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UFOs: What’s All the Fuss About?

July 26, 2021

Leading up to the coming of the world’s last and worst dictator, a time of strong delusion will prevail across the globe. By the time he is seated, the stage will be completely set. While the appearance of UFOs will not dominate the entire scene, they very likely will play a major role in duping most of the people on the earth. (2 Thess 2:7-12)

The business of reporting about UFOs is hindered or plagued by the same problems accompanying the Darwinian evolutionary theory. In short, it is deeply affected by prior philosophic postulation. This means minds are made up in advance.

For a world caught up in the prideful and arrogant worship of science and technology, UFOs have come into vogue at just the right moment for a great deception that includes a prior philosophic, and theological postulation. Not many are questioning the popular conclusions.

This writer has studied and followed the subject for about 50 years now, starting back when only a few even bothered to address the subject at all. People like Zola Levitt and Kelly L Seagraves are not so well known today, but many new voices have taken up the slack.

One of the sharpest critics of modern Ufology is Pastor Billy Crone. Billy Crone was recently interviewed by national radio evangelist Jan Markell. Crone is the author of UFOs: The Great Last Days Deception. (1)

The interview, carried on Markell’s “Understand the Times” radio broadcast, has also been posted on Rumble. It is a vibrant and hugely informative takedown of the unquestioned conclusions regarding UFO sightings and the hype surrounding them. See:

Meet the New World Religion – www.olivetreeviews.org (2)

Three All Important Questions

We can look at the phenomena of UFOs on the scientific, the philosophical, and the theological level but, first, we must ask three basic questions. Oddly, people with a completely secular worldview ask and seek to answer only the first two questions. Only those who have a solid faith in God and are biblically grounded even bother to ask, much less answer, a third and supremely important question. The three questions are very simple, but the answers may require a bit of thinking and open-mindedness, something that is conspicuously missing in the secular mind. Let’s see.

1.   Are UFOs real?

2.   What are they?

3.   What message do they leave or espouse?

Are they real?

With thousands of reported sightings, photographs, videos, and other evidence available, it would be almost ludicrous to say they are not real. We may want to carefully define what reality is, because for some people the Ufology of the day has slipped into the realm of the occult and the paranormal, like that of Dr. Steven Greer (3) of the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence.

Some aspects of reported abductions and sightings have been fused together with mysticism and new age. It is hard to extract the science out of the ethereal and spooky explanations, if there is any serious science to be found.

The answer is unequivocally that they are real – but on what level of reality?

Like the UFOs themselves, the epistemology of the Ufologist is having a hard time finding a safe place to land.

Affirming their authenticity is only the beginning, the next part is wrought with mixed and confusing conjecture, speculation, science-fiction, and a good bit of Flash Gordon style super-duper-hoopla.

What are they?

You can choose from a plethora of viewpoints and explanations which all sound plausible, while some are high-level kooky.

Some say they are government experiments, military craft, or test craft. Others claim they are the devices of our enemies sent to spy or confuse us. The fakers and fraudsters have used everything from video manipulation, special effects stunts, balloons, photoshop tricks, and prestidigitation to catch our imaginations.

The scientists and pseudo-scientists also have a broad scope of partial answers and speculations. The most common is the idea that UFOs are the spacecraft or interstellar vehicles with which aliens from far away galaxies are visiting us, spying on us, or probing us.

Fueled by the vastness of outer space and being predisposed to the idea of universal evolutionary process, they do not have a chance of changing their viewpoint without something only found in spiritual circles, which is called, revelation.

For the religious and spiritual people around the earth, UFOs are often seen as visiting angels. Some see them as the fallen angels of Satan, not just the beneficent messengers of the Lord. Yet, others say it is both kinds of angels.

Regardless of which group we are referring to, all must concede that whatever they are, they possess qualities, whether craft or creatures, that can only be described as hyper-dimensional or inter-dimensional in nature.

Whether angels or alien craft it is apparent that they can transmogrify at will and defy most of the basic known physical laws of the universe. It is without doubt, that just to get here, they would need to have mastered quantum physics, and things like wormholes and space warps. Quantum physics today is almost something as theoretically remote as paranormal explanations, bordering on the realm of childhood fantasy and make-believe.

We have spent trillions of dollars to find life in space, while here on earth we abort babies at the rate of almost 4000 per day. If aliens did come here to check for intelligent life – the abortions alone would disqualify us immediately.

They (the aliens) may have mastered quantum mechanics; we apparently have mastered nothing.

What Message Do They Leave?

This is where the real confusion begins. The messages are conflicting and often totally contradictory.

In some reports those allegedly contacted, say that the aliens intend to show us how to harness nuclear power, others say the aliens intend to stop all usage of nuclear weapons and power plants – take your pick.

Some say that during their encounters they were told that the aliens have only our best interest in mind. Others didn’t have a chance to ask the question as the aliens probed, tortured, and frightened them nearly to death – so which is it?

The bigger question is what do they say about the Savior of the world? Accordingly, they say nothing. In some contactee reports aliens ascend to Christ’s greatness, but since the scriptures tell us that even demons make that assertion there is no ground gained.

They refuse to acknowledge Christ’s imminent return and Lordship over the entire world, and none of them will confess that Jesus Christ died for the sins of the world.

The red flag that rises immediately comes from the warnings of the Apostle Paul and is found in his letter to the Galatians.

“But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed.” (Gal 1:8)

In fact, this is how we determine that someone is a false preacher, teacher, or prophet – now we can include the so-called aliens.

The Very Long List of Unanswered Questions

This article could end with the preceding paragraph, but the following was added to challenge the status quo and those who accept the worldview without a single second thought.

Here are just a few second thoughts, but there are many more to be had.

