To Discriminate Used to a be a Good Thing

September 22, 2002

by Doug Patton

"Discriminating gentlemen donít associate with women," my great Aunt Emma used to say. "They only associate with ladies." I was a teenager at the time, and she was an old lady, but I knew exactly what she meant.

Well, gone are the days when discriminating gentlemen (or ladies) are even tolerated. Today, when we are told to be tolerant of every deviant "lifestyle" - regardless of how repugnant or disgusting - it seems that discriminating attitudes are the only ones not tolerated. In fact, we have entered an era when it is against the law to be a discriminating person.

In his latest bit of knee-jerk opining, columnist Leonard Pitts dispenses a larger dose of politically correct nonsense than any op-ed reader should have to endure. Pitts is concerned because voters in Miami-Dade County, Florida, almost repealed a section of the countyís "human rights ordinance" which protects homosexuals from "discrimination." The repeal effort lost by six percent.

"Respect for human dignity ekes out a disturbingly narrow victory," Pitts piously declared.

Like Secretary of State Colin Powell, who once expressed outrage at the audacity of activists who try to equate skin color with sexual behavior, as a black man, Pitts should be ashamed of the comparison. Instead, he regales us with quotes from Martin Luther King, and mocks anyone with "deeply held moral objections to homosexuality," comparing their legitimate moral and social concerns over this issue to past prejudice toward Jews, women and the Irish.

He then expresses his undisguised contempt for anyone who voted to repeal the statute.

Pitts quotes James Mortensen, a frustrated Miami voter, as saying, "If I want to discriminate, I think I should be able to. Put them back in the closet." Pitts writes that such talk "wipes the lipstick off the pig" and "makes the ugliness impossible to miss."

Whatís impossible to miss in 21st Century America is the promotion of deviant behaviors as alternate lifestyles. No other society in the history of the world has ever tried to claim that homosexuality is a natural behavior. Even in ancient Greece, where it was as accepted as an extramarital affair is to todayís Frenchman, same-sex relationships were always considered to be a deviation from the norm. Only in America have we felt the need to ascribe rights to aberrant behavior in order to legitimize it.

And while Mortensenís comment may sound insensitive, it raises a legitimate point. Most people have no desire to deprive anyone of their basic constitutional rights. Pitts admits that surveys show Americans to be "strikingly conflicted on this subject" - meaning that they are perfectly willing to coexist without demanding to know what goes on in a co-workerís bedroom.

And therein lies the rub. In all my years of working around other people, I have never felt the slightest compulsion to go the office and inform others what my wife and I did in the bedroom the night before. Call it private. Call it keeping it in the closet - or at least in the bedroom. But because many homosexuals define themselves so totally as sexual beings, they have no other identity. If you donít believe it, browse through the vile material in the "gay, lesbian and trans-gendered" section on your local bookstore.

Make no mistake: this sort of ordinance is coming to your town. Radical homosexual activists will not be satisfied until America has placed their lifestyle on an equal plane with heterosexual marriage. Their goal is not to promote same-sex monogamy, but rather to render marriage meaningless and force the promotion of homosexuality. And discriminating ladies and gentlemen will not be tolerated.

I donít have to wonder what Aunt Emma would have said about that.

© 2002 by Doug Patton



© 2002 by Doug Patton

Doug Patton is a freelance columnist who has served as a speechwriter and policy advisor to federal, state and local candidates and elected officials. His work is published in newspapers across the country and on various web sites, including and You can e-mail him at

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