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A Clear and Present Danger

October 13, 2008

Imagine, if you will, an America in which Barack Obama is the President, and Democrats control both houses of Congress. And then try not to slit your wrists.

Some Republicans say that might not be all bad. After two years of Socialism and lost freedom, America would throw out most, if not all, of their Democrat representatives in the House and replace them with Republicans. The same would happen with the 33% of Senators who would be up for reelection at that time. Two years later, Obama himself would be thrown out. After such an experience, it would be decades before America elected another liberal to the White House.

That would be great four years from now. But would America survive those four years as America? Yes, our nation would survive. But would we be the nation we are today? Imagine the damage a Socialist like Obama could do to the very foundations of our nation with a Democrat-controlled Congress to back him, and a largely liberal federal judiciary to endorse his actions.

There is a reason Democrats are called Democrats, and Republicans are called Republicans. Democrats say that America is a Democracy. We are not. We are a Republic, as anyone who has studied American history and the Constitution know. (See LINK below.)

Democracy is mob rule. In simplest terms, if we were a Democracy, the majority could simply vote for the rich to give all their money to them. Or a majority could say that dangerous drugs should be legalized, and that would become the law. In fact, any whim of the majority would become law.

However, our Founding Fathers gave us the blessing of a Republican form of government. In a Republic the people vote to elect the people they think can best make the decisions that affect everyone, in a fair and responsible way. In other words, we elect people that we hope are wiser and better leaders than we are. Our representatives are not required to vote the way the majority wishes. Rather they are required to vote against the wishes of the majority if the believe those wishes violate the "natural rights" given to us by God, or the Constitution.

Let's take a look at how a McCain-Palin and an Obama-Biden administration would change the face of our nation over the next four to eight years.


Although Obama and Biden talk about how they will "fight for America," as Sarah Palin often says, John McCain is the only man in the race who has ever fought for his country. He fought for us in the Navy, and then for decades in the Congress. As President he will continue to fight for our freedoms.

Obama has been very frank about his plans to cut "tens of Billions" of dollars from the military budget, and has said, "I will slow the development of future combat systems." Remember that Clinton cut our defense spending by 35% while he was in office. Nine months later we had 911. He naively believes we should give up our nuclear weapons, and believes other nations would do the same. Essentially, he has pledged to unilaterally disarm our nation (see VIDEO LINK below). Both he and Joe Biden support the pernicious erosion of our national sovereignty represented by the United Nations.


Both John McCain and Sarah Plain believe Roe v Wade was a "flawed decision. They believe the protection of the law extends to unborn children, special needs children, and the elderly. They believe that marriage is an institution instituted by God between one man and one woman.

Obama and his party support the unfettered "right" of women to kill their babies, even at the moment of birth. They believe it is right to kill a baby because it might be born with a birth defect. They support euthanasia of elderly, infirm citizens if it is "their choice." (But once we start down that slippery slope, it won't be long before doctors, and then the government, will decide who is worth living.) And, although both Obama and Biden use lots of political double-talk to qualify their statements, they believe in the "right" of homosexuals to marry.


Both McCain and Palin have long records of working to reduce both the size of government and the taxes that feed the monster.

Obama and Biden believe in massive government and crushing taxes. Obama's ridiculous assertion that will reduce taxes on 95% of is worse than naïve - it is an outright lie. 40% of Americans pay NO income tax at all. Obama's idea of "reducing their taxes" is to send them "refund" checks. These "refunds" would be welfare, taken from our taxes. And if the 5% were taxed 100% of their income, it would not cover the budget, much less the almost $1 Trillion in proposed spending that he has dangles before Americans as bribes to vote for him.


As a retired financial professional and student of the economy, it is clear to me that the genesis of our current economic crisis was the 1977 "Community Reinvestment Act," signed into law by Jimmy Carter, and "reformed" by Bill Clinton in 1994. The act had a noble goal - making it easier for low-income families to own a home. Clinton's "reforms" took an already-politicized process, and perverted it to the point where lenders were forces to make loans to obviously unqualified borrowers. The corruption at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, led by current Obama advisors who made tens of millions in bonuses while they raped their institutions is at the heart of the current credit meltdown.

John McCain and other Republicans warned of the danger that the corruption at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac posed to our economy, and McCain proposed legislation to regulate the two giant government sponsored enterprises (GSE's). The bill was defeated by the Democrats. In a Senate hearing televised in 2004 (see VIDEO LINK below), Republicans pushed hard for reforms, prophetically warning of the exact, disastrous consequences we are experiencing today.

Obama was the second largest recipients of bribes in the form of campaign donations from lobbyists for the corrupt GSE's. (The first and second place winners in the "My Vote is for Sale" greed sweepstakes were Christopher Dodd and Barney Frank, both of whom had oversight of the mortgage giants.) During the 2004 hearings, Democrats cursed at government regulators who brought the problems to light; said Franklin Raines, the CEO of Fannie Mae, was being "lynched"; and defended Raines and the GSE's. Raines, when questioned about the organization's lack of reserves, said the loans they held were "Riskless"! Raines received $90 Million in bonuses, paid because he "cooked the books" of the company to make it appear he deserved them. A later government corruption inquiry forced him to return $50 Million. (The former chairman of Fannie Mae, Jim Johnson, was chosen by Obama to vet his vice-presidential candidates.) This housing crisis began over 30 years ago, and yet Obama constantly refers to an "eight year" crisis caused by (you guessed it) George W. Bush.


