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Biden Has Given Islamic Terrorists the Ability to Launch their Next 9-11 Style Attack on America

He Has Even Generously Supplied them with Cash, Hi-Tech Weapons, and US Military Secrets

August 16, 2021




For twenty years the presence of U.S. Military personnel and those of our allies have prevented Islamic terrorist groups from using Afghanistan for terrorist training and as a base from which to launch another devastating 9-11 Style attack on our nation. Last week, suddenly and without warning, he made the decision to pull all our troops out of Afghanistan. The immediate result has been mass chaos with tens of thousands of American embassy personnel, U.S. citizens, U.S. troops, and the citizens and troops of some of our closest allies. This does not include the tens of thousands of Afghanis who risked their lives to help the U.S. who will be raped and beheaded as soon as Biden completes his cowardly retreat.


Veterans of the Afghan conflict who have lost limbs or are otherwise crippled for life.

Veterans who lost friends in Afghanistan.

The families of veterans who committed suicide in despair after Biden’s announcement.

Families of those killed and maimed while serving our nation.

Our European allies who begged Biden to leave just a few thousand troops to serve alongside them so that 20 years of sacrifice would not be lost.

The NATO troops who were not warned of the sudden pull out and whose lives were endangered by Biden. Many of them are now trapped by the Taliban.

The thousands of Afghanis who Biden promised to rescue, but to whom he refused the promised visas that would have allowed them to escape certain death at the hands of the Taliban.

The women and girls of Afghanistan who will be driven back into the Dark Ages, who will not be allowed to have a job, drive a car, or go out in public without a male relative’s permission. The Female schoolteachers, physicians, and members of the government who will now only be allowed to scrub floors and clean toilets. Failure to comply will mean public stoning until they are dead.

The Afghan military who Biden threw under the bus, calling them cowards (talk about the pot calling the kettle black). General Petraeus, who commanded all allied troops in Afghanistan, said the Afghan soldiers fought fiercely and bravely to keep their country free from the Taliban and the world safe from terrorism. He stated this week that any troops in the world would lay down their arms if their only support abandoned them without warning. He said most of them have fought bravely and honorably but that without U.S. air support and intelligence, it would be impossible for them to continue. Now they are trying to protect their families, who will be raped, tortured, and beheaded alongside them if they are captured by Biden’s new “besties,” the Taliban.

The trapped American citizens who will be held for ransom, many for years. Do you remember the American hostages who were held by Iraq for 444 days when another weak coward like Biden, Jimmy-Bob Carter was in the White House? Do you remember when they were released? Literally minutes after the Trump-like Ronald Reagan was sworn in as President. The Muslims then knew what the Muslims today know. Carter and Biden are all talk and no action. President Reagan would have blown them back into their caves – just as President Trump would do absolutely everything possible, and even the impossible to avoid leaving one American behind. Are you starting to miss our real President, America?

US Military commanders and intelligence officials who warned Biden that the country would collapse within days if he proceeded with his treasonous plan. After hiding in his basement with no contract with the press, he has: (1) Claimed that his advisors never told him of the dangers. (2) Blamed them for not being more forceful when they told him. (3) Claimed that they unanimously approved of his stupidity. And (4) Claimed that there was an even split among the military and intelligence chiefs about whether he should retreat or stay long enough to do his duty to keep Americans and our allies safe.


The Taliban, who claim that they “defeated the United States,” and that we turned and ran from them like cowards. This will be the first time in history that the United States has been defeated by a bunch of filthy goatherders who defeated Biden and his Socialist friends without firing a shot. 

 ISIS,  Al Qaeda, and the rest of the satanic Muslim terrorists worldwide who have now been given a safe haven where they can train new terrorists using state-of-the-art buildings, bases, and the latest in military equipment and aircraft given to them by Bumbling Joe Biden.  And, of course, they have great job benefits. Instead of their only romantic partners being their fellow terrorists and the occasional goat, they now have millions of women to rape and torture.

The leaders of every Islamic dictatorship who will use this propaganda bonanza to further their goals of Middle East domination and the destruction of Israel. “See, the Americans are wimps. We beat them, and we will torture and behead anyone who supports them. Women and girls, burn your western-style clothing and iron your burkas. Men, take charge of your women. Beat them into submission if they disobey you or listen to American radio. And don’t forget “honor killings” are your duty if they date anyone not approved by you.

The cowards who use women and children as shields now have possession of some of the most advanced military technology in the world, which Biden ordered left behind. They are too ignorant to use it, because their only “schooling” has been an endless repetition of the lies of the Koran, and constant brainwashing that their duty (if they want to have 70 virgins all to themselves in their version of the afterlife – otherwise known as Hell) is to kill all Christians, Jews, and anyone else who doesn’t join their cult. (I know – Obama, trained from a child as a Muslim, calls Islam one of “the world’s three great religions.” But it is not a religion. It is a personality cult begun by a pedophile who took the parts of the Bible that he liked and wove it together with his delusional phantasies. Islam, in essence, is a political system based on total domination of its subjects.)

