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Pearl Harbor & 9/11: What's Next?

December 9, 2013

They are iconic images. The USS Utah as it capsized on Pearl Harbor Day - December 7, 1941. And the two airliners striking the Twin Towers on 9/11 – September 11, 2001.  
Within hours of the attacks on 9/11 many writers – including me – were comparing the attacks by Islamists against the US to the slaughter of US citizens at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii by the Japanese. And with good reason.
Both of these attacks killed thousands of civilians and military personnel. Both were cowardly surprise attacks carried out by hate-filled zealots who don’t deserve to be called human beings. And both occurred because we as a nation ignored warnings signs.
I don’t want to spend much time on the history of these two events, because most know it well. I want to focus on what we can do to prevent harm to our country in the future.
I will simply state that anyone who is so inclined can find ample evidence of the warnings we received about both the possibility, and later the inevitability of the attack by the Japanese at Pearl Harbor. The actual terrorist attacks by Muslim murderers on the USS Cole, the Marine Barracks in Lebanon, and the first attack on the Towers themselves should have served to put us in a position to prevent or at least abort the attacks on 9/11.
And that’s the point. Today the United States faces a greater danger that conventional military attacks such as we suffered at Pearl Harbor; or non-conventional terror attacks such as we suffered on 9/11; or even the potential of nuclear attacks by nations like North Korea, Iran or Communist China.
I believe a Socialist/Marxist takeover of the United States is a far greater danger than any of the others described above. “Wait! That doesn’t make sense, Tom. How could even such a radical change to our political system be worse than being attacked?” Simply because if the Socialists and Communists achieve their goals, they will degrade our ability to defend ourselves so much that physical attacks will be inevitable.
Read the website of the Communist Party USA (see LINK below) and listen to General Jerry Boykin’s video taught in May on the Christian Financial Concepts Webinar (see LINKS below). If you do this basic research, it will quickly become clear that Socialists and Communists – both within and outside of America – have a clear plan to destroy our country. And it does not involve physical attacks. It involves weakening us spiritually, socially, morally and politically to the point where we can offer no resistance.
What is the difference between Socialists like Barack Obama, and outright Communists like his parents and mentors? Very little. Both Socialist Parties and Communist Parties of nations around the world are members of the Socialist International (see LINK below), an umbrella organization that coordinates the activities of organizations which are dedicated to a one-world totalitarian government.
I strongly recommend Cleon Skousen’s book, The Naked Communist. Skousen, a former FBI agent, is a Biblically-oriented, conservative political author (my kind of guy). After extensive research, he was able to discover 45 goals that Communists hope to accomplish in the United States (see LINK to this list below). Sadly, they have already accomplished many of them. Here are just a few. Make sure you read the entire list.
  • Capture one or both of the political parties in the United States. It should be clear which party they chose. The Communist Party USA (CPUSA) website only attacks Republicans, never Democrats. One of the official caucuses of the Democrat Party – The Democrat Progressive Caucus – is a member of the Socialist International. And the platforms of the CPUSA and the US Democrat Party are identical in many aspects.
  • Break down cultural standards of morality by promoting pornography and obscenity in books, magazines, motion pictures, radio, and TV. Vile materials that would have landed their producers in jail a few decades ago are now readily available on TV, the Internet, and in convenience stores. After Bill Clinton left office it was revealed that a huge percentage of the Internet bandwidth used by the male staffers in his White House was pornography.
  • Promote living together instead of marriage. Outside of the church living in sin is accepted as perfectly normal. There will soon be more children born out of wedlock than to married parents.  
  • Present homosexuality, degeneracy & promiscuity as "normal, natural, healthy." They have succeeded in this beyond their wildest hopes. I have met Christian young people who talk about “marriage equality,” the code phrase for homosexual marriage, even though the Bible describes this as an “abomination.”
  • Get control of schools through teachers unions. The teachers unions have far more control over what students are taught than do the school boards who are charged with that responsibility. Instead of anything to do with education, the first planks of the platform of the largest union, the National Education Association, includes homosexual marriage and abortion on demand. Schools are dangerous places for children.
  • Infiltrate the media: Get control of key positions in radio, TV, and motion pictures. Can there be any doubt of their success in this area since 92% of the people who decide on what news you are allowed to see (TV and radio producers, top-level newspaper and magazine editors) are registered as Socialists or Democrats? Only 8% are Republicans, Constitutionalists, or Libertarians.
These are only six of the forty-five goals. For the sake of your children and the nation, read all forty-five, listen to General Boykin’s Webinar, and read The Naked Communist. None of these will fill you with joy. But the Bible makes it clear that when we go to battle, we should know our enemy. And there is no doubt that we are in a battle.
General Boykin’s teaching on Marxism in America (DOWNLOAD)
Kingdom Warriors (General Boykin) website
Members of the Socialist International (including the Democratic Socialists of America)
Communist Party USA official website
The Naked Communists – 45 Goals to Achieve World Domination

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