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The Schizophrenic White House, Part One

September 6, 2021

They Despise One Another, but Pretend to Get Along in Public


Does anyone know who is in charge at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue? It most decidedly is not Biden. He hasn’t changed in the last 5 decades he has been feeding at the public trough in Washington, DC. He seldom knows where he is, often has to ask his staff what he is supposed to be doing, and constantly mumbles unintelligibly in front of cameras. Recenty a staffer discretely handed him a note card that read, “Sir, you have something on your chin,” while he was on live TV. He did what any six-year-old boy would do. He picked the yellow substance – probably part of his breakfast poached egg – on his chin and proceeded to eat it. Then he turned the card over to see if there were any other exciting revelations on the back, allowing the entire press corps to photograph the embarrassing note.

Is Kamala in charge? It certainly seems so. Vice-presidents are seldom anywhere in the room the president is speaking. Vice-President Pence was seldom in the room with President Trump unless he had a specific task to perform. The Secret Service prefers it that way, for the same reason that the president and vice-president never fly in the same plane. It’s simple common sense.

However, if you watch the television coverage when Biden speaks, Kamal is seldom more than six feet from him. The cameramen have obviously been told to keep the shots tight so that she doesn’t seem to be doing what she is doing – baby-sitting Biden. But when they pan the cameras, they can’t help but give us glimpses of her – always lurking a few feet away from Biden when she has no reason to be there. His declining physical and cognitive abilities require the presence of someone like her whose orders he will obey.

No reason except to lead the doddering buffoon off the podium when his mind wanders too far from reality. Just as his wife did during the campaign, Kamala has rescued him many times when he forgot where he was, what he was supposed to be doing, and even who he is. Remember the many times during his presidential campaign when he opened with, “I’m Joe Biden, and I’m running for the U.S. Senate”? Or when he repeatedly referred to the ticket as the Harris-Biden campaign”? I think Kamala and his staff should be arrested for elder abuse for putting him in so many humiliating situations that cause him to be ridiculed. 

She has saved him from dozens of situations that would have made him – and America – look foolish and weak at a time when we need the world to see us as the strong and vital leaders of the free world. She wasn’t able to stop him from insulting the Queen of England, nor from calling Putin a “killer just before a major meeting with the Russian leader. Putin probably is a killer,  but he has killed far fewer people that Biden has with his mishandling of the China Virus, and his refusal to allow any real investigation. Un unbiased investigation would prove that the Chinese Communist government not only created the virus, but that they also deliberately released it in an act of terrorism worse than any ever seen.

Here’s how schizophrenic the White House is about who is really in charge. Biden publicly announced that he had made Harris the border czar, putting her in charge fixing of the disaster on the Mexican border – a disaster created by Harris and Biden when they reversed all of President Trumps policies that were working so well. The next day she corrected him publicly, defying his supposed authority by saying that she wasn’t going to have anything to do with the border. Instead, in direct contravention of his assignment, she announced that she was going to handle the “Diplomatic efforts” to deal with what she claimed was the “root cause” of the problem of millions if illegals crossing our borders. She seemed to think that giving even more millions of dollars to the three Central American “triangle nations” -  Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador with no strings attached would somehow change anything.

I hardly know where to start with that ridiculous mission. First, we have been sending millions of dollars a year to those countries, with virtually no improvement. Our aid never gets to the poor it was intended for; it is stolen by corrupt politicians. Second, the presidents of Guatemala and Mexico said that statements from the White House promising easy entry, free stuff, and citizenship are the real “root cause” of their citizens pouring over our borders by the millions – essentially calling her a fool in a diplomatic way. And these three nations are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Border Patrol Officers have apprehended illegals from over 50% of the nations of the world crossing our Southern border, including violent criminals, MS13 gang members, drug runners, sex traffickers, Muslim terrorists, and citizens of countries who are our sworn enemies, including China, North Korea, and Iran.

The White House is so schizophrenic that no one who works there knows who is really running the show. Some people who work there try to sound like patriotic Americans who want our nation to prosper. Others are open Socialists  who are  bound and determined to weaken our economy, destroy our status as the leader of the free world, and make Americans so miserable that we will be willing to subjugate our beloved nation to a global one-world government. With Obama as the Supreme Leader. 

