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There Aren’t Enough Towels

July 14, 2014

This week on FOX News I heard Dana Perino give the best explanation of why Obama’s approach to the problem of 50,000 illegal immigrant children isn’t working. She said that if your bathtub is overflowing, the solution is not to try to soak up the water with towels. There just aren’t enough towels to do it. You need to turn off the faucet!
For context, let me start with a brief history of amnesty for illegal immigrants. I loved Ronald Reagan. But I have to say that the biggest mistake he made as president was granting legal status to three million illegal immigrants whose first act with regard to the United States was to break its laws. Not exactly a good start on the path to citizenship.
Today we have both Democrats and Republicans crying, “We can’t deport 12 million illegal aliens.” That’s the same thing they said about the three million in 1968. They said that if we would only give amnesty to those three million it would solve the problem. We were told that all we had to do was mop them up and no more would follow them.
That was stinkin’ thinkin’ then, and it’s even more stupid today. As a result of rewarding the three million for breaking our laws, we have almost four times as many today with whom we must deal. And yet the politicians keep crying for more towels and bigger mops. No!! Turn off the faucet, you dimwitted politicians!
Do our “leaders” think that Mexicans and Central Americans don’t read? Do they think that these people don’t realize that the US said to their friends and families, “You broke the law, but that’s OK. All is forgiven.” They did indeed see, and it encouraged several generations of illegals to do the same.
If we grant amnesty to our current illegal population, millions more will flood in. And the next time amnesty will be given to fifty million.
We hear a variety of solutions to stop the flow of illegals into our country:
1)      “If we make businesses verify the legal status of the people they hire, that will stop the flow.”
2)       “If we build the wall that Congress enacted into law and we have already paid for, that will stop the
3)      “If we properly staffed the Border Patrol and allowed them to do their jobs, that would stop the flow.”
4)      “If we abolish the welfare state that attracts illegals, that will stop the flow.”
5)      “If we allow state and local governments to enforce existing laws, that will stop the flow.”
6)      “If the federal government would end its mandates that require states to provide free education and
          medical care to illegals, that would stop the flow.”
7)      “If we stop granting automatic citizenship to children born in the US to illegal aliens, that would stop the
8)      “If we could convince Obama to stop encouraging illegals to come here, that will stop the flow.”
None of these things would turn off the faucet by themselves. But all of them together would definitely stop the flow.
However, if Obama would simply stop laying out the “Welcome” mat to illegal immigrants, that would do more than all the other solutions combined. Unfortunately, as long as Obama is in office, he will continue to be an illegal immigrant magnet.
The reason is two-fold. First, Obama really believes that we do not have the right to protect the sovereignty of the United States. He believes that anyone who wants to come here has the “right” to do so.
Second, he is creating a long-term monopoly on the political process for the Democrat party. The vast majority of illegals, like the vast majority of welfare recipients, vote Democrat. And for the same reasons. They see the Democrat party as the “giver of all things.”
What do the Democrats provide? The list is long. Free food. Free rent or rent subsidies. Free telephones. Free Internet. Free utilities. Free medical care. Free dental care. Free prescriptions. Free education. Free MONEY.
If your blood pressure is low today, this will raise it. The government has a website (www.WelcomeToUSA.gov) that shows illegals how to game the system and get welfare benefits, including “Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, Food Stamps, Supplemental Security Income and Temporary Assistance for Needy Families.” It gives them dozens of links (in Spanish and English) to sites that assist them in getting free money and benefits. Many of these illegals can make far more money by taking advantage of these programs than they can by working. 
Interestingly, after I first shared this link with Conservatives the site was taken down. But never fear. You can go to a little-known website that archives billions of web views and see what the government doesn't want you to see. Go to the Wayback Machine at www.Archive.org, enter the website name, and see what it looked like. One thing I found fascinating: The site gives the president the credit for all the free stuff. Perhaps he thinks that will convince the ilegals to vote for his party. 
If we continue on the current suicidal course regarding immigration, the results will be…
1)      Fewer and lower-paying jobs for Americans.
2)      Increasing gang violence and drug crimes.
3)      Further declines in education and health care.
4)      A completely overwhelmed welfare system.
5)      Increasing anti-American violence here at home.
6)      Even more illegals crossing our borders.
I am not anti-immigration. My wife is an immigrant. My daughter is the child of an immigrant. Were it not for legal immigration, the two brightest lights in my life would not be present.
But to prevent our country from becoming a place to which even the poorest immigrants would not be attracted, we must turn off the faucet of illegal immigration.
Let me close by discussing the current crisis of over fifty thousand illegal immigrant children crossing our borders in the past few months. Here are a few facts:
Obama has directly caused this problem. In the past children came with their parents. Today, because of signals Obama has sent to poor countries that children would not be turned back at our borders, thousands of children undertake the dangerous journey from Central America each month. No one knows how many have died along the way. But many have reported trauma and abuse by the “coyotes” (human traffickers) that bring them here.
The White House claims that the children are being sent here to escape poverty. But the “coyotes” charge between $4,000 and $8,000 per person to bring them here. How can impoverished people afford this?
The same “coyotes” that bring in the children also transport drugs, terrorists, and young girls who have been sold as sex slaves. In other words, these noble people who “help the children” will smuggle anything for money. The Border Patrol agents association says that most of them work for Mexican Drug cartels, so none of this should be surprising.
Over 70% of our Border Patrol agents are baby-sitting young people in detention centers or doing other related administrative work instead of doing their jobs. As a result even more illegals, drugs, gang members and terrorists are crossing our borders due to the distraction.
The White House also claims that the children are being brought here to avoid gang violence. Look at the footage of the kids in the detention centers. A very high percentage of them sport gang tattoos, including those of the notorious and extremely violent MS13 gang. We are importing gang members to terrorize our nation.
Many of the “children” aren’t children at all. These kids carry no documentation when they arrive. The Border Patrol has to take their word for how old they are. But many agents have stated that lots of these “children” are in their twenties.
Initially the White House Press Secretary said that only “unaccompanied minors” would be allowed a free pass into the US. But in the past week he has changed his tune. Now he talks about “minors accompanied by parents.” So the child is allowed in without documentation, and now he or she can bring along a parent or two. If you want to come to America, just borrow a neighbor’s kid and claim he’s yours. No one’s checking, anyway. What’s next? Aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents?
Mexican immigrants, children or not, have always been turned away at the border. But an idiotic federal law now allows people from “non-contiguous nations” (read Central America) to turn themselves in to Border Control. Then the same law requires us to pay for all their costs while they are “processed.” These costs include government lawyers to attempt to deport them; free legal defense lawyers to keep them from being deported; and of course immigration judges to oversee it all. IF they are successfully deported, it takes months or years, and it costs US taxpayers $300,000 per deportation. And between 80% and 90% never show up for their hearings.

