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He Should Have Stayed Home

February 16, 2015

The President's comments this morning at the prayer breakfast are the most offensive I've ever heard a president make in my lifetime," said Jim Gilmore, former Republican governor of Virginia.
"Barack Obama is not, in any meaningful way, a Christian," wrote Erick Erickson at RedState.com. "Christ himself is truth. When we possess Christ, we possess truth. The president is a moral relativist."
Bishop E.W. Jackson, pastor of The Called Church, had this to say about Obama’s performance at the National Prayer Breakfast: “With all due respect to him and to the office: Mr. President, if you don't want to give terrorists a recruitment tool, instead of closing Guantanamo Bay, frankly sir, you ought to close your mouth - because you just gave them a gigantic propaganda tool. They called us Crusaders, and you've just confirmed it!...The American people would like for once to know that you're willing to defend Christianity and defend America instead of defending Islam.”
In a recent video, an ISIS Jihadist threatened, “Safety for you Crusaders is something you can only wish for.” As the Bishop says, the terrorists characterize Christians as belligerent Crusaders, and Obama spent much of his speech at the Prayer Breakfast agreeing with them, and slandering Christianity.
Obama has said, “The future must not belong to those who slander the Prophet of Islam.” Fortunately, the White House will not much longer belong to the man who slanders the one true God and His children.
Why are so many Christians of both parties upset by Obama’s scurrilous remarks? How can I count the ways?
Personally I was as offended by his lack of understanding of history as I was by his lies. I’m used to him lying, but he is supposed to be an educated man. If his degrees are not forged, the only conclusion is that he deliberately makes up his own history.
Let’s start with his comparisons of what he terms the “terrible deeds” of Christianity that are supposedly just as bad as Islamic terrorists beheading and burying children alive; burning a pilot alive in a cage; mass beheadings of Christians just because they are Christians; and raping women in the name of Islam. Keep in mind that the supposed sins of Christianity to which he refers occurred in different times – anywhere from 150 to 1,000 years ago – and that the Muslim atrocities occur today. In my study of history I never came across any claims of Christians doing the horrible things Muslim Jihadists do every day. But apparently Obama studied from different history books than the rest of the world did.
Obama vilifies Christians and protects Muslims, perhaps because of his Muslim upbringing. I found it fascinating that when he referred to the horrors of Islam, he said they were done "in the name of religion.” But when he refers to the supposed sins of Christians, he claimed they were done “in the name of Christ.” This was a very deliberate double standard. Remember that his best friend, the teleprompter, was present the entire time. He won’t call Islamic terror by its name, but he is quick to blame Christ for things with which His followers had nothing to do.
“In our home country, slavery and Jim Crow all too often was justified in the name of Christ,” Obama contemptibly claimed. I don’t know of any Christian leaders who justified slavery “in the name of Christ.” In fact, slavery was ended in this country primarily by Christian leaders.
As far as the “Jim Crow” segregation laws, these were enacted by lawmakers. Christians had nothing to do with creating them, and they certainly didn’t justify them “in the name of Christ” as Obama claimed.
Aside from those historical facts, how about this lesson from history? Obama’s party, the Democrats, implemented and fought for the laws that made both slavery and Jim Crow segregation possible. Republicans, encouraged by Christian pastors, fought the Democrats to end both slavery and Jim Crow.
What about his claims that Christians committed “terrible deeds” against Muslims during the Crusades? The fact is that the Crusades were defensive actions against Islamic aggression that had taken place for more than 250 years. The Muslims had taken over the holy places of Christianity and were trying to overrun Europe to turn it into an Islamic Caliphate. (Does this sound familiar?) As much as Obama would like to lay the blame for the Crusades at the feet of Christianity, the facts don’t bear him out.
Where did Obama get these ridiculous ideas? In 2008 his pastor of 20 years, Jeremiah Wright, said that the Crusades and Jihad are the same. This is the same pastor who said America got what it deserved on 9/11. After sitting in this hateful anti-Semite’s church for decades, it’s no wonder that Obama’s thinking is perverted.
I spoke to a friend who attended the Prayer Breakfast. He said there was only polite applause when Obama was introduced, and for the rest of his diatribe, there was practically no applause. The attendees (including his fellow Democrats) were shocked by his ignorance and rudeness. After all, this was a breakfast organized by Christians of both parties, and Obama went out of his way to insult them.
Which begs the question – Why didn’t he just stay home? Except for Muslims, atheists and the lunatic left fringe of his party, he didn’t score any points. All he really did was to confirm what most of us already knew – that he is not a Christian – and renew speculation that he is still secretly a Muslim.
Do I or the others quoted in this article have the right to question Obama’s claim that he is a Christian? We do. The Bible teaches that we can know people by their fruits, and by their adherence to the Word of God. Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth and the life – and no man can come to the Father except by me.”
In his speech Obama said, “This is a country that is still predominantly Christian, but we have Jews, Muslims, Hindus, atheists, agnostics, Buddhists, and their own path to grace is one that we have to revere and respect as much as our own, and that’s part of what makes our country what it is.” What this means is that all religions have their own “path to grace” (or salvation).
So either Obama is a liar, or Jesus is a liar. You decide.

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