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Why is Biden so Afraid of the "Squad"?

August 30, 2021

Biden is more than willing to see tens of thousands of Americans and our allies beheaded, raped, or held for billions in hostage money in order to avoid displeasing four women (make that five if you include the Wicked Witch of the West, Nancy Pelosi). He has received his orders from the Squad, and even though the French and British have been rescuing their people, he didn’t allow our military to defend themselves or the people they were sworn to protect. 

It wasn’t until the Taliban allowed homicide bombers into the perimeter of the Kabul Airport to set off two bombs that killed or maimed hundreds. And murdered 13 U.S. service members that he finally allowed the military to kill two Afghanis. There is now way that he could definitively determine who was responsible for sending the suicide bombers into the airport. He probably just picked the first two falafel street venders he could find so he could say he had done something.

It took months to plan the raid that killed ben Laden. After pulling our intelligence and air cover assets out of the nation, we’re supposed to believe that he found two guys out of millions and killed them. That’s supposed to make us feel better. It makes me feel worse that he probably killed two innocent people to make himself look good.

From the first day they were sworn in as Representatives, Pelosi has been afraid of “The Squad.” On their very first day, they held a sit in at their office, and she knew she was in trouble. Hated by most Democrats and everyone in her District in San Francisco, this shriveled hag has always had brute fear as he rweapon to keep Democrats in line. “Obey my every whim, or you won’t be re-elected. I will remove you from all committee assignments. I will cut off your funds and you will never be re-elected.

Now that the Squad has Biden in their control, they have Pelosi, as well. Biden and Pelosi can’t pass anything without the Squad and their merry band of Socialists.

Let’s look at each of these women who hate America so much and try to figure what motivates them.

Ilhan Omar’s contempt for America is palpable. She is the Squad member who committed incest by marrying her brother so he could stay in the U.S. Although she was rescued by Americans from a  Somali refugee camp, given food, shelter, a free education, and the opportunity to serve in our government, she constantly spews hatred for our nation. “We have seen unthinkable atrocities committed by the U.S., Hamas, Israel, Afghanistan, and the Taliban,” she tweeted last week. She left out Iran, Pakistan, and a dozen other countries that support terrorism worldwide. Comparing American actions to those of her fellow terrorists should be enough to see her censured by the House, removed from office, and tried for treason for aiding and abetting our enemies.

Rashida Tlaib, another witch who is part of the so--called “Squad,” sent this Tweet when millions protested against Omar’s treacherous words: “Freedom of speech doesn’t exist for Muslim women in Congress. The benefit of the doubt doesn’t exist for Muslim women in Congress. House Democratic leadership should be ashamed of its relentless, exclusive tone policing of Congresswomen of color.” Is she crazy, or just plain stupid? Her Tweet along with Omar’s accusing our government of being terrorists went out to 1.4 million people – something that the real terrorist nations she praises would never allow – is itself proof that America let’s anyone – even vile ignorant, disloyal people like Tlaib say whatever they want.

Ayanna Pressley hates America as much as the rest of the “Squad,” although she was born in the Socialist State of Massachusetts, as my best friend, a former MA State Police officer calls it. Her only qualification for office is that she is a “woman of color,” and that she has 14 siblings. She did work briefly for John Kerry in his failed bid for president., and she has been an obsessive proponent of killing babies in the womb. Perhaps that attitude stemmed from having 14 brothers and sisters.) If she cared for “her community,” as she claims, why has she worked to make the most dangerous place for a black baby is his or her own mother’s womb? Pressley hates Jews and Israel almost as much as she hates the U.S. She took to the floor of the House to castigate for firing missiles at Palestine – even though Israel never does so except in response to Palestinian attacks on residential areas, schools, and temples – their favorite targets of murder.

I have saved the best – or at least the best in the category of utter stupidity and ridiculous statements. She is known (with good reason) as the Village Idiot of the House and is second only to the cognitively-impaired Biden in the area of remarks that show she understands nothing about politics – or anything else. Biden in Her are a few of Alexandria Cortez proclamations that rival Biden’s for sounding like she was falling-down frunk when she uttered them:

“Unemployment is low because everyone has two jobs.” No comment needed here.

“Let’s flip this seat Red.” Apparently, she was unaware that she was cheering on a Republican candidate.

“I can’t wait to be inaugurated and start signing bills.” She had no clue that Representatives are sworn in and vote on bills. Presidents are “inaugurated,” and that they sign the bills passed by Congress. Maybe she was confused and thought that her vast political experience as a bartender had gotten her elected president.

Months before the election, she stated in several interviews, “I got elected,” even after being corrected by her campaign staff (her lice-in boyfriend who she paid illegally with campaign funds). She had won the primary at the point she claimed she had been elected, but that was all. Isn’t it reassuring to have someone with almost no knowledge of U.S. politicians Congress making decisions that impact your life and livelihood?

She called for the disbanding of ICE and the Border Patrol, comparing them to Nazis dragging innocent people out of their homes, and stating that they raped women. In an organization as large as Customs and Border Patrol, there is certainly a possibility that one or more may have raped some woman somewhere. But there is absolutely no evidence of that. And, as any thinking person would realize (I don’t count here in that group), without border protection our country would be overrun with illegals who so overburden all our systems that we would become a third-world country and they would want to return to their own countries. Finally, ICE agents don’t pursue people just because they are here illegally. They are too busy chasing down murderers, rapists, and drug dealers who have been found guilty of their crimes and been ordered deported by a court.

“Americans are dying from global warming.” There is no evidence that Global Warming even exists. Real scientists have proof that fluctuations in the globe’s temperature changed many times before man invented the first machine. We had everything form the Ice Age to worldwide tropical weather much hotter than we now experience. And she could not name one person who had “died from global warming” when challenged by a reporter to back up her ridiculous claim.

Cortez is by far the dumbest of the Squad members, with an IQ roughly equal to that of a medium-size turnip. But they all share these core beliefs and values:

  1. They hate America
  2. They are self-admitted Marxists
  3. They want American taxpayers, the majority of whom are dead-set against it, to violate their consciences and pay for abortions – not just for Americans who are too lazy to use birth control, but for child murder all over the world.
  4. They believe police all over the country should be abandoned or defunded and replaced with social workers. But they insist on militarizing the Capitol to protect the 535 Members of Congress, and they have a private police force larger than that of the five counties that make up Atlanta.
  5. They want o “cancel all rent” in the United States, bankrupting small landlords who own a few apartments or a duplex. And they want to halt all evictions. Sounds compassionate right? But where is their compassion for the families who saved all their lives to buy a rental property to provide income I their “Golden Years. “If the Squad has their way, these will become the black years when their property is foreclosed on because people who were paying rent stopped doing so when this insane policy was put into place.

In Simple terms, the Squad wants to destroy America so that our citizens will accept the takeover of America by a global government. And Biden is their lapdog, so afraid of them that is willing to let millions of Americans and our allies trapped in a nation where tens of thousands of them will dies or suffer a fate worse than death.



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