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September 11, 2001: Never Forget

September 20, 2021

Hate, religious fanaticism, and no respect for the dignity and sanctity of life, were the deadly weapons on that fateful day, in the hands of killers.



How fortunate we are to live in a land

where your hopes and dreams come true,

where the life you lead, its success or failure

are entirely up to you.

But there are those who are born into darkness,

and sadly we say, that’s their fate,

to live in a land where there’s no hope and freedom,

and the people are taught to hate.



When I left home on that fateful morning,

in September and the warmth of summer,

in the land of the free and home of the brave,

to the sound of a distant drummer.


That called out to me with its steady beat,

like the beating of one’s heart,

it was the city off in the distance,

home to business, culture, and art.

I was anxious as I boarded the west-bound train,

that roared its way to the city,

where some outsiders have said,

it’s a cold hard town without pity.

But on that day they’d be proven wrong,

and again we were put to the test,

and out of the darkness and despair,

we showed the world our best.

I ascended the steps to the busy street,

life above was a welcomed sight,

and felt relieved to escape the crowded train,

and walk in the sun's brilliant light.


I quickened my pace, it was getting late

past the cathedral with its towering steeple,

and the many tall structures of glass and steel,

through the moving throng of people.

Off in the distance touching the sky,

two giants side by side like brothers,

standing together tall and straight,

and towering above all the others.

Skin of concrete and bones of steel

with countless beating hearts,

there was life within these two storied giants,

with their many moving parts.

The mighty towers stood in sharp contrast

to the clear blue September sky,

but as I gazed up toward the summits,

something passed before my eye.

A streak of silver at lightning speed,

approaching from the east,

and it slammed into the south tower,

and roared like an angry beast.

The tower shook and screamed in agony,

and exploded in smoke and flame,

‘What was it,’ I asked, ‘what did I see?

Was it a missile or a plane?'

I stopped as did those around me,

and could not move or speak,

some gasped in horror, others screamed,

and minutes later came another streak.

The north tower, like its brother, was struck,

and it too exploded in smoke and flame,

and I knew from that moment on,

things would never be the same.


This was no accident that happened,

no mistake in judgment or twist of fate,

what caused this death and destruction,

was a dark and fanatical hate.

Could the towers suffer through this assault,

and still stand strong and tall,

or would the wounds be fatal, too much to bear?

And would we have to watch them fall?

I was in shock and watched in disbelief,

there were tears, screaming and the sirens blare,

and for just a moment I closed my eyes,

and hoped I’d awake from this nightmare.

There were explosions and deadly falling debris,

people ran for their lives, but what they did not know,

was that some of what rained down was innocent people

who jumped to their deaths from the inferno.

As I started to run, I began to pray,

there was something in the air that stung my face,

and when I stopped, and could go no further,

I looked up and there was only empty space.

The towers bore their wounds for as long as they could,

as they collapsed, the city let out a sigh,

where they once stood was twisted steel and concrete,

in a tangled giant mound that looked a mile high.

It was a moment unlike any other I’ve known,

as the acrid smoke made its way,

through the streets of the city like a hungry beast,

looking to consume its prey.

And what of the lives that thrived within,

amid the explosions, smoke, and fire,

the smoldering heap that now lay before us,

was more, it was a burial pyre.

But there was courage and bravery in the face of death,

as many answered duty's call,

most gave some to protect and save,

and in the end, some gave all.

Entering the buildings as they buckled and burned,

brave responders of the uniform strong and stout,

they searched for the people amid the smoke and flame,

many would perish and never get out. 

Thousands of innocent would perish that day,

and they would never know the reason why,

their killers arrived on wings of death, / and for their cause they would kill and die.


The death and destruction went beyond the city,

to other locations across the land,

there was no boundary to the senseless killing,

it was hard to accept and understand.

That night I lay in bed awake,

and relived in my mind the tragic day,

and hoped and prayed that I might find solace,

and in time the memories would just fade away.

But then I realized we must never forget,

there are some things in life we must not conceal,

for thousands who perished, and those left behind,

there are some wounds time can never heal.

My dreams were troubled, there were wails and screams,

and people running in horror and fright,

then I heard a voice speak out of the chaos,

“take heart, they’re with me in the light.”

The voice said, “Be consoled, I have heard your prayer,

and I now have set them free,

the innocent and the heroes,

they’re now all here with Me.”

“Never again will they suffer and fear,

never again will they be alone,

I took them from death's unholy grasp,

and now they’re finally home.”

“And of those who caused this grief and terror,

and did so in My name,

their punishment will be swift and great,

in darkness and in pain.”

“They destroyed the lives that I created,

with their deadly plans and schemes,

they defiled, denied, and desecrated,

and took away so many hopes and dreams.”

“They have corrupted and defied My Word,

with the terror that they wrought,

the cries of the innocent they never heard,

for some perverted end they sought.”

And so when the Day of Judgment arrives,

they will not see My face,

for it is My want, it is My will,

they have fallen from my grace.”


I have often looked with pride at the towers,

and wondered quite often it seems,

what a great tribute to man’s quest for progress,

and a testament to all our hopes and dreams.

But now they’re gone, a senseless death,

destroyed at the hands of hateful men,

and like the souls that perished that day,

I know the towers will rise again. 

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