Why the Old World Hates America - Part Two

August 25, 2002

by Bruce Walker

Those of us who publish regular online columns often get nice notes from grateful readers, but sometimes we get angry notes from offended readers. My article Why the Old World Hates America produced numerous savage messages from those who defended the Old World and condemned America. Here is a sample of what I received. David from Scotland wrote:

“Sorry your article is wrong in it’s reasons as to why the world hates America, come on think harder and ditch the arrogance and prehaps you you might just realise it. But if you insist on looking at the problem through those arrogan (expletive deleted--Ed.) glasses, you’ll never get it. I’m from the UK and I hate America and I have been to your (expletive deleted) country before and believe me, your nation sucks, I’v seen vile U.S culture first hand.”

How can I be kind about this? David writes horribly; he misspells words; he uses pronouns improperly; he begins with vulgarity and descends from there into ad hominem attacks . Over the course of several email missives, David refined his language and clarified that he does not hate Americans, but that he only hates America.

As I always do in my responses to those who take the time to write me, I respond as if the person who gets my e-mail is...a person. During the course of our correspondence, I asked David if there is any fact or evidence that could persuade him on any point - and mind you, we had not and have never gotten to the substance of any real argument - that he is wrong.

No, there is not. But would he have listened, I could have told him that my ancestors left the most destitute parts of Scotland to come to America and that they did not speak proper English or even that English dialect called Scots; they spoke Scottish Gaelic (which meant that they were very poor indeed). They came here with less than you have right now, David, and they loved what they found in America.

There was commonality that David and I shared - our Scottish heritage - upon which a sensible and civil dialog could be formed. My invitation to offer proof was also an implicit invitation for him to do the same: David, if you could just show me a nation in which your beloved Marxism has worked, I will listen.

And then there is Monica, who identifies herself as an Asian living in America and - I can only suppose - loathing every minute of it. Here is an unedited sample of her ramblings:

“First of all, the other nations are jealous of Americas KINDNES, GENOSITY etc. That right is a Lie. LET ME GIVE YOU THE REAL REASON OKAY...EXAMPLE: I wonder if you know about the World Cup? Hmm you might not because US sucks at soccer so EVEN though the ENTIRE WORLD is sooo crazy about it the US doesnt really care because they cant play soccer so they don’t make a big deal of it....and yes you must be wondering if im biased and yes i am you white people are so helplessly arrogant and such hypocrites. thanks for reading and don’t reply back by the way im putting some of your comments into my schools newspaper im sure many people will want to know who you are.”

Now let me recount those lines of my article which so offended David and Monica:

“The Old World hates us because we insist on striving for high moral standards, insist on proclaiming the priceless value of high moral standards, and insist that all governments and societies will be imperfect.... It was the Old World, not America, which thought that exterminating all “inferior races” in death camps would create a Teutonic millennium.
“The Old World hates us because we insist that perfectability is primarily a personal process and not a social process. America is living proof that poverty, oppression, bigotry, ignorance and all the other sad conditions which mankind endures cannot stop a penniless Jew, Scot, Italian, Pole, Irishman or Greek from not only becoming great in material terms, but also good and noble at the same time.”

As America prepares to wage a war, let us remember the unmasked venom of people like David and Monica, because these America-haters have no interest in letting us live in peace and because they truly and perversely rejoice in our tragedy. Let us also remember that those who hate us for pursuing high moral standards are the same people who hated the Jewish people throughout history for being Jewish, and as a consequence of their diligence, learning and persistence became successful.

Those who hate us today read Das Kapital and Mein Kampf as if the odious, discredited and absurd recipes for hatred were still untested. Those who hate us do not think: indeed, they do not seem to love or reflect or question at all. Those who hate us simply hate.


Bruce Walker has been a dyed in the wool conservative since, as a sixth grader, he campaigned door to door for Barry Goldwater. Bruce has had almost two hundred published articles have appeared in the Oklahoma Bar Journal, Law & Order, Legal Secretary Today, The Single Parent, Enter Stage Right, Citizen's View, The American Partisan, Port of Call, and several other professional and political periodicals.

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