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Did You Hear About the Black Cop Who Killed an Unarmed White Man?

No, and You Never Will - Because the Media Refuse to Report Those Crimes

June 8, 2020

In 2019 nine unarmed black men (out of 44 Million black citizens) were killed by police officers. Nineteen unarmed white men were killed by police - twice as many. Yet the Liberal media will never report on these crimes. Even FOX News, where you can usually get both sides of any story, has been afraid to touch this subject for fear of being labeled "racist." It seems that the truth doesn’t matter when it comes to race.

I am a white man, so I am automatically despised by much of America. In fact, white men are discriminated against more than any other minority. We are called "racist" just for the crime of being white. We are ridiculed in TV series because we are not "woke." We're accused of being "white supremacists" for nothing more than being Patriots and honoring the flag. So don't listen to me. 

But please listen to former Tucson Police Officer Brandon Tatum, whose intelligent, articulate, and passionate challenge to his fellow black citizens has been viewed tens of thousands of times over multiple social media platforms. Mr. Tatum is a born-again Christian who is saddened by the opportunists who have taken over the peaceful protests and turned them into anti-white racist riots. His words are featured in this week's Video of the Week.

Race-baiters like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have encouraged the violence, along with many Liberal mayors and governors who have excused it. These so-called black "leaders" make their living from racial strife. Every time there is any incident that involves a conflict between police and a black person, they hop onto their jets and race to see which can appear the most outraged, and which can spew the most hateful, inflammatory rhetoric.

A few days ago at a memorial service in a church, Sharpton had no regard for George Floyd's family. His so-called eulogy was nothing more than a racist political rant. (Yes, it is possible for blacks to be racists – Sharpton proves that every day.) He made sure he was in every camera shot and pretending to console the family he had never heard of while he was being taped. But he spent most of his time lying. He claimed that every day in this country black men suffer like George Floyd. They're being hunted down and murdered by racist white cops.
Anyone with any sense knows that is a lie. Anyone who has eyes can see that there is no “systemic racism” in this country. What racist nation elects a black man to be president and govern them? Instead of blacks being held back in college admissions and hiring practices for great jobs like firefighting and policing, they are given preference.
Are there white racists in this nation? Yes, just as there are black racists who hate whites – just for the color of their skin. I was talking to a black friend recently who, like me, has lived on this planet for many decades. We both remarked on the fact that as each decade passes there is less and less covert racism and even less overt acts of racism.
But what about the thousands of white cops massacring young black men? Let me pose a question. If a white officer kills a black man, it is automatically considered a racist act – and their respective races are breathlessly trumpeted in every media report. But when a black officer kills white man racism is not even considered. Typically the race of the cop and the victim are not even reported. After all, how can a black man be a racist?
But what if the white officer above is married to a black woman? What if his children and extended family are mixed-race or black? And what if the black cop has repeatedly expressed militant anti-white sentiments? What if he blames “whitey” for everything wrong in his life? Now who is the racist? The reality is that in most situations we will never know the motivation for a killing, whether deliberate or accidental. Only God can look into the heart.