There is very little talk about the danger to the lives of Ameriicans who live on the border. Obama has claimed for years that the border is "secure". But Arizona rancher John Ladd says that his south cattle fence is the international border in his area. The Border Patrol has captured 500,000 illegals in his ranch alone over the past 25 years. They estimate that three get away for every on they catch. So, according to government estimates, TWO MILLION illegals have crossed from Mexico through this one ranch.

Another rancher, Fred Davis, has found evidence of terrorists crossing his property. He discovered Muslim prayer shawls, and a backpack containing a Koran and weapons. Texans and Arizonans are afraid to go into their own yards after dark. They watch hundreds of illegals running through their property at night. The next day they find huge amounts of trash and human excrement on their property. Many have been attacked, had property stolen, and their buildings burgalized.
The federal government is “dumping” thousands of children every week in communities all across the United States. These communities are required by federal law to take these children in, but the feds won’t pay for the costs – and the local governments don’t have the funds to take care of them. This is why we have seen images of hundreds of citizens banding together at their city limits to turn away convoys of buses full of illegals. They are not heartless people. They simply can’t handle the care of these children.
Some of the Central American countries who have sent their children here have offered to take them back – if the US will pay them millions of dollars.
Mexico could (and should) refuse to allow the illegals to cross their borders and travel across their country. No one can explain why they allow this, except that perhaps the corrupt Mexican government is “taxing” the lucrative “coyote” trade.
The national security implications are immense. These illegals are being loaded on commercial aircraft to be dumped across the nation. Of course they have no ID. So the TSA is being told to look the other way because the illegals have "court dates" where they must be present. Even if the "court" lies were true, it would not justify exposing the plane and crew to the risk of a bomb. Believe me, if you tried to board a plane without ID claiming that you had to appear in court, you would wind up in handcuffs.

This nation has eradicated almost all communicable diseases though advanced health care and vaccinations. Obama claims the illegals are being throroghly screened for health risks. But the health professionals who have supposedly screened them tell another story. They say that the screenings are at best perfunctory; at worst, non-existent. They also say that they have been threatened with lawsuits and arrest if the blow the whistle on this health scandal. A nurse who kept a journal of what she saw, and resigned when she couldn't take it any more, was threatened by the FBI if she didn't turn the journal over. A US Congressman was refused admittance to a detention facility on camera. 

A nurse at Lackland Air Force Base where many of the children are housed said many children have, "measles, scabies, chicken pox and strep throat, as well as mental health issues" including suicidal tendencies. Other health professionals have reported drug-resistant tuberculosis and dengue fever. The worst thing is that the children with these contagious diseases are being transported on buses and aircraft that will next carry US citizens who have not been informed of the danger.

The most important fact in all of this is that we are not doing these children any favors by allowing this. They are making a dangerous journey of thousands of miles. Many are riding on top of trains! When they get here many have to sleep on concrete floors in warehouses. The most humane thing we could do would be to keep them at home with their parents.
I understand the desire of people to better themselves. My wife’s family of five had to wait five years to immigrate to the US. During that time they were persecuted mercilessly. In the 1960’s the US opened the gates to our base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, to Cubans who wanted to escape Castro. We had to close the gates when the base became dangerously full. One woman who arrived just as the gates closed threw her baby across the fence, and begged the woman who caught her to take care of her daughter. She didn’t see her again for almost 20 years.
America is a compassionate country. We do more to help people less fortunate than any other country in the world. I wish we could take in every poor child, help every family have a better life. But we cannot. There are 20 times more people in the world than in the US. If we allowed uncontrolled immigration it would bankrupt our country – and then we couldn’t help anyone. We must turn off the faucet.
"Keep Your Mouth Shut About Contagion Risk or Face Arrest"

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