The problem for the people who really run the White House is that Kamala is not much smarter than Biden, and she has little respect in her party. Don’t forget that she only received 2% of the Democrat vote in the primaries and was forced to withdraw. Then Biden was forced to take her as his running mate. No real man would ever allow himself to he humiliated like that by a woman with no accomplishments (except for destroying law and order in California) when she had called him  a racist, a liar, and a sexual pervert during the televised debates. He only took her because he was forced to do so by his puppet masters.

I don’t think even Biden know who is pulling his strings. Kamala knows because she is running the White House. She even got Biden to issue an Executive Orrder to all federal agencies to refer to the pair of misfits as the Biden-Harris Administration instead of the customary Biden Administration.

Who put up the money to buy the election and install these two in the People’s House (and in President Trump’s office)? The smart money is on George Soros, but even the people who take billions from that miserable man hate him. It takes more than money. I believe the evil quartet of Obama, Michelle, Bill, and Hillary, have the connections and the political juice to make the best use of the money provided by Soros and others. And this may surprise you, but I have long believed that Bill Gates is a major player in the planned destruction of our nation. He is the most malicious philanthropist ever known. Just because he gives away lots of money doesn’t make him a nice – or even a decent man. He is an obsessive globalist, and you’d better believe that every dollar he gives away advances the world toward his goal of a global government in which he will play a major role.

We have all seen the massive power he and his fellow tech dictators wield through their empire of Socialist misinformation and the crushing of anyone with dissenting views. They even have the White House working for them providing targets for their campaign of demolishing anyone who has a dissenting viewpoint. Don’t think that because Gates has “retired” he doesn’t still control Microsoft.

To show you how powerful this nerdy-looking guy is, consider this. The three largest economies in the world are the United States, China, and Japan. China is nipping at our heels, and in some measures of economics it has already surpassed the U.S. For instance, the U.S. Nominal GDP (Gross Domestic Product) is approximately 50% larger than China’s. But China’s GDP measured by Purchasing Power Parity (a more important indicator of economic strength) is already 27% larger than that of the U.S. By 2050 the best projections are that Communist China’s Nominal GDP will be DOUBLE that of the U.S. And by then India’s Nominal GDP will be larger than that of the U.S., making it the second largest economic power after China. Currently Japan trails the U.S. and China in all these important measures.

GDP in terms of Purchasing Power Parity is how much “stuff” a nation could buy if their currencies were at parity – in other words fairly valued. In addition to India’s PPP being double that of Japan today, by 2050 it is expected to be larger than the ten largest nations (after China and the U.S.), and larger than the U.S., Japan, and Germany combined.

If you don’t think the White House is schizophrenic in its world view, remember that when you do business with companies that have shipped tens of millions of American tech jobs to India. Or when you buy the shoddy Chinese merchandise produced by China (often using slave labor) and sold through Walmart and Amazon. Are you starting to miss President Trump’s America First policies (as opposed to the Harris-Biden policy of “America Last”)? 

Do you understand that companies don’t ship jobs overseas? Washington does so by raising corporate taxes. We had the highest corporate rates in the world before the Trump tax cuts. Now the White House is working hard to dismantle everything Trump did to give us the strongest economy in over 100 years. Remember these things when your grandchildren ask, “Tell us the story about how America used the be the strongest country in the world.”

Most of you have never heard of the FAANG stocks. These are the Big Tech companies - Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Google. If you combined their values and considered them a nation, they are larger than Japan. But don’t worry – they don’t want to be a nation. They want to be in charge of the entire world. Despite their pretty-sounding “privacy policies,” these companies, along with Microsoft, know more about most Americans that do their spouses. And they sell this information to the highest bidder – American or Communist – while using it themselves to become more and more powerful.

