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Decorated Chinese Officer Jailed for Expressing Personal Opinion Contrary to the Communist Party

Correction: It Was a U.S. Marine Colonel who Expressed his Personal Opinion Contrary to the DEMOCRAT Party

October 4, 2021

Decorated Chinese Officer Jailed for Expressing Personal Opinion Contrary to the Communist Party

Correction It Was a U.S. Marine Colonel Who Expressed his Personal Opinion on his own Time Contrary to the DEMOCRAT Party

You would expect to see top officers jailed in Communist dictatorships for daring to criticize their dictators. You shouldn't expect to see that in the Land of the Free where freedom of speech is guaranteed by our Constitution. Unfortunately, we no longer live in that America.

We live in AMERIKA, where dictators disguised as politicians regularly twist our Constitution and laws for their own financial profit and power, and to stroke their massive egos. There should be a sign at the door of the White House Check your ego at the door; you are here to serve the people. If there had been such a sign, Joe and Kamala would have torn it down and burned it before moving in.

Anyone who dared to challenge the Party Line of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, or Chinese dictator Xi Jon Ping could expect instant punishment. But when any U.S. citizen particularly a decorated U.S. Marine war hero speaks truth to power on his own time, he should not expect to be dragged off to jail and threatened with spending the rest of his life in a federal prison. This is not how America rewards its heroes.

Unfortunately, this is the way Joe Biden's AMERIKA chooses to destroy anyone who has the audacity to disagree with him. He is such a little man that he cant handle any criticism. Unfortunately, anyone who has such a massive ego is a serious danger to our country. If you think you can never be wrong, you have no business having your finger on the nuclear war button.

Here's what led to this

Lt. Colonel Stuart Sheller is a highly decorated Marine leader and warrior who served for 17 years. All Americans have the right to express their opinions freely and without fear of reprisal. The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution gives all of us this right equally. But if any American has a greater right than others in this regard, in my mind it would be a man like this who risked his life hundreds of times to preserve that right for all of us.

Colonel Sheller made on post on social media as a citizen of the United States not in his official capacity as a Battalion Commander. In it he asked the questions that most Americans are asking about the chaotic, botched withdrawal from Afghanistan that resulted in the deaths of thirteen U.S. service personnel. We know that Americans want answers to these questions because 71% of us including millions of Democrats disapprove of the way the Biden-Harris administration pulled out the troops first. Leaving thousands of Americans and our allies to fend for themselves. Most of those people will be beheaded, tortured, raped, or held for ransom. Any civilized, honorable Commander-in-Chief from any nation would have done the opposite. But Biden was so obsessed with having his withdrawal (actually a retreat before the enemy) that he put the Taliban terrorists in charge of security for American citizens and our allies.

By contrast, President Trump had an orderly plan to withdraw our troops that would have kept American citizens safe a presidents first job as well as gotten our allies out of the country safely. Proof of this is that in the 18 months since he made this agreement with the Afghanis not on U.S. military member was killed or even wounded. But within days Biden had torn up the agreement and commenced a cowardly retreat that resulted in hundreds being killed by the Taliban protectors, known terrorists to whom he had given control of the nation and our citizens. Their blood is on Biden's hands.

America wants to know why this happened and wants someone to take responsibility for it. Colonel Sheller wants the same, but he had the guts to ask the question most were afraid to ask. We know who was responsible, and we know how vindictive he is. Few want to be persecuted by the man who sits in the Oval Office, so they stay quiet.

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." (Edmund Burke)

Colonel Sheller is not that kind of man. He was just three years away from a retirement that would have brought him $2 Million in pay and VA benefits over his lifetime. He could have added himself to the millions who do nothing by quietly doing his job for three more years and enjoyed a comfortable retirement.

Instead, he put everything on the line for the 13 dead troops and the thousands of abandoned and civilians doomed by Biden and the top military brass. He didn't ask for them to be punished, as they should be. Biden should be impeached, the generals should be court-martialed, and all should be tried for treason. All he asked was that they take responsibility for their deadly actions something real leaders do.

When he realized that that wasn't going to happen, he resigned his commission as an officer in the U.S. Marine Corps. As hard as that would be for any honorable Marine, in addition to losing his career, he also lost his pension, his VA benefits, lifetime medical care and much more. And he could spend most of the rest of his life in prison for his courage.

Biden refused to accept his resignation, preferring to keep him in the Marines so that he could persecute him. I can hear his little pea-sized brain as he made his decision. I've been feeding at the public pig trough for 50 years. Now I finally get to set in the Big Chair. NO ONE, hero or not, is going to criticize me. I'm the most powerful person in the world.

