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An Exciting Opportunity - Take Part in the World's Largest Test of an Experimental Drug

The China Virus Shot is NOT an FDA-Approved Vaccine; It's an Experimental Drug Approved for Emergency Use Only

June 28, 2021

It's Not Patriotic to Be a Guinea Pig

I should start by saying that I am not an “anti-vaccer.” I have taken vaccines that I have investigated and found to be appropriate for me. Many of my friends have chosen to take the China Virus shot, and I respect their decision to do so. Many others have chosen not to, and I respect their decisions, as well. 

But I am dismayed by the many uninformed people who simply line up to be guinea pigs without understanding the potential dangers of the drug, and then have the nerve to vilify others who are more cautious about allowing an experimental drug to be injected into their bodies. 

Remember, it takes on average 10 years for a real vaccine to be tested and proven safe. And even some of those vaccines that were declared by the scientists to be safe were found to be dangerous years later and removed from use. So please don’t be so arrogant as to criticize people who choose to know more before they become part of the experiment – or, worse, to allow their children to be experimented upon.



With which of these statements do you agree?

  1. I am an American citizen with rights guaranteed by the Constitution. I have the right to determine whether or not I will allow any medical treatment to be performed on my body, including injections of any sort. I am not a guinea pig.
  2. The government knows best what is good for me. It is the patriotic duty of Americans to blindly follow all mandates of the government. I firmly believe in a woman’s right to choose whether she will murder her unborn child in her womb, but she does not have the right to choose whether she takes an experimental drug that might cause birth defects if she gets pregnant.

If you agree with the first statement, you take responsibility for your own health decisions. You know the government is very often wrong, and you stand up for your Constitutional freedoms as a free, proud, patriotic conservative to make those decisions. You understand that the function of government is to serve the people, not to be their dictatorial masters. In other words, you have a brain, and you use it.

If you agree with the second statement, you are a hopeless liberal. You believe the government is always right – even though it has flip-flopped its orders on how to deal with the China virus repeatedly, using politics instead of science as its guide. You must have a brain, because you are able to parrot the idiocy proclaimed by your masters in Washington, but you don’t use it.



QUESTION:  What are the three main organizations pushing the China Virus “vaccine,” with an ultimate goal of forcing every American citizen to take the shot?

ANSWER: The CDC (Centers for Disease Control); the NIH (National Institutes of Health); the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), and the Harris-Biden White House

QUESTION: What percentage of the employees of these organizations have refused to take the shot?

ANSWER: 50%. I know I will hear howls of protest from the so-called “fact-checkers,” the liberal lapdogs in the mainstream media, and citizens who have decided for their own reasons to take the shot. Therefore, I have carefully documented below the proof that 50% of the agencies which tell us how safe the drug is and try to coerce everyone into taking it, have not taken the shot themselves.

Mainstream media outlets, including especially Reuters, have rushed to the defense of the spokespeople for those agencies who released this information under oath in Congressional hearings. These include the hugely discredited Dr. Anthony Fauci of the NIAID (part of the NIH), who has been correct less often that your local weather “expert”; Dr. Rochelle Walesnsky, the least qualified and most inept person who has ever headed the CDC; Peter Marks, director of the FDA's Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research; and David Kessler, chief science officer of the White House COVID-19 response team. Fauci’s exact words when asked how many in his agency had not taken the shot were “About half,” which he later revised to “Maybe 50 to 60%.” Marks, the FDA spokesman refused to answer, then finally said, “About the same” as the various figures to which Fauci had confessed.

An unidentified FDA spokesman who attempted in an email to the press to repair the damage done by these officials in their sworn statements by saying that the FDA did not know how many of their employees have been taken the shot, but that the agency is has been “encouraged” to hear from “the large number of our staff who have chosen to be vaccinated.” 

What is a “large number”? And does anyone really believe that the FD, which bears overall responsibility for releasing this minimally tested experimental drug on an unsuspecting population doesn’t know how many of its own people trust the drug?

