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The Global War on Cash

July 26, 2021

The Global War on Cash Has Almost Been Won; It Will Cause:

Financial Ruin for America, Loss of All privacy, Government Control of All Aspects of Our Lives – and Fulfillment of Prophecy

What will a cashless society mean for America?

I can answer that with two phrases: 
1) Loss of Privacy
2) Increased Government Control

Cash is the last bastion of privacy in our society. With cash you and a friend can engage in a totally innocent - and totally private transaction. But the government doesn't want that. What if you sell your friend a lawn mower? The government wants to know.  If you donate to a political campaign, the government wants to know. If your kids open a lemonade stand, the government wants to know.  

Why else are they making it so difficult to use cash? Why does your bank send an SAR (“Suspicious Activities Report”) – without your knowledge – when you withdraw or deposit a certain amount of your own cash from your own bank account?

Supposedly this is to crack down on crime. But that is a bogus excuse. Sophisticated criminals have expensive lawyers and accountants who create legitimate businesses through which illicit cash can be laundered. And criminals move truckloads of cash across our borders every day. The real reason for stripping us of our privacy is control.

I read a novel about a TV journalist whom the government thought might have discovered an  illegal government program. They tracked him through the use of his plastic in their Operations Center. "He just got a Starbucks." "He walked a block down Third and bought a T-Shirt." "He just took a cab to Grand Central Station." "He bought a train ticket to Philadelphia. Check his phone and see who he knows there."

Too far-fetched? Not at all. The technology exists to track your every move through the use of your credit or debit cards. It's easy - and it's made easier by the fact that many people don't even carry cash anymore. Are they tracking you right now? Not like in the movie (although they certainly can). 

But the NSA (National Security Agency) definitely collects and stores every phone call you make, every text you send, every social media post you make, and every email you send or receive. They stockpile billions of traffic cam and toll both photos of your vehicle, it’s license plate, and the exact time and place the photo was taken.

It goes further. They record your Google searches, books you buy, online purchases, parking receipts, and all travel. This would not be possible if you paid with cash. Have you ever wondered why for years they have refused to take cash for airline tickets? Supposedly it is for “security.” What effect does the mode of payment for a flight have to do with “security”? It is nothing more than an excuse to track your movements.

Currently, it would take too many resources to track every move of every American like the man in the movie. But they track every move and listening to the phone conversations of hundreds of thousands of Americans – just not in real time. Soon they will automate it, and then it will be easy for the computers to monitor everything you do – while you do it. And – just in case you displease someone in government - they will have your life on record, ready to use to destroy you, as they are doing today with thousands of Americans. In short, except for certain patriots selected for personal destruction, most Americans are safe from real-time tracking and surveillance – for now. But they don’t need that. With the data they have stored concerning us, they can easily reconstruct any day of your life. They have the technology.

“But I don’t do anything wrong! Why would they want to track me?” Well, that depends on what the definition of “wrong” is. Remember how Bill Clinton escaped impeachment after molesting a young intern in the Oval Office, and forcing his staff to lie about this and his many other sexual exploits? It all came down to, “It depends on what the definition of ‘is’ is.” 

There are two ways the government can use the trillions of pieces of information they store on you and millions of other Americans. It can simply decide that something every American knows is legal and acceptable and classify it as illegal or even seditious. Biden just decided to collude with the biggest and most evil monopoly the world has ever seen – Big Tech. He announced that the White House will “cooperate” with the censors at Facebook, Twitter, et al, to identify anyone espousing anything but the approved “Party Line” regarding the China Virus, masks, or the vaccine.

Right now any of the following will be considered “misinformation.” Who decides what is “misinformation”? The White House and political hacks masquerading as scientists, who have flip-flopped on their “guidance” so many times it makes one dizzy. In short, “misinformation” is anything the political class doesn’t like. This includes differences of opinion. That’s right; if your opinion is different from that of those who control opinion, you are in trouble – just like in the Soviet Union or Communist China.

The problem with allowing the government to decide what is truth and what is “misinformation” is that eventually they will classify “misinformation” (remember, this includes differences of opinion) as a crime. At that point you will be reclassified from being someone who disseminates ideas or information that is not approved by the Truth Czar to being an “Enemy of the State.”

The Biden family has received billions of dollars from the Communist Chinese. So, if you even ask the one question everyone in the world wants answered – how the China Virus was created, and how and why was it distributed – you can find yourself in a world of trouble. Don’t dare question how this obviously human-engineered virus infected bats that somehow sneaked into the Wuhan Bio-Warfare laboratory, and then somehow escaped on of the most secure facilities in the world. And don’t ask how a political hack like “Dr.” Anthony Fauci, who happens to have an MD but hasn’t treated a patient in 40 years, became the head of the response to the Virus. Or why he approved grants of billions of US tax dollars to the Wuhan Lab that created the Virus.

