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Anti-Vaxxers Are Being Set Up

July 19, 2021

If you want to understand what Biden and the Democrats are setting up in the streets of America, in the planned confrontation with anti-vaxxers, look to France, where violent protests are taking place over President Emmanuel Macron’s plan to require a COVID-19 vaccine certificate.

As noted by various news agencies, protesters are fighting police over Macron’s plan to fight a rapid surge in new coronavirus infections by locating and isolating those too “selfish” to take the vaccines and protect others. 

Here, one popular “conservative” website is already warning of “Biden brownshirts” using government pressure on people to take the shots. One story (1) actually carried a headline about the extermination of conservatives but noted that the U.S. Covid-vaccinated percentage is still under 50%, “leaving too many Americans with guns and land that the CDC/CCP can’t kill off so easily.”

This threat of violence, with the reference to guns, is exactly what could be coming, as some people are now brainwashed into believing the vaccines are biological weapons, when the fact is that the weapon is the virus itself. 

As U.S. COVID-19 cases have doubled over three weeks, the unvaccinated are being blamed. The hospitals are filling up, once again, with people suffering from Covid-19 because they thought they could get back to business as usual by shunning the vaccines. 

Operating on the basis of lies and disinformation, some irresponsible conservative websites such as News with Views are telling Trump voters not to trust the Trump Warp Speed vaccines because the virus doesn’t exist. 

Ironically, the anti-vaxxers in America are making a looming confrontation possible, feeding into Biden's plans to go house to house getting people to take the shot. 

As we see in France, it appears that both sides are coming together in a confrontation that will only play to the political benefit of the Biden Administration and serve to confirm left-wing media claims that Trump people are “extremists” who should be rounded up and jailed.  

In such a confrontation, conservatives taking the virus seriously and getting vaccinated to protect themselves and others will reluctantly side with public health authorities, mostly at the state level, as they impose new lockdowns after issuing emergency decrees. The resistance to the vaccines can be found mostly among Republicans.  

All of this is predictable and will be exploited not only by the power-hungry Democrats eager to use the disease for political purposes, but anti-vaxxer websites generating viewers and “clicks” by scaring people unnecessarily.

In this instance, conservatives who have a bias in favor of personal freedom and choice will not go along with the anti-vaxxers if such a development occurs because they realize the evidence is overwhelming that it’s the unvaccinated making the Covid-19 problem more of a threat to human health again.

There is simply no dispute, when the evidence is seriously considered, that the unvaccinated are bearing the brunt, the overwhelming majority, of the new hospitalizations and deaths. This is why governmental and other pressures are being brought to bear on them to get vaccinated.

As a confrontation brews, the government will be able to cite legal precedents for imposing or defending official restrictions on the movements of those refusing the shots.

In a nutshell, as a Congressional Research Service (CRS) study (2) shows, governments at the state and local levels have the power and legal authority to require vaccinations. Based on a Supreme Court precedent, “states and localities have enacted vaccination mandates for certain populations and circumstances.”

This means trouble for those resisting the Covid-19 vaccinations, possibly leading to the kind of violence we are now seeing in France.

But this is exactly what Biden wants. Such a development would play into the hands of those insisting there are too many “extremists” in America and that the government must teach them a lesson by identifying and isolating them. That’s the Macron playbook in France, and we would have to be foolish to think it won’t happen here. 

In France, with the government facing anti-vaxxer protests, the police were called in, using tear gas on demonstrators in several French cities.

In France, as we are likely to see here, when protesters take to the streets, doctors and scientists will defend government repression by citing more hospital admissions from the increase in delta variant infections.

In France, the National Academy of Medicine and the National Academy of Pharmacy issued a statement (3) declaring citizens had an “obligation” to get vaccinated. It said that while “different informative and incentive approaches have been developed with people still reluctant to take the Covid-19 vaccine,” their impact has been inconclusive. 

As a result, cases are rising, and the health authorities are now discussing the possibility of legislation relating to “compulsory vaccination.”

In the same way, as Covid-19 cases in America surge, promising more disease and death, one can anticipate anti-vaxxers taking to the streets, insisting they have the right to refuse a vaccine and infect others. Local governments will respond, citing the need to protect public health, by deploying police against the demonstrators.

In this way, as the aforementioned story suggests, people are supposed to believe that the Communist Party of China (CCP) is somehow behind the CDC push for mass vaccination, when the evidence shows that China (and Russia) have been trying to discredit the Trump Warp Speed vaccine project because it is so successful and holds out so much promise for people here and around the world to survive the pandemic and return to normal lives. 

If there is anything that serves the interest of Red China, it is the failure of a vaccination program in the U.S., leaving more people vulnerable to variants of the China virus. This is how China keeps the U.S. from reasserting itself on the global stage and getting the American people back to work.  

William Evanina, who was Trump’s director of the U.S. National Counterintelligence and Security Center, revealed (4) that China and Russia were trying to “disrupt” the supply chain for Trump’s Operation Warp Speed vaccines by using cyberattacks on vaccine makers. Analysts said China and Russia did not have the companies with the expertise and ingenuity to make the vaccines quickly and effectively. So their alternative was to try to disrupt and delay the American companies involved in the effort. 

The Cuban regime is another basket case when it comes to making vaccines, as we have seen demonstrations in many different cities on the communist island not only protesting the dictatorship but the lack of vaccines to save lives.  

Here, people have the luxury of biding their time, while they cash their government stimulus checks and complain non-stop about why they should not take the best vaccines in the world. This reflects the Luddite or anti-technology mindset that China and Russia have been seeking to impose on the United States. 

Strangely, these conservatives are driving themselves crazy with “End Times” and “Mark of the Beast” nonsense that makes them paranoid about saving their own lives.



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I am not quite getting the intent of your article. Are you suggesting that people should get the vaccine?
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