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Why Are Democrats Attacking 100-yr-old Strom Thurmond? - December 15, 2002

The Communications Victory in November Will Change Politics - December 8, 2002

First U.S. Thanksgiving Proclamation was to Honor U.S. Constitution - December 1, 2002

Is Bush Planning to Count the Twinkies You Eat or Set up a Gestapo? - November 24, 2002

All-Female Organizations Demand Reform of All-Male Club - November 17, 2002

Should We Take Voter Fraud as Seriously as Business Fraud? - November 11, 2002

Wellstone Memorial: Do Timely Funerals Help Democrats Control the Senate? - November 3, 2002

Is your Consumer Spending Really Foreign Aid? - October 27, 2002

Is the Sniper a Transplant from Palestine? - October 20, 2002

Is Senator Kennedy Leader of a Fifth Column in the US Senate? - October 13, 2002

Latin 101 - "Fetus" means "Offspring," not "Tissue" - October 6, 2002

Gore Wants Revenge, Not Prevention of Terrorism - September 29, 2002

Did Saddam Hussein Really Change His Spots Last Week? - September 22, 2002

Divisiveness and Class Warfare Arenít Buying Votes This Election Year - September 15, 2002

Colin Powell Jeered in Africa for Treating Africans as Equals - September 8, 2002

Can Old Style Democrat Scare Tactics Win Back the Congress? - September 1, 2002

Senators Ignore Their Own Deceit While Condemning Corporate Deceit - August 18, 2002

Perilous Times, Black and Islamic Hysteria - August 7, 2002

Palestinian Children Die as Human Shields for Adult Terrorist Leaders - July 31, 2002

What do Homosexuals Model that Children Should be Encouraged to Follow? - July 24, 2002

Did God Discriminate Against Women by Making them Mothers? - July 17, 2002

Is Politically Correct National Security Realistic? - July 10, 2002

Bush’s Lonely Defense of America’s Sovereignty - July 3, 2002

Bush Introduces Common Sense and Reality to Palestinians - June 26, 2002

Is Nickelodeon Promoting Diversity or Perversity with its Homosexual Agenda? - June 19, 2002

Ashcroft’s Fingerprinting of Arabs Brings Common Sense to National Security - June 12, 2002

Why Americans Love “No Rhetoric” Rumsfeld - June 5, 2002

Do the Levys and the Media Owe Gary Condit an Apology? - May 29, 2002

The Best Defense Against Sex Abuse is Teaching Children to Say "No!" - May 22, 2002

Does Marriage Increase or Decrease Violence Against Women? - May 15, 2002

Was Thomas Jefferson Really a Liar and a Rapist? - May 8, 2002

Why Aren’t Sexually Abusive Catholic Priests Excommunicated? - May 1, 2002

Is the War on Terror Changing Europeís Politics? - April 24, 2002

The Palestinians “Victim” Game is Getting Old - April 17, 2002

All Bush is Asking Arafat to do is Keep Promises He Made at Oslo - April 10, 2002

Can We Negotiate Peace with People who Believe in Child Sacrifice? - April 3, 2002


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