And for heaven’s sake don’t talk about facts. Facts like the dangers of the experimental drug they call a vaccine. (It is not a vaccine until it has been approved by the FDA.) Don’t talk about drugs that have been proven safe for decades and are effective at both preventing and treating the China Virus. Even highly respected epidemiologists will find themselves crushed if they threaten the trillions in profits made by Big Pharma.

The other way they can – and do – use the data illegally gathered by the NSA is to simply use selected portions of the data out of context and create an evil narrative out of perfectly innocent actions. If you think it can’t happen to you, look what they did to a three-star Army General with an impeccable record of patriotism and service to our nation.

In short, Lt. General Flynn, a decorated war hero who had served in the Obama Administration knew how dangerous it was for the U.S. to collude with a terror state as Obama did with his deal with Iran. The deal gave Iran billions of dollars in cash (strange for a globalist like Obama who has worked for years to remove cash from our society) that was delivered secretly to Iran in the middle of the night by unmarked planes. There was so much cash that they needed forklifts to move all the pallets. The deal, which supposedly would prevent Iran from ever having a nuclear weapon, in fact insured that they could develop a weapon that could threaten the U.S. in a matter of years.

Outgoing and incoming presidents typically meet during the transition period to discuss hot spots and dangers that are not public information. President Trump remarked to his staff that strangely, the main thing Obama wanted to talk about was that Trump should not hire General Flynn. This was odd on two counts: Flynn worked for Obama, and he was by far the most qualified person to serve as Trump’s DNI (Director of National Security.

Trump hired Flynn, and immediately Obama and those loyal to him in the FBI began a smear campaign against the general that resulted in his being fired after just 21 days in office. The FBI convinced the President that Flynn had lied about a minor phone call with a Russian diplomat, a call that was part of his job as a member of the transition team. 

The FBI claimed that Flynn had lied, but in fact he has forgotten the call because it was one of many dozens of unimportant calls during that period. Charging someone with “lying to the FBI” is on of the agency’s favorite illegal tactics whenever they have no real crime with which to charge them.

They bankrupted Flynn with bogus charges. He lost his home paying for legal fees. All along he insisted, “As God is my witness, I am innocent.” Then the FBI pulled out one of their most evil tricks. They threated to prosecute his son using the same trumped-up techniques they had used on him. By this time, he knew how far they would go with their lies, so he agreed to plead guilty to save his son. That guilty plea has since been overturned after evidence of the misdoing of the FBI was uncovered.

(There is much more to this story. Be sure to read the article linked below, “How “Russiagate” began with Obama’s Domestic Spying Campaign.” And the two articles about General Flynn that follow.)

If you have any doubt that your own government is spying on you, read the articles below and do some basic research. And the main change in our society that makes it possible is the shirt away from real money (our money was Gold and Silver until 1933) to Monopoly money called the Federal Reserve Notes. Although Fed Notes are backed by nothing, they offered at least some privacy. Now they are removing all cash, including the fake money issued by the Fed, and forcing us to use all-digital transactions to allow for easy spying.

The NSA (National Security Agency) is doing this a I write this. This is not a future threat. The NSA captures every digital communication and transaction, storing the data on its acres of server farms in Bluffdale, Utah.

In his article, "The NSA is Building the Country's Biggest Spy Center", researcher James Bamford revealed some amazing facts about the Million Square Foot, $2 Billion Utah Data Center. "Flowing through its servers and routers and stored in near-bottomless databases will be all forms of communication, including the complete contents of private emails, cell phone calls, and Google searches, as well as all sorts of personal data trails—parking receipts, travel itineraries, bookstore purchases, and other digital “pocket litter.”

Finally, in its ongoing attempt to control the public, the Government has used the China Virus to make us afraid of paper or coin money. In response to a question about paper money the WHO (World Health Organization) responded that money is known to carry germs, so washing one’s hands after handling it is a good idea. Well, duh! It has always been a good idea. So, the government put out guidance saying that the WHO had stated people could get the Virus from handling money. The claim was so outrageous that the WHO felt compelled to put out a statement that the claim was a lie. In fact, there has never been a case of anyone getting the virus from money.

But the damage had already been done. Stores and restaurants all over the nation put us signs saying the no longer accepted cash and would only take plastic. Some removed their cash registers altogether, and only have card terminals for payments.

I won’t get into the connections between these events and Biblical prophecy in this article, but there is no doubt that the Global War on Cash is part of the preparation for the upcoming Global Government, and the fulfillment of the Word of God found in the Book of Revelations.

What can you do? I will have a lot more to say on that in the future, but for now, make sure that you always keep some cash on hand. But since it is likely that cash will eventually be demonetized by the government or that hyperinflation will make cash worthless, make sure you also own Precious Metals like Gold and Silver. That is the only safe, Biblical and Constitutional way to store wealth. Eventually your money in the bank or your retirement account will be nothing more than expensive toilet paper…


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