Special Commentary
Ric Wasley
That time is now! If we are ever going to defeat the Left we must take their own tactics and use them - and the time to do it is now.

"Conservatives are in danger – and the liberal mob is more emboldened than ever before. That’s why it’s time for Republicans across this nation to take off the gloves and start taking the fight to the far-Left and beating them at their own game. We must start by boycotting those corporations – and individuals – who cave to the demands of the woke mob. Regurgitating liberal talking points and feeding the cycle of lies should not be rewarded. Robbing states of multi-million-dollar revenues should not be applauded. And conservatives should not patronize those who align themselves with the radical agenda of the far-Left.”  Read more...
President Biden's executive orders originate behind the scene, from a cadre of leftist progressives.
Bob Pascarella
The first Executive Order was issued by President George Washington. It was addressed to the heads of the federal departments, and simply stated “Impress me with a full, precise and distinct general idea of the affairs of the United States.” This pertained specifically to each of the individual departments at the time and what their functions involved in regards to matters of the nation. One of the most famous and profound Executive orders was issued by Abraham Lincoln - The Emancipation Proclamation.   Read more...
Any Business, TV Show, Sports Team, or Product
Don Boys, PhD
I am determined to not permit inferiors to browbeat, bamboozle, belittle, bully, or blackmail me into admitting to the possibility they are on the high road, thereby suggesting I, and people of common sense, are on the low road. I will not agree to their positions, vote for them, watch or listen to their vacuous preachments on television or radio, or knowingly spend a dollar that may accrue to them.
Boycott the losers, leftists, and loonies! 

Rev. Michael Bresciani
Putting forth this stringent bill in a nation that now seems to be on the very edge of complete anarchy, is an obvious case of bad intentions, bad timing, and caving to special interest groups. It is obviously more to do with the culture wars than with a legitimate national need.

The "Equality Act" (EA) has already passed the House. It faces a battle in the Senate unless (or, if) the filibuster gets the ax, it has some chance of passing. On its face, it seems like a good law, but just under the surface, it has the potential to bring religious freedoms down to the dust.  Read more...
Ed Delph
As a society, we've conquered outer space but not our inner space. Your spiritual life or inner life is a "rock" issue. According to the Scriptures, your spiritual life depends on where you will spend your eternal life. We humans don't always have our best interests in mind. Let's change that. Let's make our inner space at least as necessary as our outer space.

Here’s some wisdom about spiritual and physical health. "Beloved, I pray that in all respects, you may prosper and be in good health, just as your soul prospers." Do you see that? God wants you to be healthy in your soul and body. We need peace with God to have the peace of God. What good is it if we have health in our body, but not in our soul and spirit?  Read more...
Jeff Crouere
The first 80 days of the Biden administration have been a nightmare for Americans who love our Constitution and appreciate limited government. On Thursday (4/8/21), President Joe Biden announced another batch of executive orders, in this case, dealing with expanding gun control. It follows a blizzard of executive orders he has issued since his inauguration.

Biden is proving his “woke” credentials by pursuing a full-fledged progressive agenda. Although all leftist dreams have not been realized, dramatic action on their agenda has occurred in the first 80 days of the Biden administration.  Read more...
The strategy to wreck America.
Bob McCray
Where in the world is VP Kamala Harris? She has been tasked by President Joe Biden to handle the Mexican Border, but the only border she has been close to lately is the Canadian border. So far there has been no sign of Harris. It’s getting so bad that milk cartons have begun to appear in Washington D.C. with Kamala Harris’s photo on the side, declaring her missing from the border. Over 20 days have gone by and she has refused to go to the southern border. In the meantime, thousands of illegal aliens have answered Joe Biden's call to pour over the southern border into the United States.  Read more...