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Joe Biden is NOT the President-elect

It Ain't Over 'til the Electoral College Sings

November 9, 2020

Is Joe Biden the President-elect? Most people would say yes, because the media has been screaming it from the housetops for almost a week. They say, “The election has been called for Biden.” Called by whom? The NY Times announced a few days ago that it would be up to the media to determine the winner of the election. I think that was the plan all along. They think that if they can make enough people believe that Biden won, no matter what truth to the contrary emerges they will say, “My mind is made up. Don’t confuse me with the facts.”

Here’s how it really works. First, hundreds of thousands of votes must still be counted. Then, in close races, there will be automatic recounts. At some point the Secretary of State of each of the states must then certify the results of the election. That could be delayed by the lawsuits over rampant voter fraud. Finally, the Electoral College will vote on December 14. Finally, Congress – which is the ONLY body that can legally pronounce the results of the election - will receive the sealed votes from the Electoral College. These will be opened by Congree on January 6. Until that day neither candiddate - the President or the pretender - is legally the President Elect. We are far from that determination. And Joe Biden is NOT the President-elect – no matter how many fake news outlets say he is.

Let me speak to you from my pastor’s heart. I have been a pastor in 7 churches over the last 45 years. Today I pastor pastors, as an overseer of ordained ministers, and as a Seminary professor teaching pastors and future pastors. I’ve heard their concerns, and those of hundreds of other Christians about the election. I have told them all the same thing. No matter who sits in the Big Chair in the Oval Office, our God will always sit on His Throne. And He will always be in charge.

Since election day I have heard from dozens of people who are confused, fearful, dejected, and even depressed about the election. Some are grieving for our nation. All of this is understandable. And the situations begs many questions.

“How God could allow voter fraud to defeat a sitting President?” Well, first of all, President Trump has not been defeated. Only God knows how this will end. But what if He did allow it? God can allow whatever he chooses. Does that mean that God allowed the systematic voter fraud that has resulted in Biden claiming to be the President-elect? Yes. Remember, His ways are not our ways, and His thoughts are not our thoughts. (Isaiah 55:8.)

“Well, would God actually allow the Party of abortion, homosexual marriage, and suppression of religious freedom to win the White House? Doesn’t God still govern the affairs of man?” Of course He does. He may not always govern in the way we prefer, but He is God, and we are not. He sometimes allows events to take place for reasons we don’t understand. (I have a long list of questions to ask Him when I get to Heaven, assuming of course...)

There has been verified voter fraud in every presidential election in my lifetime. So should Christians be afraid that this election has been stolen by well-funded Socialists using time-tested techniques of voter fraud? No, for the simple reason that no one can win the Presidency without God’s permission. Romans 13:1 states, “For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God.”

That doesn’t mean that fraud was not used, nor that Trump did not win. It means that we should not be in fear – fear is a sin because it means that we don’t trust in God. Jesus said in Romans 14;1, “Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me.” You can either trust in God and be blessed. Or you can walk in fear, and be distressed.

The first time I became aware of Democrat voter fraud was in 1960 when Richard Nixon defeated John F. Kennedy. “Wait! Didn’t JFK win?” No, but he became president due to receiving 100% of the dead vote. The well-respected, non-partisan Pew Research center published a study in 2012 that proved that more than 1.8 million dead people are registered to vote in the United States, and that 24 million voter registrations are either invalid or inaccurate. It has gotten worse since then.

Some ask if Republicans also commit voter fraud. That’s certainly possible. But why does voter fraud always seem to benefit only the Democrats? Why are the most corrupt cities in the nation run by Democrats generation after generation? This is the list of the 15 most corrupt cities in America, based on federal corruption convictions. All are all Democrat-run cities that voted for Biden.

They include Washington DC, Chicago, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Miami, Houston, New York, Detroit, New Orleans, Newark, Richmond, Los Angeles, Wichita, Cleveland, and – of course – Las Vegas. Now think of the cities where the most serious voter fraud in this election took place. You’ll find all of them on this list.

Regardless of the propaganda put out by the enemies of truth, and the censorship of any documentation that proves voter fraud, anyone with common sense knows that dead people and animals vote in every election; and that where the voting is supervised by Liberals, fraud takes place.

I was very involved in the Bush-Gore debacle. The three most populous counties (out of 67) have about 30% of the state’s population. These are Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach – where I live. The election boards of all three are completely controlled by Democrats. Not surprisingly, more voter fraud occurred in these counties than in the rest of the state.

I was a Republican observer of the recount that took place after massive voter fraud was uncovered. Each counting station has both a Republican and a Democrat observer. Thank Heaven we did. President Bush won by 535 Florida votes.

By contrast, this week Philadelphia refused to allow Republican observers of the counting, as required by law. Under pressure, they finally allowed them in the building – 120 feet away from the closest counting station. Finally they allowed observers 30 feet away. Their excuse? They kept the Democrat observers the same distance away. That is pretty flimsy, since the fraud was being committed by Democrats.

The Republicans went to court, stating that at 30 feet they could not observe anything material. The judge agreed, and ordered Philadelphia to allow observers to be 6 feet from the counters. But by that time hundreds of thousands of votes had been counted with virtually no accountability.