Biden is such a wimp that he believes that if he allows dissent, people will see him for what he is a spineless puppet of the wealthy people who put him in the White House illegally. So, he lies and lies, and tries to act like a tough guy. Do you remember all the times he threatened to take Trump out behind the bleachers and beat him up? Now there's a picture of a strong leader that Americans and our allies can trust and respect. (Sarcasm intended.)

Biden told America and our allies that his generals advised his to pull all our troops out immediately. That was a lie, and many of the generals said so privately, while cowardly backing Biden publicly. But this week they testified before Congress, and since they were under oath, they told the truth. They privately advised him that he should leave at least 2,500 personnel in Afghanistan to provide air and intelligence support for the Afghani government. If we failed to do so, the country would fall within months. They were wrong. Because of Biden's idiocy and cowardice, Afghanistan fell to the Taliban within days, and the real government, which was supposed to share power with the Taliban fled the country to avoid being beheaded.

What if President Trump had still been in his office when this happened? First, he would not have stupidly as Biden did. Second, he would probably have invited the Colonel to the White House for lunch, and perhaps even promoted him. President Trump has always encouraged opposing points of view because he knows that hearing and considering other ideas makes him a stronger leader. He would never have persecuted and prosecuted a patriot warrior if his feelings were hurt. President Trump loves and respects our military in a way no president since Dwight Eisenhower, a former general himself, did.

We've been talking about what is right, fair, and just. An honest poll would show that all but the most partisan Liberals would agree that Colonel Sheller should be allowed to resign and go on with his life. Certainly, other military personnel of all ranks have criticized their superiors in much worse ways, and either been shuffled off to a desk job or allowed to resign. We know WHY Biden has chosen to try to destroy a man who has done more for his nation in 17 years than Biden has in almost five decades of useless paper-shuffling and mouth-running in D.C. Buy HOW has he gotten away with it so far?

There's this pesky thing called the U.C.M.J. (The Uniform Code of Military Justice) that most Americans have never heard of unless they have served. When a citizen joins any branch of the military, they are informed that they have given up certain rights that all other Americans enjoy. To a large extent, the U.C.M.J. becomes their Constitution. What they are not told is that the word Justice in the U.C.M.J. has an entirely different meaning than the word has in our Constitution and in the rest of American jurisprudence. Under the U.C.M.J. all your rights can be taken away from you.

I served in the Marine Corps under the U.C.M.J. The only abuse I suffered was when I was still in boot camp. One of my drill instructors had me sing the Lords Prayer every night after lights out. One day I was in the barracks when this drill instructor had a D.I. from another platoon in his office. Both were drunk on duty. My D.I. bragged to the other that he had a boot who could sing and ordered me to sing the Lords Prayer. For obvious reasons I refused. I was thrown into the brig (military prison) at hard labor for insubordination. When I got out, I had to graduate with another platoon due to the time I lost. But that was minor compared to what others suffered.

One of my D.I.s (I am sure he was demon-possessed) really loved to hurt people. We were at attention at the end of our bunks at attention just before lights out. This particular sadist started throwing a bayonet around the feet of one of my bunk-mates hard enough to stick in the wood floor for no particular reason. Finally, the bayonet struck the mans foot hard enough to go all the way through and stick in the floor. The D.I. roughly twisted it to remove it, causing tremendous pain. The boot was ordered to walk all the way to sick bay and report that he had dropped his bayonet, causing his own injury. The Navy Corpsman who treated him know that the weapon had the have been forcefully thrown it wasn't heavy enough for a drop to have caused such an energy. But they were afraid and wrote the incident up as a self-inflicted would.

The drill instructors literally drove some people to suicide. I was on night watch patrolling the barracks and found one of our platoons in the head (bathroom) right after slitting his wrists. I got help there in time, and he lived. Another tried to swim from Parris Island, our recruit training base, to the mainland. The name is Shark Island due to the large number of sharks that surround the base. The recruit knew this, but they had tortured him so severely that he decided to risk the swimming sharks rather than me mentally tortured by the two-legged sharks who were supposed to be training us. He floated ashore in pieces.

I understand why Marine D.I.s does these things, and I agree that it is necessary to a point. As they often told us, the Drill Instructors put tremendous pressure on us on the theory that if we were going to crack under pressure it was better for it to happen in boot camp than in battle where you could get others killed. But what many of these men did was completely illegal and in violation of the U.C.M.J. But just as our politicians make laws, then break those laws, and never suffer consequences, certain people, including D.I.s, high-ranking officers, and those with godfathers (high-ranking officers who protect them), seem to escape justice over and over again.

Women have it worst. When my daughter expressed interested in joining the military, I advised he as I advise all young ladies. I told her if she joined, she would always be a second-class citizen, and she would never be safe from sexual harassment and even rape. Certainly, a very, very small number of women are allowed to advance in rank so that the brass can say See, we have women officers. Look, there's a female general. And I will admit that life in the military has improved to a small degree since I was on active duty.

