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I Am A Liberal...

Well, certainly not me...just sharing some thoughts.

May 29, 2023

The following is a treatise that circulated on Facebook in the recent past called “I am a liberal.” It includes a list of beliefs that were shared by a known liberal/progressive. It was most likely written during the “fascist” Trump regime, from references within, and from my knowledge of who shared it. 

You may notice some key phrases and thoughts that pervade many discussions of these issues. You may also note the serious lack of real solutions for the problems mentioned. Through it all, you might ask yourself, “Who is going to define and enforce the issues at hand?” The assumption is “the government,” as if there is a universally beneficent, benevolent group of people doing their best to “serve the people” of the country. There are also some presumptions that I believe go way too far, on the side of the progressive-liberal ("I am not interested in coming after your blessed guns, nor is anyone serving in government." I am not so sure about that, concerning the Democrats!) 

As the Editor of Conservative Truth, I - Paul Hayden - can honestly say that I am what I consider to be a conservative. But what does that even mean? I would like to explore these thoughts, and even get some honest dialogue going concerning the differences between the progressive-liberal and conservative points of view. The majority of us, whether conservative or liberal or independent, may have views that are more in sync than we know. But we may be being used and manipulated by nefarious means to be more at odds with one another than we need to be or is good for us. See what you think!

I would gladly welcome HONEST and reasonable responses in the comments section on the article page. If you cannot be civil, please keep your response to yourself! If you happen to know who wrote it, I would certainly welcome their responses and participation in this discussion. They would be welcome to write regular articles about the blessings and implementation of their liberal thoughts.

Blessings to all. Paul Hayden


I call myself a progressive. This closely describes my views and thoughts on how I view the country as a U.S. Citizen. I am open to listening and trying to understand any differing viewpoint, but this does not mean I have to accept it as my own. 

I’m a progressive Democrat, but that doesn't mean what a lot of you apparently think it does. Let's break it down, shall we? Because quite frankly, I'm getting a little tired of being told what I believe and what I stand for. Spoiler alert: Not every progressive is the same, though the majority of us I know think along roughly these same lines.

1. I believe a country should take care of its weakest members. A country cannot call itself civilized when its children, disabled, sick, and elderly are neglected. Period.

2. I believe healthcare is a right, not a privilege. Somehow that's interpreted as "I believe Obamacare is the end-all, be-all." This is not the case. I'm fully aware that the ACA has problems, that a national healthcare system would require everyone to chip in, and that it's impossible to create one that is devoid of flaws, but I have yet to hear an argument against it that makes "let people die because they can't afford healthcare" a better alternative. I believe healthcare should be far cheaper than it is, and that everyone should have access to it. And no, I'm not opposed to paying higher taxes in the name of making that happen. It also makes economic sense to me that having decent healthcare is cheaper than ER care.

3. I believe education should be affordable and accessible to everyone. It doesn't necessarily have to be free (though it works in other countries so I'm mystified as to why it can't work in the U.S.), but at the end of the day, there is no excuse for students graduating college saddled with five- or six-figure debt.

4. I don't believe your money should be taken from you and given to people who don't want to work. I have literally never encountered anyone who believes this. Ever. I just have a massive moral problem with a society where a handful of people can possess the majority of the wealth while there are people literally starving to death, freezing to death, or dying because they can't afford to go to the doctor. Fair wages, lower housing costs, universal healthcare, affordable education, and the wealthy actually paying their share would go a long way toward alleviating this. Somehow believing that makes me a communist.

5. I don't throw around "I'm willing to pay higher taxes" lightly. If I'm suggesting something that involves paying more, well, it's because I'm fine with paying my fair share as long as it's actually going to something besides lining corporate pockets or bombing other countries while Americans die without healthcare.

6. I believe companies should be required to pay their employees a decent, livable wage. Somehow this is always interpreted as me wanting burger flippers to be able to afford a penthouse apartment and a Mercedes. What it actually means is that no one should have to work three full-time jobs just to keep their head above water. Restaurant servers should not have to rely on tips, multi-billion-dollar companies should not have employees on food stamps, workers shouldn't have to work themselves into the ground just to barely make ends meet, and minimum wage should be enough for someone to work 40 hours and live.

