Belated Obituary for An Imperfect Patriot

January 6, 2002

by Bruce Walker

It is hard to find the most repulsive moral crimes of modern liberalism. Encouraging blacks to re-enter the slavery of ignorance and hopelessness? Misinforming and demoralizing two generations of Americans? Hiding the several ghastly Holocausts of Communism, and leaving those hundred million Holocaust victims forgotten by history? Contorting the judicial system so that actual justice is a freakish accident in any lawsuit? Taxing years, like medieval barons taxed serfs’ workdays, in taxed time that equals much of each human life? Instructing women, native Americans, homosexuals, religious minorities and others to hate rather than to bask in the open liberty of America? Prenatal infanticide practiced with ghoulish ritual?

All these were awful crimes. But in pure meanness, perhaps one of the worst crimes has been the destruction of those few men with the courage to confront the inherent diseases of the left. The crucifixion of men - some good, some bad, and most a combination of good and bad - has been an object lesson in terror.

Charles Lindbergh was portrayed as indifferent to the persecution of Jews in Nazi Europe despite the fact that his speeches before the Holocaust make it abundantly clear that he condemned the barbaric behavior of the Nazis towards Jews. His missions on behalf of the American government to spy on Luftwaffe development was hidden from Americans.

His long standing opposition to war as bad (his father, a Congressman, had wrecked his political career by opposing entry into the First World War) was considered disingenuous (odd - no one could, or did, question Lindbergh’s courage - yet the craven and nominally "anti-war" brats of Vietnam were lionized for opposing that war). Lindbergh, once hero to the world, was the victim of a whispering campaign by Hollywood.

Herbert Hoover, once hailed as the world’s greatest humanitarian because of his relief efforts after the Great War in 1918, was a convenient scapegoat for FDR’s disastrous economic policies. This good man, who grew up orphaned and in poverty to become a philanthropist of international acclaim before even entering politics, was caricatured by FDR, who was born into old wealth from a powerful political family, and presented as a humble servant of the poor.

Even past death liberals mocked Herbert Hoover in the theme song to the offensive "All in the Family" television program, despite his service to the world again after the Second World War, when his humanitarian efforts were widely credited with the lives of millions of children (meet "liberal compassion.")

His brother, J. Edgar Hoover, received even shabbier treatment. As FBI Director, Hoover cleaned up a law enforcement organization that had been a laughingstock of the federal government. He broke the back of organized crime in America. During the 1920s, when Democrats were utterly indifferent to the terrorism of the Ku Klux Klan, J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI shattered the power of the Invisible Empire. Hoover also infiltrated and exposed Nazi spy and sabotage activities in America after the Second World War began.

J. Edgar Hoover should have been a hero to liberals, not a villain. He thwarted racial bigots and Fascist infiltration of America. Alone among the leading voices of the Roosevelt Administration, J. Edgar Hoover condemned the internment of Japanese-Americans (which ought to make his light shine even brighter to liberals.)

So what was his crime? J. Edgar Hoover exposed the strong connection between Communist Party USA activities, pro-Communist groups in America, and Soviet plans to wreck the American Dream. Hoover was made the subject, often posthumously, of ridiculous and obscene lies. His tremendous contribution to the welfare of blacks and Jews in America was consciously erased. But the gutless wonders of the left did not have the courage to confront Hoover while he lived.

Herbert Hoover, J. Edgar Hoover, and Lindbergh were mocked my liberals, but they were never forgotten by Americans, who saw in the heroic lives of the two Hoover brothers and the brilliance and dignity of Charles Lindbergh men untouchable by the muck throwers and wizened hags of the far left. People mourned when each of these men died, as they mourned when Douglass MacArthur died.

There is one obituary, however, that needs to be re-written, and to the great shame of otherwise respectable Democrats and liberals, no one has had the guts to do it. Senator Joseph McCarthy in the 1950s warned Americans that their institutions, particularly the federal government, had been infiltrated by communists. McCarthy did bully witnesses (almost every chair of almost ever Congressional committee has, from time to time). Was this a gross abuse of power? Well, McCarthy never chaired a Senate Committee, he chaired a subcommittee for less than two years.

