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Hyperinflation is Here

Inflation Will Destroy Your Retirement Savings

May 17, 2021

Do You Remember Jimmy Carter's Gas Lines?

Learn What Hyperinflation Will do to Your Finances and note the recent Headlines Below

A few weeks ago, Peter Schiff, one of the worlds leading economic experts, made a shocking statement. Schiff is a sober man, not given to drama or hyperbole. This made his statement all the more alarming. He said, Hyperinflation has gone from the worst-case scenario to the most probable scenario. And that means people have to act quickly to protect themselves.

Why a Hyperinflation Time Bomb Could Explode in 2021 - Birch 

Inflation is the number one news topic today. If the inflation of the first four months of 2021 continue at the current rate, we will see 20% inflation by the end of the year. Hyperinflation is no longer just a predicted - it is already happening. Have you gone shopping lately? Food prices are through the roof, with some groceries up 10% in just a week. Have you tried to get any work done on your house? Building material prices are already hyperinflated. Steel is up 168%. Lumber is up over 400% in the past year according to the Wall Street Journal. Where is this headed? Soon we may see the $25 loaf of bread.

Bacon, Gas, Cars: Everything is Getting More Expensive as Inflation Spikes - Forbes

Biden is already being compared to Jimmy Carter who was the last president to preside over a period of severe inflation. Gold rose more than 600% during Carters brief 4 years. Most important to note is that golds price move began slowly, then picked up steam until it was going straight up by the end of Carters term. Can we legitimately compare what is happening today with what happened under Carter? After all, history is known for repeating itself. Actually, under Biden inflation is rising not only much faster than during the Carter inflation, but it is rising at the fastest rate in US history.

Democrats Plan Hyperinflation That Will Destroy the U.S. Economy - Off the Grid

What is Hyper-Inflation? It is a sustained increase in the general price level of goods and services in an economy over a certain period. The United States experienced double-digit hyper-inflation during the four years of Jimmy Carters ruinous financial policies. In 1980 the highest CD rate in U.S. history was paid 18.65%. In 1981, his last year in office (thankfully), the highest mortgage rate ever was recorded: 18.63%.

2021 is a 'turning point' for inflation and stocks - MSN.com

Technically, this was hyperinflation. But when we think of hyperinflation, we usually think of runaway hyperinflation caused by a debt collapse. The best known of these was the German hyperinflation in the Weimar Republic when people burned multi-billion Mark notes because it was cheaper than buying coal. In four years the German currency went from four Marks to one U.S. Dollar to 4.2 TRILLION Marks to the Dollar.

Hyperinflation in the United States Is Your Money at Risk? - Life and Finances

Most Americans believe we could never see that type of inflation in the U,S. But Carters hyperinflation was minor compared to the runaway hyperinflation of Americas first currency. The Continental Dollar became so worthless that its value was 1/10 of one cent. “A wagonload of Continentals will scarcely purchase a wagonload of provisions, George Washington complained in April 1779.” That is where we the expression “Not worth a Continental” originated. And that is why the Founding Fathers created the first Constitution that defined money. Most constitutions mention money, but the U.S. Constitution stated that money was Gold and Silver, Coin and could only be issued by Congress.

U.S. Hyperinflation Unmasked - Bank of America

Unfortunately, Democrats and other Socialists managed to pass the Federal Reserve Act with bribery and trickery. It violated the Constitution by allowing private banks to issue our money instead of Congress. (Read, The Creature from Jekyll Island for a complete record of this sordid affair, or click here the read a short summary titled, The Non-Federal Fed.) Traitors in Congress along with crooked US and European bankers conspired to hijack the U.S. economic system. As a result, our currency, the Federal Reserve Note, is not money because it is backed by nothing. The Federal Reserve System is as federal as Fedex. It is owned and controlled by private bankers who do not act in the interests of America because they answer to their shareholders.

As gas prices soar, Americans can blame Joe Biden - MSN.com

Prior to the passage of the Federal Reserve Act, we had real money backed by Gold and Silver. Since then, our money has lost 96% of its purchasing power, according to the US Treasury website. Soon it will lose all its value as the Socialists in Washington increase our massive National Debt. When that happens we will return to Constitutional money backed by Gold and Silver. In the meantime, you can protect your family, your church, and your business by putting them on the Gold Standard. Simply buy Gold privately. It is the last financial transaction you can make that is not recorded.

Food inflation: Grocery price shock is coming to a store near you - Gulf News

Every week I hear from people who say, Dr. Tom, I have $_________ that I need to get rid of. I usually joke that I will get my trash can and come right over to help them. But in reality it is not a laughing matter. Your money in the bank is not safe. It loses value every month to inflation. The next crash will probably be much worse than the Financial Panic of 2008 - and it could happen at any time.

Gas prices are skyrocketing and are expected to rise even higher this summer - Business Insider

This will not be an American event it will be a global debt collapse, which will lead to multiple currency collapses. The FDIC is funded by banks many of which will go under and not be able to contribute to the FDIC fund. And the danger of the U.S. following the example of many other nations and confiscating part or all of our bank accounts is of great concern.

Consumer Prices Rise as Gas Prices Surge. An Inflation Burst Could Come in the Spring - Barrons

What can we conclude about gold? It is the only true money and the only way to protect you and your family from an out-of-control government. Considering that Gold rose more than 600% under Carter, we feel that the 55% increase to $3,000 Gold predicted by Bank of America is a very conservative projection. Many experts are projecting $5,000 to $10,000 gold prices. As of this writing, gold has been steadily rising for weeks. It is definitely on a bull run. Now is the time to lock in cheap gold prices.

Food Prices Soar - Wall Street Journal

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Hyperinflation is coming. I guarantee it - Federated News

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