7. I am not anti-Christian. I have no desire to stop Christians from being Christians, to close churches, to ban the Bible, to forbid prayer in school, etc. (By the way, prayer in school is NOT illegal; compulsory prayer in school is - and should be - illegal.) All I ask is that Christians recognize my right to live according to my beliefs. When I get pissed off that a politician is trying to legislate Scripture into law, I'm not "offended by Christianity" - I'm offended that you're trying to force me to live by your religion's rules. You know how you get really upset at the thought of Muslims imposing Sharia law on you? That's how I feel about Christians trying to impose Biblical law on me. Be a Christian. Do your thing. Just don't force it on me or mine.

8. I don't believe LGBT people should have more rights than you. I just believe they should have the same rights as you.

9. I don't believe illegal immigrants should come to America and have the world at their feet, especially since THIS ISN'T WHAT THEY DO (spoiler: undocumented immigrants are ineligible for all those programs they're supposed to be abusing, and if they're "stealing" your job it's because your employer is hiring illegally). I'm not opposed to deporting people who are here illegally, but I believe there are far more humane ways to handle undocumented immigration than our current practices (i.e., detaining children, splitting up families, ending DACA, etc). And it takes a system not outsourcing to profiteers!!!

10. I don't believe the government should regulate everything, but since greed is such a driving force in our country, we NEED regulations to prevent cut corners, environmental destruction, tainted food/water, unsafe materials in consumable goods or medical equipment, safe flights, etc. It's not that I want the government's hands in everything - I just don't trust people trying to make money will ensure their products/practices/etc. are actually SAFE. Is the government devoid of shadiness? Of course not. Certainly not right now. But with those regulations in place, consumers have recourse if they're harmed and companies are liable for medical bills, environmental cleanup, etc. It just kind of seems like common sense when the alternative to government regulation is letting companies bring their bottom line into the equation.

11. I believe our current administration is fascist! Not because I dislike them or because I can’t get over an election, but because I've spent too many years reading and learning about the Third Reich to miss the similarities. Not because any administration I dislike must be Nazis, but because things are actually mirroring authoritarian and fascist regimes of the past.

12. I believe the systemic racism and misogyny in our society is much worse than many people think, and desperately needs to be addressed. This means those with privilege - white, straight, male, economic, etc. - need to start listening, even if they don't like what they're hearing, so we can start dismantling everything that's causing people to be marginalized.

13. I am not interested in coming after your blessed guns, nor is anyone serving in government. What I am interested in is sensible policies, including background checks, that just MIGHT save one person’s, perhaps a toddler’s, life by the hand of someone who should not have a gun. (Got another opinion? Put it on your page, not mine). [Perfectly willing to share their opinion, but will not tolerate yours…Editor]

14. I believe in so-called political correctness. I prefer to think it’s social politeness. If I call you Chuck and you say you prefer to be called Charles I’ll call you Charles. It’s the polite thing to do. Not because everyone is a delicate snowflake, but because as Maya Angelou put it, when we know better, we do better. When someone tells you that a term or phrase is more accurate/less hurtful than the one you're using, you now know better. So why not do better? How does it hurt you to NOT hurt another person?

15. I believe in funding sustainable energy, including offering education to people currently working in coal or oil so they can change jobs. There are too many sustainable options available for us to continue with coal and oil. Sorry, billionaires. Maybe try investing in something with a better profit potential in the future.

16. I believe that women should not be treated as a separate class of human. They should be paid the same as men who do the same work, should have the same rights as men, and should be free from abuse. Why on earth shouldn’t they be?

I think that about covers it. The bottom line is that I'm a progressive because I think we should take care of each other. That doesn't mean you should work 80 hours a week so your lazy neighbor can get all your money. It just means I don't believe there is any scenario in which preventable suffering is an acceptable outcome as long as money is saved.

So, I'm a liberal. (Written by Anonymous - Unknown)