You could search long and hard before you found two more patriotic individuals than McCain and Plain. Simply put, they love this country. McCain volunteered to serve this nation in the Navy, and he suffered terrible torture for years for the US. But he never broke, and he never gave his torturers the information they wanted.

Following 911, Obama took off his American flag lapel pin because it was unpopular with his base. He disdainfully told ABC, "I don't need to wear that pin to show I'm patriotic." He has refused to show respect for the flag, the Pledge, and the National Anthem. And he had the American flag, which was already painted on his plane, painted over and replaced with his UN-like rainbow logo.


The Democrats want us to believe that the people one associates with should not matter when we choose our leaders. But they do. The Bible tells us in Proverbs 22 not to associate with evil people, or we will "learn their ways" (become like them).

John McCain and Sarah Palin associate with ordinary people, American patriots who work hard to serve the Lord and their fellow man.

Barack Obama's associates, advisors and mentors are people that most Americans would not associate with for any amount of money. His "spiritual mentor" and pastor of twenty years, Jeremiah Wright, is a hate-filled racist who taught Obama "Black Liberation Theology," a Marxist distortion of religion which teaches that all problems experienced by black people are the result of "white oppression." Wright frequently curses white people from his pulpit, and (as millions of Americans saw on TV) asked God to join him and "Damn America." And Wright preaches that the US Government invented AIDS in a plot to wipe out black people! Obama distanced himself from his pastor (something he said he would never do) when it became politically expedient, but he still hasn't answered the question of why he listened to this trash for 20 years if he didn't believe it and support it.

Obama's church's website features books that embody Pastor Wright's theology (and presumably Obama's, since he sat under this racist teaching for 20 years). Prominently featured are books by James Cone, regarded as the founder of "Balck Liberation Theology." He claims Jesus Christ is a "black messiah" and says blacks are "the chosen people" who will only accept a god who assists their aim of destroying the "white enemy." "If God is not for us and against white people," writes Cone, "then he is a murderer, and we had better kill him. The task of black theology is to kill gods who do not belong to the black community."

There are two other things we need to consider on the subject of Obama's religious associations. He calls himself a Christian, but decide for yourself after you watch him mock the Bible and Christianity in the video below (see VIDEO LINK under Internet Research at the end of this article). And although Louis Farrakhan, the notorious anti-Semite and racist, does not embrace Black Liberation theology (he is the head of the so-called "Nation of Islam") Obama's church honored him with a "Lifetime Achievement Award." Watch the video below in which Farrakhan proclaims "Obama is the Messiah!"

Obama's political advisor is the founder of the Communist Weather Underground, domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, who on 911 (referring to his attempts to bomb the Capitol and the Pentagon) told the New York Times, ''I don't regret setting bombs." Asked if he would do it all again, Ayers said, ''I don't want to discount the possibility." When he was freed on a technicality, Ayers was photographed trampling an American flag as he cried, "Guilt as sin, but free as a bird. Ain't this a great country?" (See LINK below.) Ayers launched Obama's political career from his own home, and put Obama in charge of distributing $50 Million to radical groups; yet Obama claims he barely knows him.

His chief financial backer is his friend of 17 years, slumlord and convicted felon Tony Rezko, who donated $50,000 to Obama's campaign and arranged for millions more in donations. According to the Chicago Sun-Times (see LINK below) , during the brutal winter of 1997 slumlord Rezko "couldn't afford" to pay to heat 31 government-subsidized apartments in a building he owned in State Senator Obama's district. But he somehow found money to donate to Obama during that time. Rezko also arranged an illegal transaction that allowed Obama to buy a home for $300,000 less than its cost.

Finally, on July 17, 2008, reporter Anita Huslin wrote in the Washington Post that former Fannie Mae Chief Executive Franklin Raines told her he was "taking calls from Barack Obama's presidential campaign seeking his advice on mortgage and housing policy matters." The notorious Franklin Raines, who only escaped jail time for his crimes because he had made huge donations to so many Senators and Congressmen, is one of the main culprits in the housing crisis. Yet the Obama campaign is seeking advice on how to fix the problems from the man who caused them!

Obama claims he knew nothing about Bill Ayers domestic terrorism. If so, according to many residents of Chicago, he's the only one in the city that didn't know about Ayres. Although Jeremiah Wright spewed his hatred of America and white people Sunday after Sunday, Obama claims he never heard him say anything hateful or racist. If that's true, he never went to church! Today he "hardly knows" his friend of 17 years, Tony Rezko. Obama, the man raised millions of dollars for you! And now that America knows about Fannie & Freddie, Obama doesn't know Franklin Raines and Jim Johnson, either.

It can only be one of two things. Either Obama has a terrible memory, or he's a great liar. I'm not sure either is a great qualification for a president. Bad memory? "Let's see, one of these buttons is for launching the missiles, and the other is for ordering lunch. Which is which?" Great liar? America is tired of lies. We need an honorable man in the White House. And anyone who has followed both candidate's careers knows that only one of them, John McCain, can be described as an honorable man.

The bottom line: John McCain needs and deserves our support. Barack Obama is a clear and present danger to the national security of the United States of America.


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