You’ve heard that knowledge is power. What the White House is doing now will make these voracious consumers of stolen information even more powerful. Money is not important to them. When they have sufficient information to control or blackmail most of the world, they will start printing money instead of the governments of the world. Remember that the next time you’re offered something “free” on the Internet. Nothing is free. You pay for all the free stuff by giving away your most precious possession for that “free” subscription, or the “free” report. You pay for it with your life: lost freedom, lost liberty, and lost privacy. Once Big Tech takes the place of Big Government, they will take governments’ power. They will tell you what to do, and when and where you can do it – or they will destroy your life, your reputation, and your finances just as they are doing today to selected patriots and anyone who disagrees with them.

Forget the ridiculous old movies in which the computers take over the world. These giant tech companies are smarter than even the most powerful computers. The computers may be faster at doing their assigned jobs, but the tech companies build and program the computers, and give them their instructions. Forget AI (Artificial Intelligence). These guys are too smart o ever allow computers to think for themselves. The real danger is EI (Evil Intelligence). There are many, but I will give you just one example of how EI plans to rule the world. 

If you search for the largest website hosting companies, The Top Ten will always have GoDaddy at the top. None of the Big Tech companies will appear in the Top Ten. But that is meaningless. Over 90% of “cloud-based infrastructure” is owned by Amazon, Microsoft and Google – with Amazon accounting for 47% of ALL such infrastructure. Think of the website hosting companies as stores in a shopping center. Amazon and the others own the shopping center.

(In case you’re wondering, there is no such thing as “The Cloud.” There is no big cloud-like bubble in the sky where all your data happily co-exists with everyone elses’ data. The “Cloud” is simply one or more computers owned by someone else.)

In the cases of Amazon and the other giants we’re talking about hundreds of thousands of other people’s computers. 

My final example of the schizophrenic nature of the White House is its policy toward immigration. Biden makes all the right noises about the fact that we are a nation of immigrants, that we need immigration to survive as a nation. But if they’re so badly needed, why does it take an average of seven years to be approved to come here, and many years after that before they can become citizens. Then he makes it harder and harder for people to become legal immigrants with the costs running into the tens of thousands of dollars and making immigration attorneys millionaires. Then, shockingly he announced that he was going to cut the number of legal immigrants by 100,000 per year. Every legal immigrant , this week must prove that they are not infected with the China Virus before they can board the plane to come here. Then they have to quarantine.

Meanwhile, if you can get to the Mexican border, you simply walk across, claim asylum, and receive a court date to appear months of years later to make your asylum claim. Of course, less than 10% and only 5% of those who do show up are granted asylum. That’s because, under international conventions, only people with a credible fear of death, torture, or imprisonment for their political or religious beliefs are eligible for asylum. Being poor and wanted a better life is not grounds for asylum. It is an admirable goal, but is not, by anyone’s standards, legal grounds for claiming asylum. In fact, it is a violation of federal law to cross our borders without such a status and claim asylum.

Do the match. 5% of the people in the world live in the United States. Far more than 60% of the world’s population lives in poverty, and most of them want to come here. If we allowed that, we would quickly become a third-world nation as bad as the places they came from.

Now the schizophrenia has shifted into high gear. After decades of being granted almost automatic asylum status, Cubans – who ARE being imprisoned, tortured, and murdered for the crime of disagreeing with the Communist regime there have been told that if they try to enter the U.S., they will be turned away. The estimates are that at least half of the brave Cubans who attempt to come to the U.S. in make-shift rafts and boats die making the trip. Earning them back means that thousands will die on the return trip, and if they make it back to Cuba, they will be imprisoned or executed – usually right on the beach when they land.

This sounds insane to any reasonable person. The White House refuses to allow Cubans – who have traditionally been some of the hardest working, grateful and patriotic naturalized citizens American has even been blessed with, are sent off to die. These are people with asylum claims recognized by U.S> law and international conventions. When they have been admitted in the past, they have not gone to the welfare office. They have gone directly to employment agencies. They don’t suck our country dry. They work hard, build businesses, employ others, and bolster our economy.

It is also insane to make it harder and harder, and more and more expensive, for legal immigrants to come here. And this week’s announcement that the White House will but by 100,000 the number who can even apply for green cards is particularly ludicrous, given Biden’s repeated claims that he wants to encourage immigration. 