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This is a follow up to address items 13 through 16: 13. There's a lot more to this issue than the right to bear arms. While I stated earlier that I'm a "live and let live" type of guy, there comes a time when we do need to look out for one another as well. If someone is acting strangely, posting threatening items on social media, etc., these warning signs should not be ignored. But in taking the progressives' general approach on most issues (that is, attain your objective in increments), it's not unreasonable to extrapolate that today's calls for a ban on "semi-automatic" weapons are just the opening act toward the ultimate goal of disarming all citizens. 14. "Political correctness" has gone totally off the rails in 2023 and there's certainly a lot more to it than calling "Chuck" "Charles." PC has been used increasingly as a straight jacket that constrains free speech for fear that an innocent comment can be interpreted by the thought police as "hate speech." This explains much of the recent successes of the "woke" culture such as an anti-Catholic, blasphemous outfit strongarming their way into "performing" at a major league baseball game as part of "pride" month. 15. What sustainable options are there besides wind, which has its own environmental drawbacks (dead birds and whales for starters), and solar, which only works well on sunny days? These two renewable sources cannot possibly be expected to one day carry the entire electric load of this or any other developed country - not even close. Typically they provide a supplemental 5-10% to the grid at best. 16. Women have made tremendous strides in the workplace, and rightfully so. However, progressives tend to ignore the very real differences between the sexes that, for example, make it difficult for women to meet the tough standards of training for military combat. If you are a true "feminist" you would be protesting the takeover of many women's sporting events by transgender males who win because of their superior strength, speed, etc.
Let me respond to these in the order they were presented: 1. If this is your main criterion for a country having the right to be called a country, then most of the world's countries have foregone that right. The USA has come the closest, with all of our flaws, to achieving it. 2. Let's go with your premise that health care is a "right." This of course implies universal coverage regardless of ability to pay. What do you think that's going to do to incentivize doctors who spent years (and loads of money) to be trained as they are when they're essentially being directed to provide services for free? 3. If you want education to be "affordable" then you and many others need to have a serious discussion with university presidents, administrators and tenured professors who are the main drivers of whopping increases in tuition and fees over the last 50 years. Government loans and grants are merely a band-aid over a massive wound. 4. The recent "debt ceiling negotiations" exposed the falseness of your premise, since Medicaid does go to able-bodied people and despite Republican efforts to change this, that aspect remains. 5. Please define "fair share" in some quantitative way that would demonstrate how problems would be solved "if only." You use this argument but are probably fully aware that "the rich" (top 1%) pay close to 50% of the taxes in a given year. How is that NOT their "fair share"? 6. Again, you're trying to fix a symptom not a cause. Inflation brought on by tax-and-spend policies has made it impossible for a "typical" middle-class family to live a reasonably comfortable lifestyle on a single income. This has been the case for many years now. Yes, minimum wages should be reviewed periodically and reset, but the fact is that many McDonald's employees make more per hour than I do in teaching and tutoring various college-level accounting courses. 7. So, as we enter another "pride" month, you have the chutzpah to suggest that Christians are trying to impose their religion on others? What is "pride" month if not (1) a belief system believed in by a very few, and (2) an overt attempt to impose a small minority's belief system on everyone? 8. I believe in "live and let live." However, there is a noisy cohort on your side of the aisle (see #7) that does not see things that way, and they apparently won't rest until they "convert" the rest of us to their way of thinking. 9. Your claim that illegal immigrants are not receiving benefits is patently false (see California for just one example). Why would so many be beating a path into the U.S. unless they were convinced that they would get help and benefits here that they could only dream of in their home countries? 10. Let me cite as an example of a government agency run amok with good intentions that turned into overreach and excessive control - the EPA. If your comment had been made back around 1970, about the time the EPA was established, it would have been much more valid then. Air and water pollution were significant problems and a Republican president (Nixon) authorized the EPA's creation. But now? Environmental regulations are choking the life out our economy as new projects are stalled by draconian environmental requirements. 11. No doubt your reference is to the Bad Orange Man. Yes, he has SAID some outrageous things that could lead people to believe he's an authoritarian, such as his seeming admiration for dictators (Putin) and his claim that Article 2 of the Constitution gave him the power to "do whatever I want." But I go by ACTIONS not words. If Trump was such an authoritarian, he would have overruled Fauci and Birks and ordered states to re-open their economies much sooner during COVID than they did. But he recognized in practice the concept of federalism and that he could not dictate to the states on this issue, even if he wanted to. 12. Again, your comment was more legitimate in an earlier time than it is now. Too often in recent times, it's ignored that racism can cut both ways. For instance, Eric Holder's refusal to seek charges against Black Panther members who intimidated white people from voting by saying, "I'm not going after my people." In the early 2010's I attended a required "diversity training" course in which the white instructor informed us that black racism was impossible since black people "had no power." This bald-faced statement was made while Barack Obama was in the White House and Eric Holder was the AG!
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"I was raised by a Christian minister, Kenneth Hayden, until his death when I was 10. Then my mom Bonnalee Hunt Hayden married a farmer. So I was raised in a very down-to-earth home. My faith has grown through the years, but both in conjunction with the institutional church and through small groups and individuals, including books as well as group settings, where deep, sincere faith is shared that aligns with Biblical truth."