Today we were comforted to hear the Mayor and the administration of Philadelphia state that there has been zero voter fraud, and that everything had been done above board and according to the law. Comforted, that is, until we remembered that in just the past year a Philadelphia Congressman had been convicted of voter fraud. And that an Election Judge had been convicted of the same crime, as well as the crime of certifying false election results.

As things stand, Philadelphia, the third most corrupt city in the entire nation may be the 2020 equivalent of Palm Beach County in 2000. Once our proud nation’s Capitol, today this city, which is run by some of the most lawless, crooked politicians in the nation, may well decide this election.

Jeremiah 17:9 says, "The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?"  So we should not be surprised when wicked people do wicked things - like committing voter fraud. Everyone knows it happens in every election. But, strangely, if you search for Voter Fraud, Big Tech hides the proof, such as the Pew Report. The results you get are always from Liberal media –and they all claim there is no voter fraud.

The Heritage Foundation maintains a database of voter fraud cases, including convictions of poll workers who cast votes for Democrats in the names of dead people. In the 2008 election, there were hundreds of cases of Democrats in Chicago alone taking names off tombstones and registering people who had been dead for decades to vote for Obama. Yet a Democrat official stated categorically that, “There has never been one proven case of a dead person voting in the U.S. Really? In a nation of 326 Million people, many of whom would kill to see their guy elected, not one ever committed this crime? They must think Americans are extremely stupid.

Liberals control what you are allowed to see and hear in almost every media outlet. Big Tech, including Google, Yahoo, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and most of the rest are almost 100% Democrats or Socialist. If you admit to being a Trump supporter, you would never get a job from any of them regardless of your qualifications. And yet they dared to censor the President of the United States and the oldest (and one of the most respected newspapers in the nation) in an effort to get Biden elected.

The same is true of the major TV networks and most newspapers. When proof-positive, including eyewitnesses, text, email and phone records and other solid documentation emerged about the public corruption of the Biden family came to light, there was virtually no mention of the biggest story in this election. The Bidens took at least $1.5 BILLION from Communist China, our gravest global enemy in acts of treason never before seen – and they continued to push debunked  stories about the Russians trying to help Trump in 2016.

My mom told me not to believe anything I hear, and only half of what I see. It appears that was good advice.

My state Representative stopped by my house unexpectedly a few days ago. I thought he had come to thank me for helping him be reelected. Instead, because he knows I know the Constitution and electoral procedures, he wanted to pick my brain about whether President Trump could still prevail in this election. I told him - “Absolutely.” If any man could pull a win out of all the deceit and corruption in this election, it would be Donald J. Trump - a man with millions of Christians praying for him.

There are three ways this could happen. With hundreds of thousands of votes still uncounted, there could be several recounts that could go in his favor. In addition, many people have videos and have given sworn depositions regarding the voter fraud that went on. Finally, it ain’t over ‘til the Electoral College sings.

Almost all Americans believe they voted for either President Trump or Biden on Election day or before. They did not. They voted for Electors, whose traditional role is to vote in the Electoral College the way that the majority of their state’s voters did. But the Founding Fathers, in their wisdom, gave Electors the ability to “vote their conscience” with regard to which candidate would do the best job of keeping the nation safe and prosperous. Most states allow this, and with good reason. It is the ultimate “safety valve” in our electoral process.

Think of this. What if one candidate was indicted for treason before December 14 when the Electors meet? Any honest Elector of either party would be forced by his or her conscience to vote for the other candidate – regardless of which one they had been sent to vote for. Those that do so are called “Faithless Electors.” I believe they should be called “Faithful Electors,” because they are faithful to the Constitution and to the nation.

So should believers be afraid? Absolutely not. The truth will eventually come out. Hopefully this will happen soon enough that our President may serve for another four years. But regardless of who ultimately occupies the Oval Office for the next four years, God is still on His throne. Instead of being fearful, we should rejoice because we know that what Satan intended to harm the church and this nation, God will use to make us stronger than ever.

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After reading this article I feel at peace with the result of this election. I don't pretend to know why this pro christian, pro life and pro Israel administration won't have a second term, but I believe we get the leaders we deserve and I know that God is in control and we can trust Him completely. I'm sad about the election results but have no fear for the future. God is in control and my thoughts are not His thoughts.
Thank you for such an inspiring article. Yes,Our God is on his throne we have nothing to fear we will trust in his decision.
Yes, but the honestly treasonous social media simply follows, on their respective knees whatever is told them to say, ie. how subduing and without any character to sink so low... Trump won, obviously with the senators and congressmen/women elected. To even think that the media has any belief other than itself is as low as unfortunately the internet. Which will be 'fixed' when the election is finally made of President Trump.
Amen and amen! Thank you for your words of wisdom and encouragement.
Double "L&
Pastor, God Bless! I used to work for a Godly man named Ronald Reagan, and what you said here is exactly right!! We also need to understand that our govt. has sanctioned 2 evil sins, abortion (95 million little lives) and Homosexuality (Sodom is not a myth) and the same Holy God cannot pardon us if we do not repent and turn both around, he has to judge. This could be that time. I pray for mercy and grace but He is God and His will be done. I think the "Gipper" would agree. God bless!!
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