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Obama Tried to Kill Our Space Program - but We're Back
Dr. Tom Barrett
We've had enough bad news in the past few months to last for years. First, China sent us the gift of a pandemic that has killed over 100,000 Americans. As a result, in just a matter of months the fear and panic induced by the China Virus has destroyed all the economic gains President Trump and his team have made since he was elected. We are now officially in the worst recession since the Depression. Then a terrible cop in Minneapolis killed a black man, George Floyd, sparking week-long riots in 30 Democrat-led cities around the nation 
Finally, I can report some good news. After 12 years on the sidelines, watching other nations launch space missions, on May 29 the United States completed a successful manned rocket launch from American soil. This is great for several reasons:
  • We no longer have to ask Russia to Uber astronauts to the International Space Station.
  • We don't have to pay one of our greatest enemies millions of dollars for those rides.
  • American pride is back after Obama tried to destroy our space program.
Actually, he called them "Protesters"
Dr. Tom Barrett
First, get a clue, Mayor Braindead. These aren't protesters. Protesters walk around, wave signs, shout, and make their views known - peacefully. Rioters injure innocent bystanders, kill people, steal, destroy buildings, set fires, blow up cars, destroy minority-owned neighborhood businesses, and attack police - all felonies. As mayor of one of the largest cities in the world you should know this. But you will treat them as innocent protestors, since most of them were stupid enough to vote for you.

Neighborhoods are being destroyed, millions of dollars in damage being done, people being injured and killed by these rioters - but your concern is "social distancing"? Are you insane, or are my lying ears deceiving me? These are not protestors - these are violent rioters. Inciting a riot is in itself a crime. But you are concerned they might sneeze on each other.

How about the almost 6,000 elderly New Yorkers you and your governor condemned to death by using an Executive Order to force nursing homes with healthy populations to take in China Virus infected people. You even told them they weren't allowed to test the new patients, so that they could possibly isolate them from the healthy people. The result was predictable. It was like throwing a burning, gas-soaked rag into a pile of dry leaves. The infection spread like wildfire in these nursing homes. One fourth of all the Virus deaths in the entire State of New York occurred in those nursing homes you turned into death traps. One fourth! The blood of those who died is on your hands, Mayor Grim Reaper. Read more...
Special Featured Commentary
God, Help Us...
Paul Hayden
Dear Heavenly Father, Almighty God, Creator and Sustainer of the Universe and the world we live in, with much respect, I bow in reverence before Your Holiness.

Feeling that I am no more than a little speck, I ask You to help our country and our world.

You sent Jesus your Son to show us Your love, and to teach us about life. You sent Him to save us from our sins, and we have many. Forgive us our sins, and help us to know Your love.  Read more...
Special Commentary
Cliff Kincaid
The Soros-funded American Bridge organization notes that Democrats only need to win four seats to take back the majority in the Senate and claims that, right now, Democrats are tied or leading in eight. It says, “Mitch McConnell is in danger of losing his seat, and Democrats are surging in Arizona, Colorado, Iowa, Maine, Montana, North Carolina, and South Carolina.” Colorado is perhaps the most interesting race, as the incumbent Republican Senator, Cory Gardner of Colorado, is running for re-election as a “common-sense conservative” who serves the needs of the marijuana industry and the potheads who depend on it. Read more...
Ed Delph
I like communicating with people. I'm a pastor, speaker, and author, but really, most people say that I do much more than that. I communicate. I don't preach, teach, beseech, or screech. I communicate or at least attempt to communicate. My goal is to connect the message with the audience engagingly and creatively, creating a shift in beliefs and behavior that uplifts people.

If you want to go up in life, learn to communicate. By the way, don't get upset if Christians are speaking about God in every-day conversations. They're doing what they are supposed to do, sowing seed.  Read more...
Blue State residents are getting a first hand preview what life will be like if the Dems succeed in their goal.
Ric Wasley
Blue State residents are getting a first-hand preview of what life will be like if the Democrats succeed in their goal. The question is - do Democrat voters actually like it?

Much of what we as conservatives who are dedicated to the principals of America and upholding the only set of laws in history designed from our country's founding - the Constitution - hold as sacred, is the concept of America as the sole country founded to guarantee the rights of the individual over the tyranny of a king, oligarch, or the state.

Up until the end of the 20th century that was the single concept that united all Americans regardless of party. Sadly that has changed in the last 20 years.  Read more...
Socialism is watered down communism.
Bob McCray
The iron fist approach has been repeatedly demonstrated by the want to be dictators who hold the position of governor in many of our states. The methods used by these left-wing state governors have put their goals for their states and the country as a whole on display. The people’s personal freedom is not on the list of the left-wing socialist political leaders, the people are considered as serfs, peons, and used as pawns. The arrogance exercised by the socialist left who populate the Democrat Party is a trademark of totalitarianism. 
Do not discount reasons other than protection from the Coronavirus for the use of face masks.
Bob Pascarella
The events of the last several months have been unprecedented, to say the least. The Coronavirus has tested our metal as a people. As I sit here contemplating all that has happened, a thought occurred to me, and I ask for your indulgence while I express what is on my mind, and postulate a theory.

One of the protocols handed down by the experts is that the people wear face masks for the immediate need for protection from the virus. But consider this, I believe there may be a group of people that welcome the mask, and it is their hope that it becomes a staple in American life; I speak of those who suffer from the dreaded condition of halitosis.  Read more...