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Can Liberals Reinvent the Christian Paradigm?

August 13, 2007

In his July 23, 2007 article entitled "Leaving Boomer Conflicts Behind," nationally syndicated columnist Michael Barone makes an amazing statement. After explaining that Hillary is diligently trying to stress her "faith" for all to see, he adds that she "has provided no basis to doubt her sincerity."

One has to wonder if the "faith" he is talking about is that represented by her collaboration with her philandering husband as he lied his way through incessant episodes of infidelity, her ability to look a questioner right in the eye and offer her "I don't recall" alibi (in less enlightened time, this was called "lying"), or her famous profusion of obscenities and profanities invoked when confronting political adversaries.

At one time or another, Hillary has professed to know what Jesus would do about illegal aliens, promoted Michael Lerner's new age philosophies presented under the banner of "The Politics of Meaning," and touted her Methodist upbringing (all while being "Jewish" of course).

Nevertheless, it is easy to infer, both from this statement and from the title of his piece, that Barone and his kind see the defining moral issues of the day as little more than a generational "fad," and believe that the political process will be vastly improved once such things are expunged from it. Thus his willingness to accept at least one of Hillary's spiritual "professions" (though which particular version is anybody's guess).

Though it is baffling why people in Barone's realm might feel that way, it is inarguable that among Democrats, such a development is enthusiastically welcomed. The Judeo-Christian ethic on which the nation was founded constitutes the unwavering principle of the conservative base. As such it has proven to be the biggest stumbling block to the liberal/Democrat agenda.

Having attempted a frontal assault on the "religious right" (the name itself commonly invoked as a pejorative) without success, liberals next sought to recast themselves as "religious" people, invoking "God" and even "Jesus" in episodes of blatant holy pandering.

Most often, these efforts have likewise backfired, since the underlying contempt with which liberals regard the holy-roller/hayseed constituency is readily visible in the transparent character of their pandering efforts.

The phony nature of such behavior is reminiscent of their on-again, off-again love and devotion to the Second Amendment. Though John Kerry made a very public display of "gettin' a huntin' license" (and was that a can of chew in his pocket?) during the 2004 campaign, he was no more convincing than Al Gore in the 2000 presidential debates, offering platitudes and pledges of endearing love and support for the rights of hunters.

The latest strategy among liberals, (and if Barone's reaction is any indication, this strategy is meeting with some success), is to recast the entire topic of "religion" so as to be all-inclusive, thus negating it as an electability factor.

As with the liberal ruse of redefining "patriotism" to the point where it can include cheering Islamists while castigating and despising the U.S. Military, the current ploy is to assert a wide and often discordant conglomeration of views and "morals" as exemplifying "religion" and "Christianity."

And just as the left now enforces its definition of "patriotism" merely by getting hysterical whenever anyone offers the slightest question of its validity, so will they attempt to entrench their version of "the faith" by hurling loud and venomous accusations of "hate and intolerance" against any who dare to wonder out loud about their sincerity.

As a result, we are currently being treated to an endless parade of God-hating liberals, who promote every vile aspect of the counterculture, but nearly decked out in papal robes. The moment real America ceased laughing at such irony, the liberals became confident that their facade was working, and put it into high gear.

Of late, we have been treated to John Kerry's deeply felt religious beliefs, Howard Dean's near canonical spiritual fervor, and of course, not to be outdone, Barack Obama's frequent mention of his Chicago church... at least until word got out that its Pastor holds separatist views not seen in mainstream America since the saddest days of segregationism.

More disturbing even than these predictable antics of Democrats who will play any word game necessary to fool the public and gain votes is that several societal forces of nearly tectonic proportions are presently converging in a manner that might facilitate and enable the liberal efforts.

Furthermore, with the help of the "moderate" (and in this case, politically suicidal) wing of the GOP, they just might have an influence in the short term. However, futile Republican efforts to "broaden the base" by moving left have only ever succeeded in "clouding" the issues, which invariably gives cover to the left.

Meanwhile, much of the Evangelical community in this country is losing its way, and now accepts the poisoning influence of liberal dogmas. Having been battered and castigated in the media, many are tiring of the fight over truly moral issues.

In contrast, the crusade to end global warming and promote "social justice" (which is best described as "The Gospel According to Karl Marx") lends such an air of morality to sexual perversion and infanticide. More importantly, they are readily accepted by liberal media and academia.

Dr. Jerry Falwell, a defining influence among Christian Conservatives, is no longer with us. Other key figures are backing away from the formerly prominent roles they played on the social/political scene. Add to this the self-driven life and faith fad that has spread through the Church like a pandemic in recent years, and the situation begins to look grim indeed.

Yet any hopes from the anti-Christian left and mushy "center" that grassroots conservatives will eventually become compliant are little more than pipe dreams.

While such people will on occasion rally around courageous and dynamic leaders, their loyalties are ultimately planted in something far greater, and far more immovable, than even the most inspiring political advocate. Attempts to shake them from this place will in the long run prove to be futile.

At some point, the political parties may even succeed in unilaterally divesting themselves of Christian principle, but the only "benefit" such action will yield is the departure of their Christian members. When the word games have passed, and the campaign ploys have run their sordid course, right and wrong will remain unchanged, and the truly faithful will continue to contend for the good of America.

"Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord." (Psalm 33:12a)

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