At the same time, he stopped all construction on the border will his first day in office – even on sections that were just days from completion. He refuses to allow Border Office to do their jobs. H has trashed all the policies that took President Trump years to put into place that had dramatically minimized the numbers of illegals. He tore up the agreement with Mexico that required real asylum-seekers to wait in Mexico while their claims were investigated. (International asylum seekers are required by international conventions to stay in the first country they can get to; they aren’t allowed to pick the country where they’ll get the most free stuff.) And he broke the agreements that President Trump had made with the Triangle Nations to close their borders to illegals or face losing the millions of dollars we had given them for many years.

He and Kamala made many public statements that encouraged illegals to come here in violation of the law. If they really wanted to know the “root cause” of the millions of illegals pouring across our borders, all they had to do was look at their own public statements. The president of Guatemala told Kamal this to her face.

As a result of rescinding all the years of hard work and hard-won agreements, the White House has plunged our nation into a dangerous border crisis. One out of three women and girls are raped while traveling here on the White House-encouraged “caravans.” Many die on the way. Then they are put in the chain-link fences Obama built, and in sweltering tents. Now we find that many of the contractors we hire to take care of the children are themselves raping little girls and boys.

At least ten per cent of the illegals are infected with the China Virus. The number could be much higher, but now the White House is moving them into the interior of the country, and most are not tested. They are put on buses with unsuspecting Americans, many of whom contract the virus in the close quarters of the bus. Hundreds of thousands have been dropped off in the downtown areas of small towns all of the nation. The local authorities are not notified. They are just dumped like trash, and the towns hospitals, schools, and social service agencies are overwhelmed. 

Lately disgusted border officials have revealed that the white House is even chartering planes to fly these poor people even further North. Imagine living in the hot climates of Mexico and Central America, possibly never having worn long pants or any shoes except flip-flops. Then you find yourself in a freezing cold town where no one can understand your language, and there are no provisions for food, shelter, or medical care. 

The average illegal immigrant costs American taxpayers $65,000 annually – more than many Americans make in a year. These include costs for incarceration of the criminals that hide among them to cross the border; teaching their children at schools that have no bi-lingual teachers; healthcare costs; and yes, you heard right. They are placing many of them in luxury hotels that Americans can no longer afford. These are usually the ones who are positive for the China Virus. Hospitals, clinics, and urgent care facilities all over the country  turn Americans away when they arrive with serious health concerns if they test positive for the virus. They’re told to go home, wait until they’re well. Then come back and we’ll look at your heart, kidneys, or lungs.

But the government dumps Virus-positive illegals of charities, gives them some money, and tell them to make sure they quarantine the in hotels. But the charities have no legal authority to make them quarantine. Last week a hamburger place in Texas was flooded with 40 C=Virus-positive illegals. The police were called, but the local politicians told them they couldn’t do anything about it.

Again, all of this sounds insane. After all schizophrenia isa form of insanity. But how could even Biden and Kamala order such conflicting, frankly stupid policies on the same subject.

Think about it. They have several goals. As Socialists, they want to change everything that has made America great. As globalists, they wan to tear our country apart morally and economically so that they can force most of us into a one-world government and imprison anyone who dissents (just like in China). Finally, as politicians they feel a responsibility to get reelected to that they can make sure Americans obediently do what the, the wise elites, know what is best for us.

All of this is very sensible and logical to them. The people pouring into our nation are not what the law calls them – illegal aliens. No, they are Undocumented Democrat Voters. (Expect a law to be introduced soon allowing anyone who live in this country to vote. The Democrats make it very clear to the illegals that they are the party of illegal immigration. They greet the illegals at the border with pamphlets in Spanish explain how to get welfare, free phones, food stamps, medical care, and how to get their children enrolled on our schools.

Have you noticed that most of the illegals are now minors? That’s because Harris and Biden made it clear that no children would be turned away. No one call tell me that these kids walked hundreds of miles by themselves to get here. Some are in diapers! No, their parents got them across the border to be “anchor babies.” Once they have legal status in the U.S., they become they anchor by which their immediate family can now get legal status. And we’re not talking about “immediate family they way you and I would. In many cases dozens of aunts, uncles, cousins, in-laws can eventually gain entry into the U.S.