Compare McCarthy to some Democrats in Congress. Chair of the Appropriations Committee in Tom Daschle’s Senate, Robert Byrd, was a middle level goon in the Ku Klux Klan. Dan Rostenkowski was a much worse bully of a much bigger committee than Joe McCarthy’s Senate Subcommittee on Economy and Efficiency, yet even after indictment for multiple counts of serious crimes, Rosty remained Chair of the Ways and Means Committee because Clinton needed his support. Gary Condit, pond scum personified, will be supported by Gephardt, if Condit wins the Democrat primary. All these and many other Democrats committed real crimes and had personal morals much lower than Senator McCarthy.

So what was Joe McCarthy’s real crime? He turned over the rock that exposed the slimy side of Communism in America. The cowardly liberal elite never mention that many blacklisted artists were communists, and we now know, were truly receiving "Orders from Moscow." Even worse, if the tears of innocents is their real concern, do these glittery types ever mention that communist controlled organizations, like the Screen Writers Guild, which used their power to destroy the professional careers of people who opposed their political agenda?

Did Joe McCarthy "go overboard?" Well, he did flip-flop. In one speech, McCarthy stated that he had: "The names of 205 card carrying members of the Communist Party in the American government." This was later revised to "57 communists" and then "81 communists" on the Floor of the Senate.

There is one constant, from an historical standpoint, to McCarthy’s accusations: he grossly underestimated the number of communists working in the federal government. The Venona decrypts (American intelligence was reading huge volume of encrypted materials for decades) revealed part of the picture, which has been corroborated after the fall of Communism in Russia, when American scholars were allowed access to the different intelligence organs of the Soviet Union, proves conclusively that there were hundreds of Soviet agents in the American government.

These were not small fish: Head of the Office of Political Affairs of the State Department; Assistant Secretary of the Treasury; and even the personal assistant of Bill Donovan, who directed OSS (the predecessor of the CIA). If FDR, a dying man in 1944, had died a few months earlier, then Vice President Henry Wallace would have become President and the Secretary of State for the United States would have been an agent of the Soviet Union. The Rosenbergs were not only guilty of espionage at Los Alamos, but the Soviets actually had several different rings of spies sending masses of documents from Los Alamos to the Kremlin.

Communist agents intentionally destroyed the value of the Chinese dollar during the Chinese Civil War, so that Mao and his Communists were able to win the war much more easily (indeed, Mao might well have lost, save for support from many different Communist agents within the United States).

All this - again - is no longer speculation, no longer "right-wing paranoia," and no longer subject to argument by liberals. What is their reaction, then? Tiny blips in the back pages of Time magazine, filler material in the New York Times, ten seconds of air time on CBS News, and similar utter disinterest.

What was the scale of the crimes committed by those McCarthy tried to expose? Communism has murdered one hundred million human beings, ten times the numbers of Christians and Jews killed by Nazis during the Holocaust. Even more horrible, America could easily have lost the Cold War, if it had not been for the courage of men like Senator McCarthy. If he bullied people, so did FDR and Winston Churchill. FDR also sent tens of thousands of Americans of Italian, German, and Japanese descent into internment camps.

Leftist elite also present McCarthy as a one dimensional caricature. Joe McCarthy was a strong supporter of civil rights for blacks and he campaigned actively in the black neighborhoods of Milwaukee and other Wisconsin towns. McCarthy also fought the Nazis in combat as a tail gunner - deadly and lonely - in a B-17. Perhaps the greatest tribute to what was good about Joe McCarthy was the passionate loyalty of his wife, who stayed with him to the end.

Joe McCarthy never ordered the gross violation of the civil rights of Americans during the Second World War like one Democrat president and he never preached racial hatred like the man chosen by Senate Democrats to be their leader during the Reagan Administration. His real crime was fighting Communism, which was and is evil. Rest in peace, Senator McCarthy. There is a God, and you have doubtless met Him already. The unrepentant apologists for terror as a form of government will meet someone else.


Bruce Walker has been a dyed in the wool conservative since, as a sixth grader, he campaigned door to door for Barry Goldwater. Bruce has had almost two hundred published articles have appeared in the Oklahoma Bar Journal, Law & Order, Legal Secretary Today, The Single Parent, Enter Stage Right, Citizen's View, The American Partisan, Port of Call, and several other professional and political periodicals.

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