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Hypocrisy Abounds

October 27, 2001

WE’RE IN THIS ALONE. Not completely. But in essence the "alliance" to fight terrorism consists of the United States. There are only three other nations that we can really depend upon: Great Britain, Israel and Canada. Great Britain and Israel have experienced far more of the bitterness of terrorism than has the U.S. Though our nations are long-time allies, I fear that Canada does not have the commitment of Britain and Israel, because Canada has not experienced what our nation and these two nations have.

I am afraid that our President will follow the same misguided policy his father did during the Gulf War with regard to Israel. Bush Senior pushed Israel (and the help they could offer) into the background because of fears that Israeli participation might anger the Arabs. One wonders how much more angry they could have gotten, both then and now. Arab nations, particularly those controlled by Islamic clerics, consider the United States the Great Satan. Israel is only the Little Satan. With Canada giving mostly moral support and Israel sidelined, that leaves Great Britain. Their military resources are certainly appreciated, but they pale in comparison to what we can bring to bear. This is basically our fight, and we’d better get used to it.

This is not a bad thing. We have the military resources, the technology, and the will to win this war. When the U.N. approached the President immediately after The Day Everything Changed with an offer of assistance, he politely told them, "No thanks." He doesn’t want anyone telling us how we can fight this war. It was AMERICA that was attacked, not the U.N. I’m sure he was thinking about how the "alliance" his father put together to fight the Gulf War forced the U.S. to halt when we were within striking distance of complete. Many of our "supporters" and "friends," then and now, were only on board so that they could control the outcome. Most of the people expressing support for the U.S. effort today do NOT share our goals.

The other 188 nations of the world fall into two categories. First are the nations that are sympathetic to us, but are willing or able to give only moral support or minimal military support. We appreciate whatever they can offer. The second group is the hypocrites. They are the subject of this article. This group is mindful of our President’s statement that we’re going to go after nations that support terrorism. Fear causes them to pretend to be on the side of justice.

Let’s start with the hypocrisy of the United Nations. The organization that would tell the U.S. how it may defend itself is heavily influenced by the Security Council. They recently seated Syria, a known terrorist nation, as the fifteenth member of the Security Council. Terrorists dictating to us how we may fight terrorists? I don’t think so.

Yassar Arrafat, contender for the World’s Greatest Hypocrite title, gave blood for the people of New York following 911. How touching. Two weeks earlier his terrorist organization had spilled the blood of American tourists in the streets of Israel.

India, a nuclear terrorist nation, has spoken out against terrorism. Pakistan, another nuclear terrorist state, pretends to be our "ally" in the war against the Taliban. Pakistan trained the Taliban and installed them as their puppet government in Afghanistan. Now that they can no longer control the Taliban, Pakistan claims to be opposed to terrorism. But Pakistan is still the only nation on the planet that recognizes the Taliban as the legitimate government of Afghanistan.

One of my personal favorite hypocrites is Fidel Castro. He held rallies against terrorism in the wake of the Attack on America. (It’s easy for old Fidel to hold rallies. The people are so terrified of him that they come out and yell and wave their hands on command.) The only problem with his opposition to terrorism is that his training camps have trained almost every terrorist group operating in South and Central America. Maybe that doesn’t count, since they haven’t terrorized the U.S. (yet).

Saddam Hussein has claimed he had nothing to do with the September 11 Attack, mostly because he hopes we won’t come back and blow him away. Yet Polish Intelligence has confirmed reports that the master-mind of the Attack, Mohammed Atta, met there six months ago with Iraqi intelligence operatives. Saddam continues to manufacture chemical and biological weapons for terrorist use, and is the likely supplier of the anthrax used to attack Americans through the mails.

Germany has been very vocal in their condemnation of terrorism. Yet this nation is host to numerous terrorist organizations, and, according to reports, is the world’s major conduit for terrorist finances. German companies have sold materials necessary for terrorism to Iran and Iraq for years. No, the government is not directly involved in terrorism, as is the case with the Palestinian Authority, Iraq, Syria, and many others. But what have they done to stop terrorists from using German assets? Almost nothing.

Red China has even said that terrorists are bad. Yet they are the major supplier of missiles and warheads to Arab nations. They are even re-selling computer technology (which they bought from Bill Clinton) to nations that will someday use our own technology against the United States.

Our Arab "allies" regularly pay ransom to Osama bin Ladin so he will leave them alone. Our major "friend" in the region, Saudi Arabia, arranged to have thirteen of bin Ladin’s wealthy relatives spirited out of the United States on September 12, before the FBI could question them. They tell our State Department that they are with us, while telling their own people an entirely different story.

