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Obama Totally Mystified about What Motivates ISIS

February 9, 2015

"Whatever ideology they're operating out of is bankrupt."

This was Obama's statement following ISIS burning one of our ally's pilots alive. First, as usual his words were weak and basically meaningless.

Second, he casually refers to ISIS as an “organization.” (He used to dismiss them as a “Junior Varsity team.”) An organization is the PTA, or a cooking club, or a trade group. ISIS is a brutal army that is taking over the Arab world. And our President doesn’t seem to understand that we are at war with them.

Third, and by far the most important, he seems to be the only person on the planet who doesn't know the ideology of ISIS. Let me spell it out for the president: ISIS is motivated by the ideology of radical Islamic Jihad. The terrorists certainly know this. Everyone who watches the news knows this. Third graders know this, for heaven's sake. But the leader of the free world pretends he doesn't know.

"Whatever ideology" indeed! Obama may be many things, but he is not stupid. The terrorists are very clear that the reason that they behead and burn people alive is because they are on a religious Jihad. Their imams and muftis (preachers) issue Fatwas (death sentences) to be carried out by Jihadists (terrorists). The world knows these things, as does the president. His pretended ignorance of the truth is really cowardice. He is afraid to call Islamic terrorism by its name, for some unknown reason. Perhaps he doesn't want to offend the terrorists.

Note to Mr. Obama: ISIS stands for the “Islamic State in Iraq and Syria” (look it up). You don't seem to have read the "Islamic" part of their name, or you wouldn't be mystified about their ideology.

Top military experts such as Lt. General Michael Flynn, the former heard of the Defense Intelligence Agency and 4 star General Jack Keane, the architect of the “surge” strategy that helped the U.S. military win the war in Iraq, have spoken out on this. “You cannot defeat an enemy you do not admit exists.” We can’t even devise a workable strategy to begin to defeat them unless we recognize the threat they pose to us and to the entire non-Muslim world.

Meanwhile, as Mr. Obama plays word games, ISIS continues to gain ground. They have taken over huge areas of the Middle East, and they don’t plan to stop until they have conquered every nation there, including wiping Israel off the map. They already control 50,000 square miles, and have all but eliminated the border between the nations of Iraq and Syria.

They have become more and more brutal and inhumane recently. Not content with sawing off the heads of innocent journalists, they have graduated to burning the Jordanian pilot alive – on video! They have burned entire villages, killing all the inhabitants. And now they are going after children – selling them into slavery, burying them alive and even crucifying them.
ISIS is, to put it mildly, a grave national security threat. But the White House is not taking it seriously. To gauge Obama’s resolve, let’s look at previous air campaigns in Iraq.

During the 1991 Desert Storm coalition, aircraft flew more than 48,000 sorties (air strikes) over a six-week period. That’s about 1,100 daily sorties. The 2003 air campaign that finally toppled Saddam Hussein’s reign flew about 800 sorties every day for a month.

By comparison, over the past two months U.S. aircraft and a handful of “coalition partners” have conducted a pitiful 400 strikes against ISIS in Syria and Iraq combined – just seven strikes a day on average. That is far less than 1% of the strikes that brought victory in the previous campaigns. Does that look like a serious effort?

Speaking of “coalition partners,” we discovered this week that the White House and the Pentagon have been lying to the American people about the participation of one of them, the UAE (United Arab Emirates). They bailed out of the coalition last December, and have not participated in any air strikes since then. Yet as late as Friday, February 6, the Administration gave a press conference in which it specifically mentioned the UAE’s current participation in the air campaign. This was in the context of demonstrating Obama’s leadership ability in putting together an “effective coalition.”

In a recent post on my Facebook page (www.Facebook.com/DrTomTV) I wrote that the US was partially responsible for the loss of 100 Million lives:

“When WWII began, the United States had the opportunity to lead by proactively engaging and stopping Hitler before he gained strength. We failed to do this, and 100 million people perished. Today we are doing little to stop ISIS, and they, like the Nazis, are gaining strength daily. But because the White House is afraid to make a real commitment to stopping ISIS, far more people may die because they have hundreds of fanatical Hitlers commanding tens of thousands of Islamic religious zealots.

“The President says that we need to ‘give diplomacy a chance.’ How does one negotiate with crazy people who would burn a man alive in a cage to show how tough they are? He says we need to get the ‘locals’ involved in defending their own lands. When has that ever worked? Certainly not in Iraq or Afghanistan.

“And it's not just their lands that we are interested in protecting. Our national interest lies in keeping their lands from being the staging grounds for terrorist attacks on our land and on our allies. This situation reminds me of the 1958 science fiction flick, ‘The Blob.’ The more people and buildings it consumed as it traveled, the larger and stronger The Blob became.

“For some reason, Obama can't seem to understand this. So we need to explain it to him, and do so forcefully, while there is still time. Don't sit back and say, ‘My neighborhood is safe. ISIS is on the other side of the world.’ They may be here a lot sooner than you think.”

Fellow patriots, America is desperate for leadership. Without real leadership our “too little, too late” efforts against ISIS will fail, and we will have allowed a great evil to spread throughout the world. Unfortunately we're not going to see that kind of leadership from the White House for at least the next two years.


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