But every year, according to the Pentagons own surveys 26,000 female service members are raped. Only those, less than 20% are reported, and only a fraction of the rapists are convicted. These figures don't include the hundreds of thousands of cases of sexual harassment, most of which also go unreported. Why are these women afraid to come forward? Let me quote from one of the articles below

Any woman at any time can, if she is unfortunate enough, be on a base where an accused rapist has already been pardoned by a base commander as a misunderstanding or a lack of evidence and reassigned there as a means of keeping the accused rapist in the military because he is a good soldier.

In those times when a woman is willing to fall on her sword and do whatever it takes to bring a man to justice, and can find someone in the military willing to take her case, the man is accused and tried by the UCMJ (Uniformed Code of Military Justice). He goes to the brig (military jail) for sixty days and is given a dishonorable discharge. End of story. In the civilian world he would be, if convicted, looking at ten to fifteen years for rape.

Victims testify that they don't report rapes because they wont be believed; because most are further victimized by retaliation; because their careers will be ruined; and because a third of them will be kicked out of the military within 7 months of reporting being raped. In 2018, of the 5,805 reports of sexual assault, only 307 cases (5%) were tried by court-martial, and only 108 offenders (1/3) were convicted.

Lest you imagine that these women are being raped by drunken peers, 59% were assaulted by someone with a higher rank than them, and 24% were assaulted by someone above them in their own chain of command. Their superiors and officers the ones who are charged with their safety and security are the predators of those they should be protecting.

And its not just sergeants and low-ranking officers. Do you remember the Tailhook scandal?

The Defense Department, has finally released the a seven-month investigation Friday, accusing officers including admirals and generals - of sexual assaults against 97 active duty female officers. More than 4,000 officers, attended the convention at a Las Vegas hotel, consuming $33,500 worth of alcohol. Among them was Admiral Frank B. Kelso, chief of naval operations and the Navy's top officer. The report charged that the behavior stemmed from a serious breakdown of leadership.

or other misconduct in connection with the infamous Tailhook convention of 1991 and charged that the behavior stemmed from a serious breakdown of leadership.

More than 46 younger officers could face courts-martial or lesser punishment on charges of sexual assault or indecent exposure. The Defense Departments inspector general, however, stopped short of recommending punishment for senior officers. Gee, I wonder why no senior officers were charged. That's the U.C.M.J. at work.

Why the military needs an annual drunken convention in Sin City was not explained in the report, nor that the gathering had gone on for years. Many of the senior officers had attended it in previous years, so they certainly knew what went on. But they all claimed to know nothing about the rapes and sexual assaults. The good old boys always protect each other.

At least this long-delayed report brought out more of the truth. Its findings were in stark contrast to the Defense Departments original investigation of the incident, which produced just two suspects and led investigators to complain that officers had closed ranks to hide the truth. Ya think? 4,000 officers in attendance, and 97 women assaulted? Those two guys would have had to be really busy.

The bottom line is that some differences in the justice system are necessary for the military you wouldn't want a soldier disobeying a direct order in combat, for instance. But the UCMJ was passed by Congress in the 1950s and is in serious need of an overhaul.

Don't think that the JAG (Judge Advocate General) TV show accurately depicts the way the UCMJ is used. Yes, the JAG attorneys are professional lawyers, but in most courts-martial (the military version of a trial) the accused is more often represented by one of his peers without no legal training and appointed by his commanding officer. Worse, many cases are tried by the C.O. himself, often in his office, with no representation for the accused. Instead of juries of 12 peers, a panel of as few as 6 service members can try serious cases that result in dishonorable discharges that can ruin a mans life. And unanimous consent of the jury is not required except in death penalty cases.

There is no question that the system is broken. It allows egregious injustices such as those described above that lets officers or those with influence to get away with crimes that would put them in prison for decades in the real world, and crushes people like Colonel Shellen because the people in charge have become so politicized. It allows someone like Biden or some lying general to take away a mans freedom of speech because he hurt their feelings. Worse, it allows them to take away his pension that he earned over a period of 17 years, and even imprison him for decades because of a social media post.

Shame on the United States for treating our heroes this way, while bending over backwards to ensure the rights of illegal aliens, murderers, rioters and various other scum. Congress had better act quickly to protect those who protect us, or we wont have the best military in the world anymore. If these abuses continue, we may have no military.

If Colonel Sheller is convicted or dishonorably discharged, I predict a wave of early retirements similar to what we are seeing among police officers who are being abused. And if potential recruits see this travesty of justice, we will see recruitment drop even more.


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