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Dictatorship by Executive Order

October 7, 2013

Obama has long planned to take control of the nation in such a way that he does not have to deal with the nuisance of Congress holding the purse strings, or the Supreme Court overseeing his actions. He is now poised to accomplish this, thanks to the current “government shutdown.”  

This article is longer than usual. I have spent hours researching and writing it, because the nation faces a very real emergency. We could see irreparable damage to our Republic in the next two weeks. But what can we do about it?

Last night my 16-year-old daughter, Sarah, asked me, “Just what does government shutdown mean?” She’s very politically aware. How many kids her age would ask or care about such a thing? But I can’t expect her to fully understand American politics and economics, when few adult Americans do.

I told her that it basically means nothing, since the real power in government today – the White House and the bureaucracy – will never allow a meaningful shutdown. Instead, they will ignore Congress and use their power to selectively inflict pain on US citizens in order to score political points.

When I was in Bible College, they told us that when we preach a sermon we should first tell people what we plan to tell them; then we should tell them; and finally, we should tell them what we told them. This is a great format for making sure people understand vital information. So let me tell you what I am going to tell you.

I believe Obama plans to make a power grab that is unprecedented in the short history of our Republic. If he is successful, the Republic as we know it – and as the Founder’s intended it to be – could cease to exist.

All right, I’ve told you what I’m going to tell you. Now let me tell you the details of Obama’s frankly frightening plan, and how I believe he plans to implement it.

As I mentioned, Obama considers the Congress and the Supreme Court to be nothing more than nuisances that impede his goal of complete control of the United States of America. He has no respect for the Constitution or the Founding Fathers’ plan of separate branches of government which both balance and provide checks and balances for another. For more on this subject see last week’s article on ConservativeTruth.org: “Planned Economy or Planned Destruction.” (See LINK below.)

I encourage you to watch carefully over the next few weeks as events unfold. You will see Obama and his allies artfully blend the government shutdown and the debate over the debt ceiling into one issue. He will claim that the nation faces such a serious crisis that his oath of office requires him to break the law. He will not put it in those exact terms, but he will make it clear that "obstructionist Republicans" have put him in a position where he must choose which law to disobey in order to save the country.

Obama is willing to negotiate with Iran, but not with Republicans. Haven’t you found that curious? In similar circumstances every president in recent history – including Reagan, Ford, Nixon, Clinton, Carter –  have instituted meaningful negotiations with the people’s elected representatives. But Obama has said that he will not negotiate until Obamacare is taken off the table. In other words, he will negotiate only after he gets everything he wants.

The reason for his intransigence is that he intends to extend the shutdown through mid-October (when the debt ceiling will be reached), so that he can confuse and combine the separate issues of the shutdown and the debt ceiling. His goal is to frighten Americans to the extent that they will accept his planned dictatorial usurpation of Constitutional government in exchange for an illusion of safety.

Obama has been telling us what he plans to do, both with his own words and through his pawns. You may ask if what he plans to do is illegal or unconstitutional, then why would he telegraph his intentions in advance? It’s because he needs the support of the citizenry. But he has to act carefully, using coded phrases. He has to gain support for his actions without admitting how wrong they are. He’s setting up the idea that, "I have no choice but to take matters into my own hands to save the country."

Let’s take a look at what a few Obama stooges are saying in an effort to pave the way for his planned takeover of power.

Patriots like my readers speak reverently about the Founding Fathers, the men who wrote the U.S. Constitution. Peter Singer, a professor of bioethics at Princeton, writes in an article for Project Syndicate that the current government shutdown makes the Founders look “foolish.” This Ivy League idiot claims that the separation of powers enshrined by the Founders is a “flaw” in the Constitution. That is one of the arguments Obama will make in defense of his ignoring the Constitution. 

Whenever you see that someone is associated with the Brookings Institution, think “Radical Liberal.” A Brookings “scholar,” Henry Aaron, wrote an article supporting an Obama takeover of Congressional power on the eve of the government shutdown. Its title: “Our Outlaw President? Obama Should Ignore the Debt Ceiling.” (See LINK below.)

He warns that crazy Republicans are about to cause a “full-blown constitutional crisis.” He continues by saying that, “Failure to raise the debt will force the president to break a law — the only question is which one.” He claims that Obama must either break the law by not spending “what Congress has instructed him to spend;” or by not paying the interest due on the National Debt. Supposedly this would cause world chaos.

Obama has already made such claims, and has even repeatedly stated that the US has “never” failed to pay interest on the National Debt. The US Treasury Department (which of course answers to Obama) has also propagated this lie on its website: "Failing to increase the debt limit would have catastrophic economic consequences. It would cause the government to default on its legal obligations – an unprecedented event in American history."

This is simply not true. The fact is that the US has actually defaulted on the Debt twice – and somehow survived. I don’t have time to go into the details this week, but I will cover this in next week’s article.

I am not saying that defaulting in the debt (which would mean not paying interest on it) would be a good thing. It would obviously harm the credit of the country. But that has already happened. The US lost its AAA credit rating under Obama due to profligate spending and to increases in the Debt itself.

The one beneficial effect of a temporary cessation of interest payments (and it would be temporary) would be focused attention on the cancer of debt that is ruining our national and personal economies. In the long run lowering the National Debt could restore the AAA credit rating that we had for many decades.

Friends, the National Debt has increased more in the last five years than in the first 225 years of our nation’s existence. Think of that! Obama has added more to the National Debt than the first 42 president of the United States combined.  

Obama continues to blame George W. Bush for the Debt. But look at the facts. When Bush took office the US National Debt stood at $5.7 Trillion. When he left office it was just shy of $10.7 Trillion. So the Debt increased $4.89 Trillion under Bush in eight years. By contrast, the Debt has increased $6.21 Trillion under Obama in less than five years.

The bottom line is that if Obama succeeds in seizing the “power of the purse” that the Founders gave to Congress, we can kiss their vision of a free and prosperous America goodbye. Obama will be able to spend as much as he wishes on his Socialist agenda, because he will have given himself the power to increase the National Debt whenever he wishes.

When I highlight a problem, I always present an answer. But there is no answer for this crisis in the natural. Obama has the Senate under his absolute control. So, even though the Republican House has sent numerous bills to the Senate that attempt to resolve the situation, the Democrat Senate refuses to even consider them.

Even if enough Senate Democrats remembered their oath to serve and passed sensible legislation, Obama has vowed to veto any bill that puts the nation on a sound financial course. He wants a meltdown that he can use as an excuse to seize even more power.

If this happens, patriots will take it to court, because it will be a clearly unconstitutional naked power grab. But that will take years, and the Supreme Court may rubber stamp it like it did Obamacare. Even if the Court follows the Constitution and rebukes Obama, it may be too late. The damage may already be too extensive to repair.

It sounds bleak, doesn’t it? It reminds me of the cartoon where someone says that it’s time to pray. The other character says, “Don’t tell me it’s come to that!”

This is actually a good thing. If we are down to the place where prayer is the only answer, perhaps believers will take the opportunity to earnestly seek God’s face on behalf of this great nation. God has intervened on our behalf in the face of tyranny before. But we have to ask.

II Chronicles 7:14 promises, “If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.”


Planned Economy or Planned Destruction

LIBERAL COMMENTARY: Our Outlaw President? Obama Should Ignore the Debt Ceiling

Mark Levin 10/03/13 Podcast on this subject

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