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Cowardly Rats Flee the Trump Administration

Forget Loyalty -It's All About C.Y.A.

January 18, 2021

President Trump gave great opportunities to many people, including minorities and more women in high positions than any president before him. As long as they had the prestige, pay, and perks of working in the White House they pretended to be loyal. But as soon as it was time to actually demonstrate loyalty, they scurried out the back door like rats.

What were some of their motives for resigning just days before their jobs would have ended? Well, they sucked up to Biden, hoping they might get some kind of position with him. (Good luck with that!) They got to feel morally superior - a false delusion if there ever was one. But mostly their cowardly actions were motivated by the hope that future employers might forget that they had worked for President Trump; or that, at least their early departure would give them some kind of badge of honor. “I knew he was a terrible person, but I worked for him to serve the country. But then, a week before I would have been canned anyway, I resigned in protest.”

In other words, their cowardice demonstrated their courage. Sounds kind of Orwellian, doesn’t it?

Towards the end of any outgoing Administration it is common to see larger than usual numbers of resignations. One doesn’t wait until the last day of one’s employment to start looking for another job. The smart ones start their job searches months in advance, and sometimes the new employers need them to start before the Administration leaves office. The responsible ones inform their supervisors and make sure that a replacement will be in place before they depart.

But some are RATS – Running Away To Save (my reputation). They’re more concerned with how they look than serving their nation honorably. These RATS are found in three categories this week. Cabinet-level officials; low-ranking bureaucrats; and elected Republican officials.

The New York Times likes to call itself “The Newspaper of Record.” A better moniker would be “The Newspaper of Regurgitation.” They regurgitate whatever lying vomit the Democrats and Socialists proclaim, stamp it “TRUE,” and then publish it to the dwindling number of Americans who are foolish enough to believe them.

In the case of resignations form the Trump Administration, they trumpeted the departures of “Trump Cabinet Members,” implying a mass exodus of people who most closely worked with the President. In fact, only two unimportant members (out of the 24-person Cabinet) resigned. The two were unimportant both because their positions were unconstitutional, and because the President did not seek their counsel nor confide in them. He probably hasn’t even noticed their absence.

The first was the Secretary of Education, billionaire Betsy DeVoss, who was at best a RINO, and at worst, a Democrat disguised as a Republican. The other was Elaine Choi, the Secretary of Transportation. She is married to a once-staunch Republican, Mitch McConnell, who in his dotage has become much more like Joe Biden, who is the same age. Both tend to forget important details, such as why they were elected. Neither DeVoss nor Choi will be missed, because they achieved nothing while in office.

The second group is composed of low-level functionaries most have never heard of. They apparently hope that showing disloyalty to the President that appointed them will make them acceptable to the incoming Administration. After all, bureaucrats last far longer in the swamp than most politicians. Many of them keep their cushy jobs regardless of which party is in power. Their departures will not be noticed and they will not be missed – except for a few in sensitive jobs whose departures could put the nation at risk. These deserve the condemnation of every American citizen.

I refer to a handful of officials whose positions directly impact out national security. Many nations have been attacked by enemies during periods of transition. They take advantage of confusion over who is in charge. One deserter was Chad Wolf, the Acting Secretary of Homeland Security. If China were to take advantage of the transition to attack us in any way, wouldn’t it be good to have someone in charge of Homeland Security? This agency oversees and coordinates all US responses to foreign threats. His departure will make him look good to Liberals. But it is akin to a Captain abandoning his ship and crew while the ship is under attack.

Another weasel, Matthew Pottinger, was the deputy national security adviser tasked with keeping watch on our gravest enemy, China. Wouldn’t it be terrible if China used the time between his cowardly departure and the time a replacement could be found to launch any kind of offensive against us? And doesn’t he owe the nation who paid him so well the duty to help his successor get up to speed, particularly with the aggressive stance against the U.S. that China has taken since their lackey Joe Biden was anointed by Congress?

There were others, but the final quisling whom I would like to address is John Costello, deputy assistant secretary for intelligence and security at the Commerce Department. Costello is a Navy veteran and cybersecurity expert. He walked out in the middle of an investigation he was directing of foreign governments hacking into the computer networks of more than a half dozen federal agencies.

It’s hard to determine which of these three groups of rats deserve the greatest condemnation. All of them took an oath to protect our nation, and all them, for the purposes of CYA, abandoned their duties for their own benefit and against the interests of those they had pledged to serve. But I think the elected representatives are probably the slimiest, because they not only took an oath to the nation at large, but they also had a responsibility to represent the people who elected them – Republicans. Republican voters did not elect them to get in bed with Democrats the first time it would help them politically.

The House and Senate Republicans who have sided with the Socialist Democrats to engage in an illegal impeachment have betrayed their Oaths of Office, their nation, their constituents, and the party who sent them to Congress. These include the ten House Democrats who voted to impeach President Trump, along with House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, who said during the debate on impeachment, "The president bears responsibility for Wednesday's attack by mob rioters." McCarthy has been an ally of the President in the past, but this support of the Democrats’ lies was unforgivable.
Then there is the Senate. Mitch McConnel, the Senate Majority Leader has said that he will convene an impeachment trial in the Senate. And several Senators have indicated they would vote to impeach.
When you are at war – and this is without doubt a war that will determine whether Americans are free, or servants of the government – deserters are the most despised, contemptible people on either side. The House Republicans who voted for impeachment, the cowardly Republican turncoats in the Senate, and all the deserters listed above, deserve all the contempt our nation can heap upon them.

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