Pakistan. With the U.S. gone, Pakistan will totally control Afghanistan. With its nuclear weapons, and the Billions the U.S. gives the terrorist nation,  they will dominate the region. (Did you know the U.S. gives Pakistan enough “economic aid) to pay all the costs for its military  and its KGB-style secret police?) Watch for Pakistan to overrun India, which is just .4% smaller than China, in the near future. Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal is much greater than India’s, and with China backing Pakistan, the world’s second largest nation won’t stand a chance. Together China, India, and Pakistan (which will control Afghanistan) will have 40% of the world’s population, and more nuclear weapons than any sate except for the U.S. and Russia.

Russia will love the new world order created by Biden’s incompetence. Putin loves instability and weakness. Biden has provided both to him in abundance. Whether Russia officially joins the evil coalition above, you can be sure it will support it from behind the scenes. Even though its nuclear weapons are aging, it has cyber power that rivals that of China. (Communist China has an entire battalion of its military that is devoted entirely to cyber-warfare, mainly against the U.S.). In the next World War, nuclear weapons will be used mostly as threats. The real fighting – and damage - will be done by computer geeks in underground bunkers.

The Taliban Five. These were some of the most dangerous Islamic terrorists held in Guantanamo Bay. These were not your usual foul-smelling runts who didn’t bathe for months and slept with animals to keep warm. No, these were the equivalent of a civilized nations’ Defense Minister or Chairmen of the Joint Chiefs of staff. But they were dangerous, uncivilized animals just like all the others held in Guantanamo. They should have been tried as enemy combatants according to U.S. law and executed. Instead, they roared with laughter at Obama’s stupidity when he announced he would close one of our nation’s only protections against annihilation by terrorism.

They were ROTFL (Rolling On the Floor Laughing, according to my daughter) when they heard that they were to be traded for a U.S. Army deserter. That’s right – a deserter who abandoned his post and left his comrades to join the Taliban. Six brave U.S. soldiers died trying to find him because at first, they thought he was lost. Later they found a letter from him stating that he was joining the enemy. What kind of sick scum trades a deserter (who should have been executed for treason) for five high-level terrorist commanders who were responsible for the deaths of thousands of American soldiers? Almost every enemy Obama and Biden released is known to have returned to the only trade they knew – murdering Christians, Jews, and U.S. troops. These barbaric filth are now in charge of Afghanistan.  

I’ve saved the happiest camper for last. All over China Communist Party members are drinking tea and exclaiming, “Ah, so! Now we will crush the blue-eyed devils who have thwarted us for so long. We were so smart to help defeat Trump. He was the only U.S. leader who had the guts to stand up to us. Soon Biden will be bowing down to Xi Jinping as Obama did to the king of Saudi Arabia.” 

However, that’s not what has the CCP giggling itself to sleep every night. I mentioned that the putrid illiterate “soldiers” of the “Army of Islam” among the most stupid men who have ever carried a rifle into combat. They wear sandals in battle because they don’t know how to tie bootlaces. They could unlock the doors on the fighters, helicopter warships, and other high-end military equipment Biden gave them. But the Chinese do. They are licking their lips, waiting for the last U.S. military to retreat so they can start stripping our equipment down to reverse-engineer it and discover our secrets. They may be able to use that knowledge to disable our aircraft in flight, killing all aboard without wasting a missile.


The former White House Physician said today on national television that his “cognitive problems” are beyond dispute. Anyone who has observed the painful spectacle of watching him stumble and fumble for a simple word while an embarrassed interviewer tries to cover for him knows the physician is right.

But what he has done goes far beyond anything that can be excused by his deteriorating mental state. Joe has never been the sharpest stick in the woods. He has always been wrong on foreign policy. He was the sole senior White House official who OPPOSED taking down Osama bin Ladin. 

Bu this also goes far beyond stupidity. He has committed treason against the United States of America. Thousands of Americans and our allies will die because of his decisions. Their blood will be on Biden’s hands. Tens of thousands of Afghanis will be publicly beheaded along with their families for supporting the U.S.  Their blood, too, will be on Biden’s hands. Hundreds of thousands of women and young girls will be raped by these monsters. Their life-long pain will be entirely Biden’s fault. 

A senior U.S. general stated today that his most junior lieutenant could have handled the retreat from Afghanistan far better than Biden did. The general will probably be fired, but there is no doubt he told the truth.

Even though over two-thirds of the nation (including 60% of Democrats) believe Biden has grossly mishandled Afghanistan and many Democrat members of Congress agree, there are too many Democrats in the House to impeach Biden. But when the Republicans retake the House in the mid-terms, there is no doubt he will be impeached. After that, he should be tried for treason.

The best thing Joe could do would be to resign, go back to his basement, and drink his Ensure before his 8PM bedtime. The only problem with that is that Kamala is even worse than Joe. And, unfortunately, she will choose the next Vice-President.(shudder!). 

Who would be hateful and radical enough for her to choose? Diversity is vital – competence will not enter the equitation. I’m guessing it will be a transexual (or at least a Lesbian). An atheist, for sure. But where will she find someone who is African American, some kind of Asian, American Indian, Latinos,  AND has Pacific Island ancestry? And, of course, she/it must be a Marxist and have very publicly expressed a lifelong hatred of America, the police, and our military. It will be tough, but I think Kamala can handle it.

Unfortunately, we will discover that is her only job skill.



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