What and Who is a UFO expert?

Are people who have seen a UFO “experts,” or are those who spend a lifetime compiling accounts of those who have seen them experts?

Since there is no definitive concurrence about what they are, or where they are from – no one is an expert.

If just seeing them alone makes one an expert, then this writer is an expert because I have seen them 4 times in my lifetime, but I am sure of one thing, I am no expert.

Why do today’s “experts” refuse the single conclusion offered by Project Blue Book and our best knowledge of the physical laws of the universe.

Both Blue Book and the laws of physics conclude that nothing in the physical universe can travel at speeds of thousands of miles an hour and suddenly take an angular turn without breaking into a million pieces. Even a commercial airliner going at an average speed of 500 MPH needs approximately 10 miles to take a complete turn.

Both Blue Book and anyone with an ounce of common sense may easily conclude that these UFOs are not physical.

The Blue Book study suggests that they must be metaphysical rather than physical.

Is there a person on earth that does not know that the word metaphysical is a human attempt to shroud the word “spiritual” from creeping into science language?

That dumps us right back into the question of whether they are angels.

What Techie Minds Want - Techie Minds Get

If they are angels, then at least some of them would be the fallen angels that were thrown out of the presence of God along with Satan. They are, like their master, experts at deception.

In a world involved in only science and knowledge, they wouldn’t have much deceiving to do. The world wants to believe it is a higher-tech not a higher power that is visiting their little knowledge-bent planet.

Let me add that not only have I seen UFOs, but I’ve had a few angelic visitations as well. They were not UFOs, and they were not technical, they were just alive and carrying a message, but that’s what angels are supposed to do according to some twenty verses of the bible. (4)

Hypnotized Abductees and the Two Beeps

Someone with a strict worldview would not even question the two beeps, but to the believer it is a red flag that cannot be ignored. In many cases including the famous Barny and Betty Hill case (5), after those who were abducted could find no rest, they eventually submitted to hypnotism to find answers.

In many such cases, after the people were brought under, they began to speak and tell of their experiences with greater clarity than they previously remembered the events. Oddly, when they spoke, their voices changed from their normal voice to a deep and almost dictated kind of response. Only in cases of demon possession do people’s voices become deep and monotonic.

After coming out of the hypnotism the abductees often said they remembered two beeps. One came at the beginning of the events and the other at the finish. Like being programmed to say what they did, it is reasonable to conclude that they were likewise programmed to see what they saw, when in fact, they saw no such thing.

How convenient that a hypnotist could get to what was between the two mystical, not technical beeps.

We don’t know if little green men walk around beeping, but we do know those who claim to have been abducted by them do some beeping.

Jesus will Return on a Flying Saucer – Ya Think?

There are those who really believe this wild theory. In fact, the first time I published a piece on UFOs they came out of the woodwork to remind me of this fact. One person said I should be careful not to blaspheme against the saucers.

Several verses are all that’s needed to dispel this idea, but really only one is necessary.

At Christ’s ascension, an angel standing nearby told those present not to stand gazing into heaven because Jesus would come back the same way in which he left.

There was not a single mention of a saucer, a craft, or an unknown type of vehicle. (Acts 1:9-11)

No blaspheming here, only ordinary reading of the scripture.

But let’s see, God who hung the stars and all the heavenly bodies in place and knows them all by name, could not hold up his only begotten son as he ascends to earth, without a spacecraft?

UFOs as the Explanation for the Rapture

The Bible quite clearly teaches that after the world comes under its last dictator, he will in a very short time begin to kill those who will not become part of his economic system. (Rev 13:15-17)

Some believers think that when the removal of the Christians takes place in what is called the rapture, the antichrist will say that the extraterrestrial beings that he and others are now communicating with, have removed the Christians and those who won’t follow him.

The formula goes like this.

The antichrist and his new space friends remove the Christians so the world can now enter and flourish together in a new age.

The Bible says that when the antichrist begins his worst, God removes his children so that antichrist can soon be removed, while the antichrist’s plan for living happily ever after, comes to a screeching halt.

A Suckered Generation Times Two

Today we have CEOs of commerce trying for a few minutes in space and acting like it was another small step for man to dazzle the rest of mankind.

It is a philosophic postulate that I have espoused for lo these many years and at times I am loathe to repeat, yet once again.

If you are going to pull a grand deception to fool all of mankind, you would have to inject a potion for all mankind that would inoculate them from independent thought and disable the kind of reason that would arrive at the truth.

Getting rid of all mores, folkways, and petted beliefs is not easy. For that, it takes a powerful independent intervention from some indisputable source.

Enter the empirical method of deduction otherwise better known as science. Coming on pure as the driven snow is the pridefully acquired power to know.

Now we can knock down and blow out the two great questions that religion, philosophy, and any other esteemed discipline has seemingly failed to answer.

The question of where we came from and, where are we going, are finally answered by science or pseudo-science, depending on who you ask.

Evolutionary theory assures us, despite the problems of millions of missing links, that we came from the first living protozoa that emerged from the ooze after it was struck by lightning – a sort of primal Frankenstein thing.

As to the question of where we are going – now we know that it is endless romping around the universe in vehicles that have licked the problem of the snail’s pace of the speed of light and the time changes that will render us 400,000 years older just to reach the closest star.

We have both restrictive ends of the saga of mankind blown out and replaced with the sure help of modern science and the witness of a few UFO craft that assures us – if they can do it - so can we.

Now that we know we did not come from God, and we are not going back to account to God what could go wrong?

I say it again – what could go wrong except the end of our lives?

“And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment: So Christ was once offered to bear the sins of many; and unto them that look for him shall he appear the second time without sin unto salvation.” (Heb 9: 27-28)



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