Reuters tried to put a good face on these devastating numbers by saying that just because half of the people who know the potential dangers of the drug haven’t taken it, doesn’t mean that they “refused” to do so. That’s playing with words. If they haven’t gotten the shot, they made a decision not to do so. Whether you want to call that a “refusal” or an informed decision matters little. The fact is that half the people who are in the best decision to assess the haste with this unapproved drug has been forced on the public, and who have had access to classified information on the negative side effects and deaths associated with it have NOT decided to take the shot – or the risk. 

(By the way, why is so much of the information about this disease and its origin been classified by the government. This is not related to national security – unless “Security” means protecting Biden from Americans discovering the full extent of his ties to the Communist Chines and the millions his family has received from them. Or perhaps he doesn’t want it known that his chief advisor on the China Virus, Dr. Fauci, directed millions of U.S. tax dollars to help the Red Chinese develop the virus in their bio-warfare lab in Wuhan, China.)



You may have noticed that I have not referred to the shots that have been administered to millions of Americans as “vaccines.” Why did I state, “It's Not an FDA-Approved Vaccine; It's an Experimental Drug Approved for Emergency Use Only”? Simply because the FDA has not approved it for use among the general population. It has only authorized the drugs being described as “vaccines” for emergency use only. Health care workers are supposed to advise patients before they give them an experimental drug that is only approved for emergency use, and explain the risks of taking an experimental drug. In other words, the law and their oath require doctors and those they supervise to give informed consent before experimenting on people.

Has anyone you know who has been given this drug been advised of these facts as the law requires? I think we all know the answer to that. We’ve all seen the production-line style administration of these shots, often by completely unqualified people. A car drives up, the drive puts their arm through the window, and an unlicensed, usually untrained person jabs them before they drive off. There is no attempt to determine if the individual receiving the shot may have contraindications, no medical history is taken, and there is certainly no informed consent. Informed consent is not possible as long as the authorities are treating the drug as if it was as safe as aspirin.



AllLaw.com, a legal site that specializes in helping doctors avoid medical malpractice lawsuits, describes these important terms this way:

“Express consent is just what it sounds like; the patient consents, usually in writing, to a specific medical procedure or treatment.

“Express written consent is required for almost every non-emergency procedure imaginable. If you have ever had surgery or undergone an MRI, you may recall a one- or two-page form that described the procedure, set forth a list of perhaps a dozen potential complications, and possibly even listed additional care that might be necessary in the event of those complications.

“But consent requires more than the patient merely agreeing to the procedure; the patient must give informed consent. That usually means the patient must be provided with all essential information related to the procedure—including risks and complications that may occur during the procedure—and be given the opportunity to discuss any concerns.”.

You have to sign a consent form to get the flu shot which has been around for decades. But you are not allowed informed consent to this experimental drug with both known and unknown side effects.



What is the difference between “Approved” and “Authorized”? 

In most contexts, it’s perfectly fine to use “approval” and “authorization” interchangeably. But not at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and definitely not when it comes to virus vaccines. If you want to be the most knowledgeable in a group discussion of the shots being administered, you will find these definitions - copied from the FDA website)  helpful…

Approval — No COVID-19 vaccines have been approved. Approval means the FDA has officially decided that a product is safe and effective for its designated use. The process for approval involves rigorous reviews of all available data on the product and can take years. The average time from invention to approval has been 10 years. The shortest has been four years.

Authorization — To speed things up in an emergency, the FDA can grant an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA). An EUA, as its name implies, authorizes a product for use during unusually urgent circumstances if the benefits of its use outweigh any known or potential risks. A vaccine that combats a global pandemic is an ideal candidate for an EUA – we can’t afford to lose any more time in the midst of a crisis with an ever-climbing death toll.

The FDA granted EUA’s for the Pfizer, BioNTech and Moderna drugs. As long as no serious harms from the vaccines are discovered, they’ll maintain authorization until the emergency is over. At that point, the pharmaceutical companies will decide if they want to seek FDA approval. My personal physician believes they will probably not seek approval, because once a drug is approved people who have been injured by it (or the families of those who died as a result of it) would be able to sue. Under EAU drug companies are shielded from such lawsuits. Why rock the boat when you’re already making billions without approval?



