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December 12, 2011

Adolf Hitler blamed Jews for everything that went wrong in Germany. In doing so he stirred up class hatred that enabled him to murder six million Jews with little resistance from German citizens. Barrack Hussein Obama is doing the same with regard to “rich” people in the United States. Loudly and frequently he blames the “top 1%” for all of our economic woes. The difference is that he doesn’t plan to send them to gas chambers (at least, we hope not). He plans to murder them financially, and in the process complete his destruction of the American economy.

Why has Obama morphed from the oh-so-positive purveyor of “Hope and Change” to a hate-filled extremist promoting class warfare? Why is he so determined to turn Americans against one another? It’s simple. He had no record to run on. Prior to running for the presidency he had been a “community activist” and then an insignificant state senator in a politically corrupt state. After that he was – ostensibly – a US senator from that same state. But in fact, he used his short time in the Senate as a base from which to run his presidential campaign. So “Hope and Change,” with the help of his teleprompters, was enough to get him elected the first time.

But this time around he needs to run on his record. Tossing around a slogan like “Hope and Change” won’t cut it, because America has seen that for the lie it was. His problem is the same this time as it was the first time – he has no record. He has passed arguably the most unpopular piece of legislation in US history, ObamaCare – hardly a feat that will cause voters to flock to him. And, even with complete control of the White House, the House of Representatives and the Senate for most of his first term, he has not been able to accomplish anything else of significance.

So he has decided that the path to re-election is to promote the hatred of class of Americans by another. Just like Hitler.

The top 1% of taxpayers pay 40% of the income taxes. The next 9% pay 30% of taxes, for a grand total of 10% of taxes being paid by the top 10%. So one would assume that the bottom 70% pay the rest - 30% of taxes. One would be wrong. The 30% is paid by the next 40% of Americans. That’s right – the top 50% of Americans pay all of the taxes; the bottom 50% pay nothing. In fact, under Obama, many in the bottom 50% get tax “refunds.” How can you get a “refund” of something you haven’t paid? You cannot. This is simply another form of welfare, except that the IRS is distributing it.

How is this fair? Everyone, rich and poor alike, pays sales tax. That is everyone paying their fair share. But the income tax is “progressive.” (Watch out when you see that word – it is synonymous with Socialism.) There is a reason why any tax on income was forbidden in our Constitution. It is because it discourages productivity. This is why the “Progressives” (Socialists) had to push through a Constitutional amendment in order to get it.

In Article I, Section 2 of the US Constitution, we find these words: “Representatives and direct taxes shall be apportioned among the several states which may be included within this union.” In other words, the STATES, not individuals, paid taxes to the federal government.

Article I, Section 8 states: “The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes, duties, imposts and excises, to pay the debts and provide for the common defense and general welfare of the United States; but all duties, imposts and excises shall be uniform throughout the United States.” “Uniform” means equal, or fair to all. The top 1% of individuals paying 40% of the taxes can hardly be considered “uniform.”

Article I, Section 9 says: “No capitation, or other direct tax shall be laid, unless in proportion to the census.” The census was to determine how many people lived in each state, and by that the amount of uniform (fair) tax that each STATE would pay.

Do as I did. Do a word search for “tax” throughout the Constitution. You will find that the intentions of our Founding Fathers were very clear, as I have quoted them above. Income was not to be taxed.

Then money-grubbing politicians did the unthinkable. They convinced Americans to go against the clear intentions of the Founders, and institute a federal tax on personal income. How did they accomplish this? Through lies, deceit and trickery – the way they do most things.

The Sixteenth Amendment is very short, and very deadly. It was passed in 1913 – the same year as the treasonous Federal Reserve Act was passed (also using lies, deceit and trickery – but that’s a subject for another article). The Sixteenth reads: “The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several states, and without regard to any census of enumeration.” The Founders said taxes should be raised by apportionment among the states, according to the census. This is a direct repudiation of the original intent of the Founders.