Unfortunately, the biggest hypocrite in all of this may be our own State Department. Don Cole, a wise commentator on Moody Radio, talked about this recently. This is the gist of his remarks. Our government has OK’d the assassination of Osama bin Ladin, but condemned Israel for killing known terrorists when an Israeli Cabinet Member was assassinated. Faced with this hypocrisy, the State Department had two choices. It could ignore the conflict between the two positions it has taken, or it could try to explain why the two situations are different. State chose the latter course.

The State Department declared that bin Ladin is clearly a terrorist. The Palestinians are not terrorists because they are fighting for a cause they believe in. (Osama doesn’t believe in his cause?) This ridiculous "logic" leaves us with an official U.S. position that classifies terrorists who blow up busloads of children, women and tourists as "freedom fighters" who are somehow different from bin Ladin’s brand of terrorists. My message to General Powell is this: "Our nation claims the right to defend itself against terrorism. Stop telling Israel they can’t defend themselves. If you don’t, we may lose one of our few true allies in this war." We did the same thing during the Gulf War. As Israel was being attacked by Iraqi scud missiles, we said, "Don’t retaliate. We’ll take care of you." It was stupid then, and it is stupid now.

We will win the war on terrorism, but it won’t be because of any "coalition." It will be because the American people are committed to winning the war. A word to our leaders: We will remain commited if you are honest with us. We’re not asking for details of military or security operations. (We’re not journalists.) We just want you to be straight with us about the threat to our nation, what our government is doing about it, and what we can do to help. Tell us the truth. We’re big boys and girls. We can take it.

RONALD REAGAN said this on October 27, 1964 about a different enemy. It is no less true today. "There can be no real peace while one American is dying some place in the world for the rest of us. We are at war with the most dangerous enemy that has ever faced mankind in his long climb from the swamp to the stars, and it has been said if we lose that war, and in so doing lose this way of freedom of ours, history will record with the greatest astonishment that those who had the most to lose did the least to prevent its happening. If we lose freedom here in America, there is no place to escape to. This is the last stand on Earth." (THANKS to our Webmaster, Mark Wilson, for bringing this to our attention.)


A CELEBRATION OF DEMONS. Halloween will reflect the times this year, with Osama bin Ladin costumes and fake gas masks already the best sellers. But do you want your children and grandchildren involved in a celebration of demons and witchcraft? Halloween is not innocent fun with costumes and candy as many believe. You may be surprised by the roots of this religious holiday.

Religious? Yes. I recently spoke with a school principal about the fact that most schools don’t allow the celebration of religious holidays. Christmas has become winter break, and Easter is spring break. She agreed. "Why then," I asked her, "do you celebrate the religion of witchcraft in your school?" She didn’t realize that was what was happening, but after I explained the true significance of halloween, she agreed that they would stop all celebration of the pagan aspects of the holiday and concentrate on a "fall celebration."

Every year we hear warnings of the dangers of halloween on the news, which many parents ignore. Children have received poisoned candy and apples containing razor blades. Abductions of children increase on halloween. But the spiritual dangers are just as great. Many children and frightened by the witches and ghouls, and often experience nightmares. Most parents do not realize that they are letting their children participate in the most important day of the year for witches covens and satan worshippers.

When I was a firefighter-paramedic we always dreaded halloween more than any other night of the year. The occult practices and animal sacrifices combined with the drugs used in halloween fertility rituals and witchcraft practices often resulted in violence and even death. We had increased incidences of house fires. I remember getting almost simultaneous calls to four fires in abandoned buildings one halloween. We also got far more than our usual number of calls from mentally disturbed people on this night of evil.

The last day of October has been known as "The Festival of the Dead" for centuries. Druid (pagan) priests celebrated this day as the passage from life to death. Today occultists practice such rituals as lying on graves and trying to summon the spirits of the dead on halloween.

Let’s look at some of the origins of the "innocent" customs of halloween. In medieval Europe witches taught that spirits and ghosts left their graves on halloween and tried to go back to their warm homes. Villagers would dress up in costumes to try to scare the demons away. They also left treats to appease the dead so that they would not destroy their crops. This is why children dress up and go door to door asking for candy today. Another ancient practice is carving frightening faces into pumpkins to scare away evil spirits. Bobbing for apples? Just as in Christianity and Judaism the apple is a symbol of death, in witchcraft and pagan religions, it is a symbol of life. Witches eat apples as part of their fertility rituals.

Our four-year-old daughter, Sarah, has never celebrated halloween, and never will. We do not want her to participate in a celebration of witchcraft, the occult, and demons. There are much better things for her to celebrate. "Whatever is good, whatever is true, whatever is honest, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things." (Phil. 4:8)

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