The Ghetto of Womenism

July 14, 2002

by Bruce Walker

What modernists call Feminism is really Womenism, another self-imposed ghetto of the irrational and terrified political left which instructs unhappy people to blame a putative class of eternal culprits - males, whites, Christians, businessmen, heterosexuals, Europeans, and so forth - for all the troubles of the world.

Womenism and these other nasty little hate clubs do more than allege that these culprits are the practical source of the world’s problems: they allege that the world’s problems are intentionally created and nourished as a way of keeping the oppressed classes miserable. Womenists view men as evil, not simply as bumbling and destructive.

The reduction of the complex relationship between men and women to some crude morality play means that the goodness of any particular man is simply an aberration which cannot disprove the tenets of Womenism. The most obvious historical parallel to Womenism is the National Socialist German attitude toward Jews. Nazi leaders freely acknowledged that Aryans might know individual Jews who were good chaps, but the Jewish conspiracy against the rest of the world remained valid.

This same sort of irresponsible, vicious thinking has also led "civil rights" leaders to accuse the CIA of deliberately snaring young blacks on crack cocaine, as if white America wanted to keep blacks poor, ignorant, angry and hopeless. The left is pockmarked with these sick variations of the "Protocols of Zion" which assume a sinister conspiracy exists among those who by accident of birth are members of a particular group.

On a grand scale this mind set results in dull, sterile and incoherent societies. Islam, for example, stopped developing science, technology and culture because unlike the self-criticism of Judaism and Christianity; Islam assumed that it could learn nothing new from any outside civilizations.

The British, who wrangled and debated and disagreed among themselves on countless issues, brought a rebirth of culture during the Raj of India. These same British also appreciated the sophistication of Hindu thought, the beauty of Indian music, and the timeless patience of Indian society. The British taught and learned; they gave and they got. British writers like Orwell and Kipling may have felt British civilization was, on balance, better than Indian civilization, but they never questioned that the Bengali, the Parsee, the Sikh, and the Punjab were better in many ways that the people back in England.

Appreciation of all of Creation is the heart of true moral and intellectual elevation. Womenism, however, casts into the outer darkness one half of the human race. This is particularly poisonous because our most intimate connections and the greatest sources of our inner strength come from those family ties which bind us to life itself. While small societies can flourish in geographically isolated lands, Womenism drives a wedge between the most basic connections of people to each other: kinship.

The Creator of the Universe gives us each two parents. One of these may be a beautiful soul, and the other a dark presence. Moral choice, which God gives each of us, determines which souls are wheat and which are chaff. The Biblical injunctions for men to love wives and to honor mothers and for women to love husbands and to honor fathers is like the whole theme of the Bible: a magnificent self-help guide to our lives.

Because men and women view live differently and are tugged in different directions, genuine misunderstanding between the sexes will occur often (ask any married couple!) but these divine differences become a powerful synergy when the differences are reconciled with love, respect and trust.

Womenists, those most immature of creatures, cannot comprehend that just as young people and old people see life differently, men and women see life differently too. These differences are inherent in our limited mortal existence, whether we wish them or not. These elementary truths of life are easily grasped by baboons, lions and wolves. They are understood intuitively by even the most primitive tribes of man.

These Womenists are quite right in one regard: men do want the love and companionship of women. Men have never made any bones about this: the treasure house of poetry, music, literature and art is filled with different variations of a story as ancient as Adam and Eve.

What Womenists do not see is that women also need and want in their life those masculine qualities of strength, courage and vision which are strongest and most natural within men. Men and sensible women understand that the relationship between men and women is naturally symbiotic and never completely predictable.

We are each of us also a bundle of talents and deficiencies; we are each truly individual creatures. And as long as we are not using violence or lies, government should not create barriers which separate us from pursuing our dreams. Womenists are not seeking the end of discriminatory laws, but rather they are seeking a social understanding that women do not need or want anything that the male half of reality has to offer.

Creating a fantasy world in which fathers, sons, husbands and brothers are indicted at birth and on probation for life merely separates Womenists from the normal interaction of the human race. It is as if a business determined that half of its potential customers and suppliers were crooked or noble based solely upon whether the customer or supplier had an odd or even number of letters in his last name. This business would soon find itself bankrupt, just as Womenism is today.

Those Womenists among us have been freely given the two greatest prizes in human history: America, where women voted, served on juries, and held elective office before women anywhere else on earth, and Christianity, which became the world’s greatest religion largely because the women of the Ancient World saw in this doctrine of love, peace and hope a greater goodness than any other for her children.

Womenists create a wall of bitterness based upon the shallowness of their own souls. They nourish themselves on anger, lies and self-pity. Womenists coax mothers to murder the life within them. They view our mortal and finite lives as a bundle of imperfections which can be perfected only through worship the false Greek goddess Gaea, as if paganism in some new form would be better than pagan Greece (where women were not free and where slavery was common).

Womenists in America have unraveled their own great opportunities and woven the strands into a tightly bound garment as constricting in its own way as the burqa of Taliban rule was for women of that land. The more it strangles the natural and healthy desires of women, the more resentful and mistrustful these women become.

Womenists have tried to persuade normal women that only through some Hitlerite "National Sexualism" can women live a happy, safe life. Just as National Socialism led all Germans to suffer horribly (not just the Poles and Jews that National Socialists hated), Womenism is not just savaging the lives of men whose sole offense is to be born male, but it is taking the freest, happiest group of women in human history and dragging many of them into a grimy, rude and ignorant ghetto: a self-created ghetto of Womenism.


Bruce Walker has been a dyed in the wool conservative since, as a sixth grader, he campaigned door to door for Barry Goldwater. Bruce has had almost two hundred published articles have appeared in the Oklahoma Bar Journal, Law & Order, Legal Secretary Today, The Single Parent, Enter Stage Right, Citizen's View, The American Partisan, Port of Call, and several other professional and political periodicals.

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