Bobbing for Apples Long Way From Celebrating the Dead

October 27, 2002

by April Shenandoah

When I was growing-up Halloween was a fun time to dress in costumes, go to the neighbors for “trick or treat,” soap windows, bob for apples, and tell ghost stories. At the time, it all seemed so harmless; little did we know that we were actually celebrating Satan’s holiday. Halloween was, and is, a subtle exposure to the occult. Today our schools are blatantly introducing cultic activities to our young people, including séances, New Age meditation, and witchcraft.

Recently McNear Elementary School in Petaluma City, California decided that their fourth-graders were going to celebrate the dead in a weeklong classroom ritual commemorating the Mexican holiday “El Dia de los Muertos” (Day of the Dead). The holiday will be observed as an alternative to Halloween. The children have been instructed to bring in pictures or write memories of deceased family members, friends or pets. These items will be put on an ofrenda (altar) that has been created for this purpose.

The ancient Aztec El Dia de los Muertos religious holiday typically celebrated in Mexico and Mexican communities honor the dead by dancing on the graves of deceased relatives or around altars, while wearing wooden skull masks. Pictures, flowers, food, and candles are all part of the altar display. The flyer sent to Petaluma City parents describes, El Dia de los Muertos as a “ritual event in which the spirits of dead loved ones are invited to visit the living as honored guests.”

Other materials sent to parents and teachers describing the event refer to ‘altars,’ ‘ritual.’ ‘symbolic items.’ ‘cycle of life,’ ‘dead animals,’ and welcoming ‘death.’ The literature clearly indicated that the entire event is intended to be a practical application of these spiritual and religious themes. McNear principal, Clare Eckhardt, said, “the school is merely following state guidelines for curriculum. The question is, who is preparing this curriculum and what is the agenda behind it?  

A few years back, “death education” was introduced as a game in the lower grade levels. Example: The children were asked if they were in a rowboat with family and friends and the boat was going to sink unless someone was thrown overboard, whom would they choose to let die. This is not only sick but it desensitizes the idea of “death!”   What are they preparing our children for? Think about this! Islam (a three month extensive course) has been implemented in many schools and now “death” is part of our children’s studies. Parents should be up in arms!

The Day of the Dead is described as a religious holiday, yet we are told that it is unconstitutional to celebrate Christmas and Easter in the schoolroom. The birth and resurrection of Jesus noted on our calendars and designated as official school holidays in this country have been replaced by “paganism” and “witchcraft.” And, this Day of the Dead instruction is not just for one day -- it is an entire week of this intrusion into our children’s fragile minds. No wonder our children can’t read and they need calculators to add and divide. Teachers are too busy taking over the minds, bodies, and souls of their students to fit the “robotic new world” that is coming. Be aware that the Scriptures direct us not to dabble in divination, witchcraft, sorcery, or consult mediums who claim to chat with the dead.

“Lord” Egan, the satanic high priest at the Church of Satan in Salem, Massachusetts, has a message for Christians: “The hypocrisy of celebrating Halloween is stupid. If you believe in the two opposing forces, good and evil, you can’t fight the Devil every day of the year, and then join his side for one day.”

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