Roe v. Who?

January 27, 2002

by Bruce Walker

As a battle scarred veteran of thirty-five years of liberal jihads, it takes quite a bit to provoke reactions in me. That banal corruption of those publicly licensed corporations who pretend to provide information to Americans "in the public interest" but who blatantly lie, is much more harmful than deceit practiced by other corporations like Enron, is old hat. The slithering anti-patriotism within the nest of "academic" vipers is also more silly than serious, and it has been so since President Reagan called the Soviet Union an evil empire.

Roe v. Wade is quite another matter. Perhaps it is because the tiniest babies are those most needing the protection of government, and the same liberals who insist on government sponsored pre-natal care and play Mozart for babies in the womb, see nothing wrong with pre-natal infanticide if a mother who can vote wants the murder done. The unseen, whether in Dachau, in Karaganda, or in their mothers’ wombs are always the ones condemned by leftist rhetoric.

Perhaps it is because opposition to abortion is predicated upon the single fact which protects us from Nazis, Marxists, Democrats, Fascists, Communists, and other liberals. The sacred right of each spark of God within us is absolute, and pretending that this spark - our souls - is a phantom unravels every hope of a moral and happy future for humanity.

Perhaps it is because those women convinced that murdering their child is somehow noble, which is just what Hitler Youth and Young Pioneers were told about Jews and Kulaks during the odious reigns of two terrible systems of wickedness. Abortion is not just murder, it is corruption of people who would otherwise choose life, and once done these co-conspirators must live either indifferent to their crime or burdened with the crime and without chance for losing that burden in this life.

Perhaps it is because America has more than enough childless couples who would cherish the tiny infant which God has brought into the world, and who would do all in their power to prevent a mother from suffering all the invented life problems which liberals weave into a tapestry of hopelessness. These good people are separated from doing good by liberals who wish all goodness to be regulated, filed, and administered by the soulless heart of man-made government, and not by the love which God wants us to have for each other.

Perhaps it is the hypocrisy of those liberals who consider the quick, painless death of a chicken a crime against the basic moral order of the universe, but who consider the slow, agonizing death of the defenseless human baby to be harmlessly acceptable.

Perhaps it is the not-so-subtle racism and elitism of the abortionists’ arguments to the effect that a child raised by a wealthy, white superstar like Madonna is worth something in this world, while the child of a poor, good-hearted black woman or Hispanic woman is just debris best suited for the dumpster. The purported defenders of the poor do not think that their babies are worth much - just their votes.

Much the whole leftist litmus test, which requires that the only correct policies and attitudes are depressing, nihilistic, and self-pitying, are all vile. What annoys me most, however, is the persistent and moronic notion that Roe v. Wade created a right to abortion. This is utterly and absolutely false.

Roe v. Wade federalized the type of policy issue which before had always been decided by state governments. Women have a "right of privacy" in cases of rape, and no sane person would question that right. How is this right protected? State governments have pass criminal laws that punish rape. At no time in American history - including those periods in which states were colonies or in which states were essentially independent nations - has the rape of a woman by a stranger been lawful.

We all have the rights to privacy in our homes. How is that right protected from the misconduct of criminals? State burglary statutes. The whole silly newspeak of a "Right to Privacy" is simply the reflection of long held principles that our bodies, our homes, and our possessions cannot be violated by others. Custom, moral sentiments, and intentions are a big part of how and when such a violation of privacy occurs.

Someone who goes into a store and leaves with goods without paying is guilty of theft, right? No, not necessarily. In small towns, the shopkeeper may be quite pleased with this action because he has just made a sale on credit. Someone who drinks wine and then drives is endangering the public, right? Quite the opposite if the person is a devout Jew on Shabbos or a devout Catholic at Mass - the sincere piety of these people is the best protection of the public.

These sorts of issues are best regulated by state and local governments, who are familiar and flexible with how people really behave and how they really intend. Whether you or I like it, abortion was legal in three states prior to Roe v. Wade. That showed the federal courts were not needed to protect "a woman’s right to choose" and that these unelected autocrats insinuated themselves into policies that the people of each state had been choosing for themselves.

This - of course - also belies the silly notion that the Pro Choice position is more popular than the Pro Life position. If that is so, then why do the abortionists have to hide behind the skirts of the Supreme Court? Implicitly, by insisting that only "the Great and Powerful Oz" of our government can determine whether abortion is lawful or not, these Pro Choice groups admit their own cowardice, weakness, and unpopularity. Liberalism at its finest.


Bruce Walker has been a dyed in the wool conservative since, as a sixth grader, he campaigned door to door for Barry Goldwater. Bruce has had almost two hundred published articles have appeared in the Oklahoma Bar Journal, Law & Order, Legal Secretary Today, The Single Parent, Enter Stage Right, Citizen's View, The American Partisan, Port of Call, and several other professional and political periodicals.

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