Another way this works is when a pregnant woman, usually close to term, enters the U.S. either illegally or legally by vis a s a visitor. In the v=case of illegals, particularly, these women know that the U.S. wouldn’t turn away a woman close to giving birth. As long as the baby is born in America, he or she doesn’t just receive legal status; the automatically become U.S. citizens. According to one study, 4.5 million babies are born this way each year. That’s more than the 4 million American babies born each year.

On the other side, according to Biden’s Secretary of state, if a Cuban mother were in active labor, they would not be allowed to set foot on American soil. Why the discrimination? Aren’t these people all Hispanics? No, first of all because there is no such thing. The term was in=vented by the U.S. Census Bureau and first used on the census form in 1980. Bureaucrats, and particularly Liberal bureaucrats, live to put people into boxes or categories. Then they can pit them against one another. 

Today it is popular to call people with Spanish surnames Hispanic, and even more popular to call them “brown” or a “person of color.” Nothing makes Liberals happier than to make everything about race. But all you have to do is visit Spain or Puerto Rico to realize how stupid this is. The original inhabitants of Spain were as European (and as white) as the Germans of French. And in ”The Island of Enchantment,” Puerto Rico, there are millions of people with Spanish accents and names who are as black as the darkest African I have met.

So, no, Cubans and Mexicans are not Hispanic. In the eyes of the White House, Cubans are dreaded “future Republican voters.” Most, not all, Cubans tend to vote Republican. So, to Harris and Biden it is better to send them back out to sea to dies that to let them become citizens and vote Democrat. And it’s also logical for them to allow Mexicans and Central Americans, even those infected with the Virus to enter, because they typically vote Democrat.

There is another major difference between the “acceptable” and “unacceptable” immigrants. Many (again, by no means all) Mexican in particular feel that California, New Mexico, and other parts of the Southwest were “stolen” from Mexico – and are still part of the land of Mexico. So, we have seen Mexican university professors stirring up hatred against America and encouraging their students to riot and destroy property. We have even observed the shameful spectacle of people born in Mexico or descended from Mexican parents taking over federal property by force, tearing down the American flag, and raising the Mexican flag.

That is simply something you would never see a Cuban do. They are grateful to this country which saved them from death at the hands of Castro and his regime, welcomed them to this nation, and helped them to become part of us. As a group they are fiercely loyal to America and extremely patriotic.

Again, I know many people of Mexican descent who share those traits. But there is no question that if the Democrats had their way, Mexicans would be allowed to vote, and Cubans would not.

So, the schizophrenic Democrat policies that seem insane to patriotic Americans who don’t have mental problems, are eminently sensible and logical to the crazies who have taken over the Democrat Party. Believe it or not, most Democrats were once very conservative, loved our flag, and honored the Constitution. In fact, some were more Conservative than many of today’s Republicans.

I think that’s enough about the problems. There are two things all of us can do to get back the America we knew and loved. First, work as hard as you can to elect Conservative, Patriotic Americans to every level of American politics. It’s not all about the president. It’s not even all about the Congress (although if Conservative’s retake both houses, it will do a lot to keep Kamala and Joe from causing further damage.

Work hard to elect Conservatives to state and local office holders. The school board member of today may become a member of your state legislature someday. And he or she may someday be elected to national office.

Second, prepare financially. Most of you know I study economics very seriously. There is simply no way to separate economics from politics. For years we have allowed this nation to be buried under a mountain of debt it can never repay. These last six months we have seen or orgy of spending that will eventually make Obama look like a penny-pincher. The only way to overcome the 96.3% loss in the purchasing power of the dollar is for there to be a crash. We will see at least a 50% loss in the stock market, as well as a debt collapse in which the United States will finally officially declare bankruptcy. A currency crash, which almost every nation in the world going back to ancient Rome has suffered will render our paper money worthless. Contact me through the website and request the “10-10-10 Financial Survival plan.” It could literally make the difference between whether you and your family have food and shelter, or whether you are left with paper money worth no more than toilet paper.



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