretending to be men.
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