In 1899, W. E. B. Du Bois, the great intellectual and proponent of African-American equality, wrote about the “vast problem” of Negro crime, a problem that “since 1880… has been steadily growing.” He was correct. And it has continued to grow. Hispanics, who are as economically disadvantaged as blacks, kill one other at just one-third of the rate.
National Review relates that 52% of all homicide victims are black, but only 13% of Americans are black. That’s four times as many! There you go. That proves that there is systemic racism in America, doesn’t it? No it’s an example of how cherry-picked statistics can paint a lie that is repeated over and over again until it is accepted “truth.” But 52.5% of all murderers are also black. When you add the fact that from 1976 to 2005, 94 percent of black victims were killed by other African Americans. There is a genocide of blacks in this nation, as Sharpton says. But he claims whites are killing them, when in fact they are killing each other. But we’re not allowed to talk about that.
About 45% of murders in America are committed by whites. But they’re not killing blacks. In similar proportions to blacks, whites are also more likely to kill each other than someone of another race. Fully 83% of murdered whites are killed by another Caucasian.
In fact, the number of Americans who murder someone of another race is minuscule compared to the number who kill someone of a different race. Only 15% of whites were murdered by blacks. Similarly, just 8% of blacks were killed by whites. So why are we killing people of our own race? It will take someone smarter than me to answer that question.  More importantly, why are we blaming black-on-black and white-on-white murders on race?
Racism is a filthy, ugly thing. The idea that anyone can know what is in another’s heart, and even know whether they deserve to live just by looking at them or listening to their accent, is ludicrous. But the false narrative that only blacks suffer from racism is just as ludicrous.
I have been the victim of racism. When I was a teenage Marine stationed in California, the Black Panthers, an extremely violent racist group was targeting and murdering white Marines. They weren’t killing us because we were Marines – they never harmed any black Marines. We were ordered to travel only in groups when we had liberty to go to town. Eventually, our Base Commander stopped all liberty for white Marines until the senseless killing spree ended.
I mentioned earlier that more than twice as many unarmed white men are killed by police as black men. I heard this in a TV interview with a black university professor, and have confirmed its veracity. The common comeback to this factual statement is, “That’s still 32% of black men killed, when the percentage of blacks in the population is only 13%!” All true. But there are other factors that make it more likely that blacks will die in confrontations with police than whites.
According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, black offenders commit 52 percent of homicides while 45 percent of murderers are white. Roughly the same percentages hold true in other categories of violent crime, and in crime in general. It’s like the oft-repeated complaint that there are more black men in prisons than there are whites. The simple fact is that black men commit more crimes per capita than whites – or Hispanics, or Asians, for that matter.
What are the courts to do to correct this “injustice”? Can you imagine the judges saying, “There are more than blacks in prison than their representation in the population of 13%? So let all black criminals go free, and we will prosecute only whites, Hispanics, and Asians until we have the correct proportions.”
I realize that this is simplistic. Again, there are other factors at play. A higher percentage of blacks are convicted than whites. But the studies show that this is not because they are black – it’s because they are poor. White people can more often afford expensive lawyers that can get them off, even if they are guilty. However, this is a criminal justice problem, not a police problem. The police can only do what the law requires them to do – arrest people, regardless of color, if they commit crimes.
Do politicians sometimes order police not to arrest certain people for political reasons? Yes, that happens, but fortunately not frequently. We saw this in the riots and lootings in the last ten days. Some mayors told police not to arrest looters unless they stole more than $1,000 worth of merchandise. I can see it now. “Excuse me, Mr. Looter. I have added up everything you’ve stolen, and you’re $200 over your limit. You’ll have to return some of your loot.” And what about the Idiot Mayor of New York City? He finally allowed the cops to arrest the rioters. But as soon as they were booked, they were released – without bail. Two of them shot at police from their car less than an hour after being released. (See my article about the Idiot Mayor.)
The bottom line in who gets convicted and who goes free is often a matter of who can afford the best lawyer. The state has a huge budget for prosecutor’s offices, and they are backed up by their own investigators plus police assistance as needed. Poor defendants are usually represented by the public defender’s office, which is typically overworked and under-funded. If a defendant is fortunate, the judge may assign a private practice defense attorney to defend him pro bono. Most courts or jurisdictions require attorneys to do a certain number of free cases each year. But often they are not reimbursed for their expenses, and paying clients get most of their attention and time.
The United States was one of the first, if not the first nation to provide free legal aid, with its origins dating back to 1876. While not perfect, at least we provide the poor with legal representation, while most nations do not. But obviously it is not enough. Public defender’s offices need to be as well-funded as those of the prosecutors. The fact that more poor people are on death row is proof enough that we need to act in this area. But we cannot equate an anti-criminal bias with a racist one. People vote for money to fund prosecutors because they want to feel safe. They don’t prioritize funding for criminals because criminals don’t have a lobby. “Vote for me; I’ll put a chicken in every pot, and hire a lawyer for every person who is arrested.” The fact more blacks than whites wait on death row is not due to the color of their skin; it is due to their poverty.
In fact, poor whites, Asians, Hispanics, and Native Americans are just as likely to be found guilty and even receive the death penalty as poor blacks. Of course, this was not the case in the past. Whether they had a lawyer or not, blacks were convicted routinely by all-white juries. Blacks were even lynched without a trial. But those days are long in our past. As horrific as past injustices against all minorities (not just blacks) were, we simply do not live in a racist America. Anyone who does not realize that is either thoroughly indoctrinated by militant demagogues, or they profit from racial division by the so-called “Reverends” Sharpton and Jackson.
I am of Irish descent. My people were treated as badly as African immigrants when they arrived on the shores of America in the mid-1800s. The Potato Famine on the Emerald Isle left millions starving. The British considered them dogs, and in fact, treated their dogs better than these miserable human beings. Fully one-quarter of the citizens of Ireland immigrated to the United States where they were met with hostility.
Americans were happy to use their cheap labor, but like the British they considered the Irish to be less than human. They weren’t enslaved, but they were treated like slaves. The U.S. passed laws preventing naturalized Americans of Irish descent from voting until they had been here for 21 years. They, like blacks, were considered guilty until proven innocent when brought into court. But eventually, the 21 years passed, and the Irish used their voting power to build some of the most powerful political machines this nation has ever seen.
Unfortunately, they used their new-found power to persecute Chinese immigrants. At other times Italians were despised and persecuted. Why is it that human beings, even those we consider civilized, always seek to find someone or some group to look down on? Pure blacks in early America persecuted “mulattos” – people born of a white parent and a black one. Likewise, Native Americans despised and abused “half-breeds” born with a white parent.
To answer my own question, unrepentant mankind seeks someone to lord it over and persecute because, “The heart of man is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked.” (Jeremiah 17:9). Unless a man or a woman turns their heart and life over to the Lord, they will always have wicked desires and thoughts. “I’m better than ________.” I’m smarter than ________.” I deserve more than _______.”
They may not act on their thoughts for fear of societal repercussions; but the thoughts are there. They talk about love, but no one can truly love unless they ask God, who is love, to come and dwell in their hearts.

God only created one race, and he loves all of us equally. And those who claim to be followers of Christ must love all humans – just as Christ loves us.

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