Why did the Progressives/Socialists want to change the entire system? Because it took power away from the states, and concentrated that stolen power in the central government. This is how we got the ungodly system we have today, in which the federal government steals from individual citizens, and then returns a part of the money to the states – with strings attached. To give you just one example, the unconstitutional Department of Education includes mandates that require the states to spend $1 for every 60 cents they receive. 

How did they trick America into going along with this perversion of the Constitution? With three big lies:
1) They sold it as “patriotic.” The country supposedly needed more money, and it was “The right thing to do.”
2) It was only going to be a 1% tax. Very affordable.
3) The biggest lie: It was only on “income.”

To understand the depth of this deception you need to understand what the word “income” meant in 1913. Today we might call someone who is not employed, but lives from the money he or she receives from a trust, real estate, or investments, as a “Trust Fund Baby.” In 1913 they referred to someone like that as someone who “Had an income.” Money a person received from his employment, trade or profession was not considered income.

So only the top 1% of Americans (the ones with “incomes”) would have to pay the new tax. No wonder the 99% went along with it – it didn’t impact them! They used class warfare to pass this evil Amendment.

But of course, over the years (as was the plan all along), the definition of “income” expanded until it included every penny every American received from every source whatsoever.

Along the way, the Democrats realized that in order to make sure that their base continued to vote for them, they would have to exempt large portions of the population from the income tax. It worked well for them. Is it any surprise that almost all welfare recipients and low income families vote Democrat?

The only other large constituency they have is the unions. The Democrats support the unions with unconstitutional laws that force workers to join unions, pay dues to an organization they don’t want to be part of, and have those dues go to support politicians they hate. They also support laws that prohibit secret ballots, which expose workers who vote against the union to intimidation and often beatings by union thugs.

Collectively, Democrats refer to their base, both those on welfare (who don’t work at all), and their union backers as “workers.” Everyone else is “Capitalists.” Obviously they don’t understand that people who own businesses work – often much harder than the Democrats’ “Working Class” constituents.

Consider a union guy who waves a flag stopping and starting traffic on a highway job. He’s getting $40 an hour because it’s a federally funded project that requires union laborers. But that’s just what he is – a laborer with no education or skills. Contrast him with a small business owner who works far more hours than any of his employees, risking his life savings for his dream, and employing 80% of the people in America. He has to have management and accounting skills, along with whatever expertise is required for his line of business. Yet, because of punitive government taxes and over-regulation, he often makes half of what the flag-waver makes.

Who are these evil “Top 1%” people? Chances are, you might be one of them. If you make over $250,000 a year, Obama thinks you’re rich, and fair game for his vicious attacks. The problem is that the majority of people who make over $250,000 make it through their businesses. After paying business expenses and taxes, many of them take home far less than a typical union carpenter.

If you’re not one of them, you probably work for one of them. That’s what I was talking about at the beginning when I mentioned that Obama’s class warfare and hatred campaign will ruin the nation economically. He complains that “Big Business” is not hiring enough people, or that they are sending “American jobs” overseas.

The reason businesses are not hiring is that they are afraid, and they don’t know what their government is going to do to them. They are afraid of the huge costs of ObamaCare. They are afraid of the new taxes that Obama is concocting to further squeeze their already small profit margins. And they can’t plan because they don’t know what new attack is going to emerge. Since Obama took office his administration has issued over 7,000 new regulations – more than any president before him. Most of these have negative impacts on businesses.

As to “American jobs” going overseas, he’s the direct cause of that. America has the highest corporate income taxes in the world. There is nothing patriotic about a business committing financial suicide by producing goods here when they can produce them for far less elsewhere. And, by the way, Obama’s biggest campaign contributors are “Big Business” corporations, most of who have overseas operations.

So if you work for one of the evil “Top 1%” – and 80% of Americans do work for small businesses – if you support Obama you may very well find yourself unemployed soon. And you will have caused your own job to be lost.

So what will it be, America? Are you going to allow this small-minded opportunist to turn you against your fellow Americans? Or are you going to tell Obama loudly and clearly at the polls, “Your brand of hatred for America and for the businesses that made it great are no longer required in the White House – in OUR house.”

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