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October 15, 2007

With well over 250,000 reading my column each week, you might guess that I receive a lot of email. I do - thousands each week. (If you don't get a personal answer, I hope you understand...) Some write to tell me they appreciate the time our volunteers and I put in each week. Some threaten my life for expressing views they don't like. I received more than the usual number of responses to an article I wrote about the infamous abortionist, Dr. Tiller, titled "Free Abortions." I thought I would let you look over my shoulder as I read some of my mail.

"Hi Tom. My brother, Chickie, had Down Syndrome. He was the light of our lives. I will always feel my family was blessed above most others on account of him. My mom was advised to abort him but didn't do so on account of her religion. I wish he were still alive today. I miss him much. He was always much wiser than the rest of us. His love was simple. His delight in us was one of the most rewarding things I've ever known. If you like hugs and smiles just do some volunteer work with people like Chickie. It makes you rethink what's important. James Carvin."

** I received many letters like the one above, because I mentioned the fact that many abortions are performed on perfectly healthy babies just because they have Down Syndrome. I also received letters from mothers who were advised to abort babies for that reason, and when their babies were born they did not have Down Syndrome. It makes me wonder how many perfectly normal babies have been murdered because their parents were frightened into having abortions.

"People like you should be shot. Who are you to tell me what to do with MY body? It's just a lump of tissue. It's NOT a human. If I choose not to waddle around carrying a bowling ball in my belly for nine months and getting stretch marks, it's MY CHOICE, not yours! I hope you rot in hell for printing garbage like this." (No name given; obviously not one of my fans.)

** It's amazing how differently God looks at things compared to NOW (the National Organization of Women). "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart..." Jeremiah 1:5a. NOW, an organization made up mostly of lesbians, purports to speak for all of the women in the US. Their two main agenda items are "lesbian rights" and preserving the "right" to kill one's baby in the womb at any time, for any reason. Their justification, espoused by the writer above, is that the child is not human. But God's word is clear that from the moment of conception, a spirit lives in the little one growing in the womb. So I would say to the writer, we're not talking about your body. We're talking about the separate human body that is growing inside your body. It's not your body that will be cut up while still living and removed from your womb. It is the body of your child, whom you will never get to know.

"Thirty years ago today, the Supreme Court handed down two momentous and controversial decisions: Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton. You've probably heard of Roe v. Wade, which legalized abortion in every state in the union. But what was this other case?

"Doe v. Bolton was decided the same day as Roe v. Wade. While 'Roe' legalized abortion, 'Doe' legalized it FOR ANY REASON and AT ANY TIME - up to and including just before birth. It's thanks to 'Doe' that we now have late-term and 'partial birth' abortions.

"One other thing the two cases have in common: both 'Jane Roe' and 'Mary Doe' are now strongly opposed to abortion. Eight years ago, Norma McCorvey ('Roe') became convinced that abortion was wrong, and now speaks out against it. She even now freely admits, 'The affidavit I submitted to the Supreme Court didn't happen the way I said it did. Pure and simple, I lied!'

"Sandra Cano ('Doe'), on the other hand, never did believe in abortion -- she was an unwilling dupe of liberal feminist lawyers with an agenda. Hers is a story of legal deception and judicial tyranny that will make your blood run cold. Her story is finally being told in a book called 'Supreme Deception' by Sybil Fletcher Lash. The book's subtitle is 'How An Activist Attorney Manipulated The U.S. Supreme Court And Gave Birth To Partial Birth Abortions.' It tells how a woman who never believed in abortion, never sought an abortion and never had an abortion now carries the guilt for a U.S. Supreme Court decision named for her. Dr. Carl and Vicky Langlois."

** I have heard Norma McCorvey speak before, and it was awesome to see the repentance she exhibits, and God's forgiving grace in her life. Her feminist liars (sorry, lawyers) convinced her to lie. They told her that she would have a better chance at getting an abortion if she said she had been raped, even though they knew the father of her child was her boyfriend. After convincing her to lie, they lied to her. They knew they couldn't get a court ruling in time to allow her to get an abortion, but they lied and told her they could get one in order to convince her to file the case. In other words, the whole "Roe vs. Wade" case was built on lies. I had not heard about this new book until Dr. Langlois brought it to my attention, but you can be sure I will be getting a copy to read as soon as possible. (For more information on the book, go to www.SupremeDeception.com.)

"Where do you get your sick ideas? You call the doctor sick; listen to your self! How can you lie to your public saying he seeks out third trimester abortions? What would you propose to do with the 44 million unwanted children if the mothers had not had the option of abortion? Do you and others who think like you intend to care for them, or help them when they are abused, or bail them out when they are in trouble after a life with no loving parents? Pro-choice is exactly the correct term - the mother has a choice as to how she lives her life. How can you possible judge others if you have not lived their life? Pam."

** Wow. Well, as to the first comment, I gave links to the "Doctor's" own website where he expressly admits that he specializes "...in 'late' abortion care." As to the 44 million "unwanted" children who were aborted (at least Pam admits that they were "children") they were only "unwanted" by their mothers. Millions of women in this country cry themselves to sleep at night because they cannot bear children, and cannot find a child to adopt. They "want" these "unwanted" children with all their hearts. And yes, there are Christian organizations in almost every community that care for women who are pregnant or abused. They do it for love of these women, and ask nothing in return. Finally, I am a firm believer in choice. I just think the choices need to be made before the pregnancy occurs. Most (not all) abortions could be prevented by the responsible use of readily available contraception.

"My great-granddaughter was born at 6 months and weighed 2 pounds 6 ounces. She is now almost ten years old and very bright, very well behaved and a beautiful person. How could anyone not believe that she was a person and protect her when she was born? God bless all the staff at the Children's Hospital in San Diego that cared for her and lots more whom they help live every day. Lottie Ahrens."

** This letter speaks for itself.

One final note. Several people wrote to remind me that it is not only third-trimester babies that can survive outside the womb. There are many documented reports of five-month-old children that have thrived following C-sections or induced labor necessitated by a variety of medical conditions.

If you are considering an abortion, consider these medical facts:
+In the first month, your baby's heart begins to form.
+In the second month, her hearts begins to beat, and facial features form.
+In the third month he starts moving in your womb, although you may not feel it yet.
+By the fourth month all organs are formed, and Baby is sucking her thumb, swallowing and blinking.
+In the fifth month, Baby kicks a lot, and could probably survive outside the womb.
+By the sixth month there is measurable brain wave activity.
+In the seventh month, Baby is sensitive to light and sound, and can recognize your voice!
+In the eight month, all five senses are fully functional. Baby responds as a newborn with his eyes open while awake and closed while sleeping.
+Month nine: Baby is fattening up in preparation for life on the outside, and it's getting crowded in the uterus. She can't wait to meet you, to smile at you, and to be held in your arms.


A great source for the information above on in-womb child development

National Right to Life website; great information, and a petition to stop Partial-Birth Abortion

A collection of great articles on abortion by Mary Mostert

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