This is something that can legally only be determined by a physician. But Mayors of podunk towns, college administrators, a variety of national employers (who should be boycotted), and a multitude of other totally unqualified people are now REQUIRING people to get the China Virus shots. The FAA won’t allow you to fly without a negative virus test. Soon they’ll require the “Vaccine Passport” already being issued in some states to use any public transportation. It won’t be long before the pimply-faced kid at Costco will refuse you admittance to their store if you can’t prove you’ve had the shot. Of course, this is in absolute violation of the federal HIPPA laws that are designed to protect your medical privacy.



CDC Officials Admit More Hospitalizations of Young People from Vaccine than From the Actual COVID Virus – Including a Huge Number of Heart Problems Reported.

Earlier this week (on Wed., June 23, 2021) the CDC admitted that their own voluntary vaccine side effects reporting system (called VAERS) receives an average of 48,000 reports of adverse vaccine complications reports for ALL vaccines. This year that number is seven times greater than that number for the China Virus shots alone in just half a year.

The CDC’s own data shows that for every 100,000 vaccines given to young people, more than 25,000 will have temporary side effects that prevent them from “normal activities,” 700 will require medical care and 200 will be hospitalized. In contrast, the CDC estimates that only about 50 out of 100,000 adolescents have EVER been hospitalized for Covid-related illness.

In the face of their own data that clearly shows that more children and young adults have been hospitalized in the last six months from getting the shot that is supposed to prevent the China Virus than we have seen in the eighteen months since China sent us their viral “gift.” But then the CDC “scientists” ignored their own data and  went on to recommend that the shots should still be given to young people – even to kids already suffering from heart problems.

Why is that significant? In the same meeting they confessed that the incidence of a rare heart disease called myocarditis, a serious infection of the heart that can cause death, has surged since colleges and schools started forcing students to get the shot before returning to campus. 



It already has in Israel. In spite of having some of the best medical scientists in the world, Israel conducted an ill-advised, extremely aggressive campaign using the experimental drugs produced by Pfizer on children as young as 16. Now they are realizing the folly of their haste to use a largely untested experimental drug on their young people. Other medical authorities, including those of many European nations, and Canada and the U.S. which began vaccinating 12 -year-olds in May, are discovering similar potentially deadly cases of myocarditis among children. 

On average, about one in 4,500 young Israeli men between 16 and 24 who received the shots developed myocarditis. That is almost 25 times the number of men in that age group who normally get he disease. Two of them have died – so far. Some say that’s a small number compared to the number of lives that might have been lost. But it’s not a small number to the parents of those boys – and of the boys who will die in the future. 

Other medical authorities, including those of many European nations, and Canada and the U.S. -both of which began vaccinating 12 -year-olds in May, are discovering similar potentially deadly cases of myocarditis among children.  

And now the village idiot of the medical community, “Doctor” Anthony Fauci wants to give the shot to infants six months old. This man hasn’t seen a patient in 40 years. He is a career bureaucrat who claims to be an immunologist. His once accomplishment has been the development of the AIDS vaccine. Oh, wait. He has been working on an AIDS vaccine for 40 years – but with zero success.

The sad truth is that so-called scientists are using our children as guinea pigs. The survival rate for those who contract the China Virus is 99.8% -  for all ages. The great majority of those who die from it are elderly people with medical complications, many of whom would have died this year without any help from China. The survival rate of the tiny number of children 99.9999999%. Put another way, elderly people who contract the virus have an 8,700 times greater chance of dying from it as opposed to children. 

So why would any sane physician recommend the shot for children, since their chances of dying from the virus is so small that it can’t be measured, and since it is well-established science that they almost never transmit the disease even if they get it. Why are schools forcing children to get the shots, but in many cases, they don’t require the faculty and staff to do so?



50% of the Staff of the FDA and NIH Refuse to Take the Shot

CDC Data Shows Over 2,000 Americans Have Died After taking the China Virus Shot

What’s the difference between FDA approval and authorization?

Informed Consent | FDA

Consent Form Required for the Flu Vaccine

Influenza Vaccine Consent Form (Including Vaccine Risks)

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